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ICC confirms 10 teams for next two World Cups

Sidharth Monga

April 4, 2011

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Kevin O'Brien is a new Irish hero after his stunning century overcame England, England v Ireland, World Cup 2011, Bangalore, March 2, 2011
Ireland will have to wait till 2019 to have a chance at another win in the World Cup © Getty Images

The ICC has confirmed that the next two World Cups will be 10-team events. The 2015 edition of the premier 50-over tournament will be co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand, and the 2019 World Cup will be played in England. Haroon Lorgat, the ICC's chief-executive, hinted that the 1992 format could be brought back, wherein all teams play each other in a round-robin league, and the top four make it to the semi-finals.

"We haven't quite started on designing the format," Lorgat said. "I seem to recall that in 1992 it was a 10-team event [nine, in fact], so there is a chance that we might replicate that. That is work that will commence perhaps not long from today [Monday]."

The recently concluded World Cup, which has been universally hailed as a success, featured 14 teams, and the league stage was played in two groups of seven each, with the top eight playing the quarter-finals. The trimming of the event basically means that a team such as Ireland, which brought a lot of value to the two previous World Cups, will not be a part of the next World Cup. To compensate, the World Twenty20 has been expanded to 16 teams, giving six Associate or Affiliate members a chance to play in a premier world event every two years, but no matter how well they perform there, they will not be part of the next 50-over World Cup.

For 2019, though, there will be a qualification competition, the nature of which is yet to be determined. It is likely that the last two places will be up for grabs in that competition. After the 2019 event, a relegation and promotion system will be introduced to the newly conceptualised ODI league. That then will take care of the qualification.

The ratification of this proposal, which has been criticised by all Associates, has drawn strong reaction from Ireland. Cricket Ireland's chief, Warren Deutrom, told ESPNcricinfo: "It's nothing short of outrageous." Lorgat, though, said that the length of the tournament with 14 teams and the ICC's view that 10 is the ideal number of competitors for the 50-over World Cup were the major factors in the decision.

"We have always wanted to try to be as compact as possible," he said. "That is not the only reason why it is a 10-team event. We also believe that in 50-over cricket, there are 10 teams that will make for good competition. That is part of the reason as well."

About Ireland's improvement, Lorgat stayed positive, and also sought credit for their progress over the last two World Cups. "We have got initiatives in place to focus on the development of the game, and more particularly to try and upgrade the standards of play with respect to what we call the high-performing countries," he said.

"We have got a programme in place. I think you ought to credit the fact that the way Ireland is now performing is a consequence of that. Similarly, Netherlands have improved. To some extent you may say that we were disappointed with the way Kenya and Canada have in fact in some respects gone backwards. We do spend a lot of time on the high-performance countries, and going into the next strategic plan we want to bring into play what we call targeted investment, which will further support those sorts of high-performance countries."

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Posted by PrameshP on (April 7, 2011, 6:02 GMT)

As a Nepalese, I am really disappointed about ICC's decision. I was thinking about that the team will expanded to 16 Teams for next world cup, but they don't want it. They don't want to globalize this cricket. How can they do that with us. I am hoping that we can take part in 2015 but they slapped me badly. POOR POOR ICC………….. I think theirs fixtures in this world cup was ugly one. How can you made every game before Quarter Final isn't important. I think if they did that only top 2 teams from each group will qualify for Semi Final…than all those matches have Important…..n we also got enjoya by seeing those matches.

Posted by rajatgupta_indianfan on (April 6, 2011, 17:08 GMT)

Highly unfortunate decision. If one maps cricketing nations as per continents, this is what you see - Australia(continent): Australia and New Zealand; Europe: England; Africa: South Africa and Zimbabwe; America: West Indies; and Asia:India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh (all part of Indian subcontinent). This is fast becoming not just an Asian but an Indian subcontinent sport. Just one country from Europe and one from America and no South east, middle east or far east Asian country after over 100 years of sport. The decision from ICC surely wont help this dissapointing scene.

Posted by dickiebrewsters on (April 6, 2011, 15:30 GMT)

If as is suggested, the new format is a 10 team league with everyone playing each other once, that would make 45 games + 2 Semi's and the Final, so 48 games against 49 games in the recently completed world cup, 1 game difference, so one of the reasons for the change is certainly not to shorted the World Cup !

