Andy Bloxham

SEPTEMBER 28, 2013

A year laced with disappointment

The pundits favourite for the Championship, Warwickshire produced only in fits and starts but did find some success stories in 2013
Keith Barker has been one of the success stories this season © Getty Images
SEPTEMBER 09, 2013

Top three is top priority

The realisation that trust can no longer be vested in a delicate top three that's been bailed out more times than a Cypriot bank by its lower middle-order colleagues has at length registered
JULY 23, 2013

Warks dream of title-defence turnaround

Players returning from injury, attacking captaincy from Varun Chopra, victories in T20 - things are looking up for the champions
JUNE 17, 2013

Time for champions to show some adventure

Injuries, illness and England calls have all played a part in Warwickshire's stuttering season, but they should not be used as excuses
APRIL 25, 2013

Bears look to conceal soft underbelly

With a batting line up resembling an iceberg - an over reliance on the lower two thirds - Warwickshire's top order is the biggest problem for their title defence
APRIL 04, 2013

Consecutive titles is a distinct possibility

Warwickshire's 2013 prospects previewed by the ESPNcricinfo Supporters' Network

Andy Bloxham
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