Posted by stevedd on (April 6, 2011, 14:33 GMT)

what about bangladesh - 57 all out against west indies, do you still wanna carry on with bangladesh and leave out immensely talented irelanders, come on icc wake up, and think of the world cricket lovers. ireland beat england by chasing so please leave out england in next world cup, inspite of playing so many ODI's in a year still england and west indies played badly. give ireland and netherlands 50 ODI's against top teams and then you see where they stand!!!

Posted by hurrysh on (April 6, 2011, 12:34 GMT)

by 2019 there would be no associate country worth mentioning. the obriens and ten deotshces would be plying their trade for England and Australia like Dirk nannes and Eoin Morgan. I suspect that is the chief reason behind this move.

Posted by alexbraae on (April 6, 2011, 11:47 GMT)


sign this petition to give cricket a chance to grow and survive as a viable sport. Associates deserve a chance to qualify.

Posted by aalkool on (April 6, 2011, 10:00 GMT)

Good move to cut the number of teams, but lack of thought in the blanket elimination of associates. In the football world cup, even the best teams go through a qualifying stage, so why not have the same for atleast the associates? What a callous bunch of decision-makers. They definitely do not have the best interests of the game at heart.

Posted by ananthramanan on (April 6, 2011, 9:45 GMT)

Why can't what is planned to be done in 2019 be done in 2015?? Why can't a FIFA cup style qualifier be held? It is good for the game when even teams like Brazil need to prove to be fit to qualify and not given automatic passage.

Posted by MaxG9 on (April 6, 2011, 8:34 GMT)

I suggested this previously too. The idea is to balance quality of games with no. of teams & length of t'ment. ie. Have a more inclusive t'ment but at the same time trying to keep a high standadr & reduce length of the t'ment.

Have a qualifying t'ment between 2 least ranked full members & 6 highest ranked associates. Then take the first 4 to the finals of the World Cup along with 8 highest ranked full members.

Split them into 3 groups of 4 each in an all play all format. Total of 18 games. Then take best 2 of each group & have an all play all but with no points being carried forward from the 1st round. Total of 15 games.

Finally have the top 2 teams play a final of the best of 3 or 5 games. Or have 2 semi finals between first 4 of second round & then a final. This would mean 3 or 5 matches, giving a total for the tournament of 36 or 38 matches which is far less than WC 2011.


Posted by Mehdi_shah on (April 6, 2011, 7:16 GMT)

I cant believe they could have done this to Ireland and i'm not even Irish i'm Indian and ecstatic about India's WC win but this bad decision just kills some of my joy, i mean porterfields men deserve to stay after all that they have shown in the last world cup.

Posted by Pratik_vodka on (April 6, 2011, 5:51 GMT)

If you see logically it all makes sense, have more competitive games closer matches lesser pre determined games, shorter duration of the tournament, all points well taken agreed make sense commercially as well. But one very important thing everyone seems to forget so does i am sorry to say Mr. Loorgat that this is a WORLD cup 10 countries do not comprise of the world. There should be minimum 1-2 countries representing all continents, no matter they be good or not. you can have these tight knit competitions all you want where the best compete like they did earlier as well had a world cup and a world series in Australia. Now we can have champions trophy ( designed for the best teams only) and World Cup for the rest of the world to join in !! ridiculous making 2 champions trophy tournaments just calling them different names. i am thankful India won the last true world cup for some time now. Winner in 2015 will be a Champions trophy winner with a Trophy similar to that of World Cup.

Posted by   on (April 6, 2011, 4:47 GMT)

you ICC nonsense. can't you look at spreading cricket all over the world. Why did you remove those minnows. They performed well in this tournament

Posted by chirag_agarwal on (April 6, 2011, 4:30 GMT)

shame on icc now only solution i see for ireland and other associates to play in world cup is boycott from t20 world cup and i recommend it

Posted by chirag_agarwal on (April 6, 2011, 4:09 GMT)

to be fair and clear its loss of sports spirit i recommand ireland as well as other associates to boycott t20 world cup too

Posted by Dravid_Fan_01 on (April 6, 2011, 3:46 GMT)

I think its a good move to restrict World Cup to say something like 10 Teams. But having said that there needs to be a better way to choose who that 10 Teams would be every four years. Now lets take this world cup as an example...the games were so one sided in early rounds that World cup just looked like a drag. If ICC just thinks we will reduce it to 10 teams and that would include teams like Bangladesh, West Indies and New Zealand by default then its still the same story. We get more one sided games. The 10 teams chosen needs to be based on some kinda ranking system based out of cricket played in 3 and half years of consistent cricket in a well designed ICC ranking system. It should not be tough to come up with a justificable format spanning 3.5 years to consider say 16 teams narrowed down to 10 teams. Say something like Bilaterals of 3 ODIs each 1 at home and 1 away. If promoting cricket globally was one of the true objectives of ICC then it's not difficult to come up with one such

Posted by   on (April 6, 2011, 3:03 GMT)

this just shows the sheer greed of the ICC = nothing more than a gentlemans club, 2015 World Cup is a FARCE, as is the 2019 World Cup and any other World Cup which has 10 teams. This move is purely out of fear of change and fear of the current top ten teams being dropped from the top 10 in the ICC rankings, and lets be honest, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Bangladesh and maybe even the West Indies will fall out of the top 10.

Nederlands give England a shock, Ireland beat England and a 16 year old from Canada absolutely slaps Australia around the ball park = what does the ICC do in reaction to this? They simply make sure it doesn't happen again.

Congratulations to India for winning the last REAL Cricket World Cup

Congratulations to the ICC for saving their chums from being bruised by the minnows

Congratulations to Haroon Lorgat for killing the ODI format

Posted by   on (April 6, 2011, 2:54 GMT)

Whatever. Twenty20 is every two years and small teams have a better chance of getting a win. Ireland's win against England was the only Associate win in 20 games against Test nations. It was boring, boring, boring, and boring cricket doesn't attract money or fans. They should stop whining about it. They'll make more from Twenty20 anyway.

Posted by world_champion on (April 5, 2011, 20:45 GMT)

I think I said this already,but where was it published? A BETTER STRATEGY FOR THE WORLD CUP

16 teams(top 8,8 from qualifier) Start with 4 groups of 4 like 2007(24 matches) Top 2 per group qualify to two more groups of 4(12 matches) Top 2 per group qualify for semifinals(2 matches) Winners of the semifinals go to the final

This will make a short format(39 matches) while providing lots of oppurtunities without altering quality

Posted by Hawkskull on (April 5, 2011, 19:56 GMT)

The problem with this world cup hasn't been the number of games, it's been the time it's taken to play them. This "solution" will make no difference (except to the associate members) if they continue the "one game per day for more TV money" format, 48 games plus breaks between the round-robin and knock out rounds will leave us with yet another 7-week tournament. Only when the ICC stops thinking with it's wallet and uses common sense, will it get the fans onside, but that's as likely as Ijaz Butt admitting he was wrong or India dropping Tendulkar. I'd like to see 16 teams in 4 groups of 4, top 2 going through to quarter finals. 31 matches, double up on the minnow v minnow days and it's done and dusted in 4 weeks.

Posted by DwightR on (April 5, 2011, 19:09 GMT)

this is the definition of 1 step forward (most successful world cup to date/ the rise of irish cricket) and two steps back. reminds me of Kenyan cricket, where they could have been the next full member ODI nation when they made the semi's but did not recieve the support from the ICC and once again have fallen behind. the ICC needs to be restructured and remember that they are there to actually develop the game! cricket is one of the oldest sports in the world and yet only 10 nations are benefitting from it!

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 17:26 GMT)

I really think this is not a good step by the ICC. There might be smaller teams out there with big dreams. ICC should give them a fair chance to realize their dreams on the big stage.

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 17:12 GMT)

I they wanted to reduce the number of playing teams, at least they could have kept a seat for the champion of the associates to play in the world cup... at least it could save some motivation...

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 16:52 GMT)

U included 16 teams and made ist round so boring atleast from Group A. Now as Ireland and Netherlands got some confidence, you are kicking them out of not one but two world cups on a trot.. Why dont you let top 8 qualify directly and rest of 2 by a qualifier? A qualifier of 4 teams will take 6 games only... WHATS WRONG IN DOING IT??? Come on ICC... WAke up dude... Or irland will be Dejavu of Kenya.. Why u gave status to BD on one win and ignoring so badly these hardworking teams? Dont include more teams but organize a QUALIFIER

Posted by mafiasam on (April 5, 2011, 16:47 GMT)

I have a serious question for Cricinfo editors, please pay heed to it!! My question is: Can ICC not be challenged for their decision by filing for a PIL (Public Interest Litigation). Under which Law governing body do they come? As a cricket follower, I seek transparency to ICC's decision making, on how they came up with this ridiculous idea? Does anyone have an answer to my question?

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 15:56 GMT)

@ Meety: I really dont know where you get your BRILLIANT ideas from. first of all get into ur hands and knees...dig out last 6 months newspapers and read the SPORTS section or look here in cricinfo about BD's performance and then comment. BD, has already white washed Newzealand and WestIndies. and they have a brilliant pool of cricketers coming ahead through the pool. and India gaining control and BD in the ICC...lol...so who do u reckon have the controls to take the Irish in? England? lol...it doesnt work that way. so do your reasearch first and then write your valued comments.

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 15:51 GMT)

With this decision, the ICC have killed cricket as a relevant world sport.

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 15:42 GMT)

this is stupid.......see world cup means for the whole world its 10 team i agree with that and if u are not able to contuct a qualifier round for atleast last 3 positions this cup cannnot be called a worldcup....witout qualifying it just will be a ten nation tournament......... plze allow a qulifing round for the last there position were i think Bangladesh,Zimbabwe,west indies...are not too good for directly qualifying there are beatable by teams like Ireland,Netherlands,canada..

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 15:26 GMT)


Posted by NP_NY on (April 5, 2011, 14:42 GMT)

14 teams was too many, but scaling back to 10 teams is rubbish. If ICC wants to promote cricket beyond the test playing nations, NOW is the time because Ireland for one has definitely proved that they belong. If this decision results in Irish cricket fading away, the current ICC administration will be squarely to blame. There should be 12 teams and hence there should be a qualifying tournament for the 11th and 12th spots.

Posted by gouthamkotera on (April 5, 2011, 14:42 GMT)

Zimbabwe by no means deserves to make it to a world cup automatically and Windies and Bangladesh are not too far away in their current form. I am very disappointed with the exclusion of Ireland. they had promised a lot and such outrageous decisions by ICC will only put the game back a few strides as against popularising it across the world. It only shows ICC has no serious intention in taking the game to countries outside these 10. Shame on you ICC. Cricket has lost its popularity in Windies and England and losing ground in Australia. with your careless attitude, its not long before only the subcontinent teams are left to play the game among themselves.

Posted by Dino11 on (April 5, 2011, 13:59 GMT)

Can all of us form a forum on facebook and join hands to send some sort of FAN's request (letter) with millions of fans supporting the associate nation?? This might change ICC's mind?? I hope so...no harm is making effort...

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 13:49 GMT)

This is so baddd.......... of course Oz & Kiwis conspired as they never liked the minnows!!! But look at Ireland & Netherlands... Kenya in 96 & 03, Bdesh in 99 & 07!!! SRL started as minnows but now a supremely powerful cricketing nation!!! They were the World Champions in 96, runners up in 07 & 11 & semis in 03! All these show the awesome performances by these teams!! have faith & more wonderful performances would be produced by minnows & associate nations very soon!! They need encouragement & global support! ICC help them instead of shutting them to WC encourage them to be a part of it!!! Remember if you make it 10 from 14/16 (lets say 16 you can still have quarter finals though personally 2011 & 1996 formats are wonderful & should be followed henceforth), then cricket wont be as global as you claim/desire it to be... it was never as global as football or hockey!! now you are making it less global than baseball or rugby!! stop before its too late!!!

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 11:21 GMT)

NEVER WATCHING CRICKET AGAIN..... I now officially like baseball over cricket

Posted by cricket-vid on (April 5, 2011, 11:00 GMT)

Yes it would be nice to have lots of developing countries play - but the question needs to be asked - Is the World Cup the competition that showcases the world best OR is it there to serve the development of the Worlds developing teams. It simply can't try be both. I agree in part with the ICC call. We all knew who the top 8 would be. We were then left with a hideous knock out round amongst the best 8 - hardly the best and most consistent way to decides who goes to the semi's. The 2019 qualification system needs to be implemented for the 2015 Cup. The top 10 go through. End of story. Cricket countries need development if they are not in the 10 then the old fashioned means of say a Kenya touring countries such as Australia and playing a couple of first class and one day games is needed. One thing that disturbs me is if these country don't have the 1st class structure within - how can they be expected to compete on the big stage.

Posted by Vijayasarathy on (April 5, 2011, 10:51 GMT)

ICC have marked the end of ODIs by this format...

Posted by Green_and_Gold on (April 5, 2011, 10:39 GMT)

@everyone - Why not write to the ICC and let them know that your not happy with their descision. Imagine if all Ireland fans did that - the ICC would be opening post for a long time. Its just a thought. Their address in on their website.

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 10:30 GMT)

We, all the fans around the world, can protest the decision through a mass boycott of all the upcoming ODI & Tests ... ICC will start feeling the pain when 90% tickets go unsold ... and matches will be held in almost empty gallery, and soon sponsors will be their ex-gf. so, Lets boycott ICC

Posted by ahghadiali on (April 5, 2011, 10:30 GMT)

icc what a decision ?? if all 10 teams clash each other than total matches in tournament will be 45 +2 +1 =48 matches..

just think on this idea 16 nations 4 groups : each play ingroup one stage once : total games 24 in group 1 stage.. 2 from ecah group advances next stage total 8 teams qualify if each play all teams than total 28 match in this stage followed by semi final and final

total matches in this way could be 24 + 28 +2 +1 = 55 matches

difference of 7 matches and 6 countries future ..... a big joke .....?

Posted by Goabnb on (April 5, 2011, 9:59 GMT)

Wow, T20 cricket shows talent and is a basis of deciding test status (Epic Sarcasm).

T20 is swing and giggle cricket, it requires no skill (just pick up a bat, swing, hit out or get out), doesn't show grit, patience, perservence because its only 3 hours of cricket.

Nobody cares about T20. Give the associates the world cup playing rights!

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 9:48 GMT)

It is nonsnse to compare Ireland to Zim. Head to Head encounters Ireland has lost to Zim in recent years. Last year they played an ODI and a four day match where Ireland was comprehensively beaten.

Posted by DWP1 on (April 5, 2011, 9:45 GMT)

Ridiculous. Cricinfo should set up a forum for readers to complain to the ICC about this.

Posted by pauliewaulie on (April 5, 2011, 9:41 GMT)

A decision made on purely SHORT term financial grounds. Merit evidently plays no part in the ICC decision making process. The exclusive club has abandoned all veneers of fair play. Did we expect anything else? Player power may be some pressure to bear. Don't destroy the achievements of Ireland and Holland. Let the likes of Clarke, Dhoni, Afridi, Strauss etc. speak out----it's really THEIR sport. Dont let the faceless men abuse it.

Posted by KP_84 on (April 5, 2011, 9:27 GMT)

Ireland has consistently ranked above Zimbabwe in the ICC's ODI rankings over the last couple of years, and yet Zim will play in the next 50-over "World" Cup and Ireland won't. If we were unaware of the relationship between ZC and BCCI, this would seem totally illogical.

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 9:22 GMT)

To make it more compact play 2 games per day in the knock-out phase - simple! You don't need to exclude strong teams such as Ireland to achieve that.

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 9:17 GMT)

Not only Ireland, but have the forgotten how close the Dutch came to beating England as well??

And why does the world cup have to be about the best teams, its should be about all the teams...

The most watched world cup is soccers, (Football to some) and to suggest the New Zealand is amoung the best 32 football nations in the world is rediculous... and yet they where the only undefeated team at the last edition. The world cup is as much about the underdogs in the early stages as the final.

The key problem is the excessive length, trim it to 1 month and it will be a much better event

Posted by Jagerabari on (April 5, 2011, 9:08 GMT)

I am sure ICC are going to re-acknowledge the decision which will stop the development of cricket worldwide.

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 8:59 GMT)

u r right mr Porterfield. associate cricket nations will lost their interest for ODIs. Cricket globe will be squeezed. Just look at football world cups...there are strong teams ang weak teams also..... its all about qualifying for world cup....thats why it is the greatest show on earth. ICC now has decided to walk on the wrong side. they should try to promote the associates by giving them chances in the events like world cups.

Posted by KingofRedLions on (April 5, 2011, 8:40 GMT)

Stupidity of the highest order.

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 8:36 GMT)

this is very narrow minded and disappointing. it's not cricket! The expansion of cricket world wide demands a rethink and encouragement of cricket outside the traditional nations.

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 8:31 GMT)

It should be a 12 team event with the best associates (after a qaulifying tournament) gaining entry, this still gives them a chance to enter the WC and also gets rid of the really bad teams , while leaving most likely Ireland and netherlands to join in on the WC. 10 teams is not enough, 14 is too many

Posted by Hazzak on (April 5, 2011, 8:27 GMT)

Terrible decision. Although I think that FIFA has a lot of other shortcomings, at least they allow every nation a chance to qualify for the world cup. Conversely, every nation (except the host) has to qualify through the same process and could miss out. In just about every world cup, one of the larger nations doesn't qualify - I remember even England missing out at least a couple of times. Sure, there would have been some reduced revenue because of it, but the sport doesn't die and it ensures that only those that have proven themselves on the field are there.

So sure, reduce the number of teams competing to 10 if you like, but then have a proper qualification process where every team has the chance to qualify, and every team also has the chance to miss out...The added bonus of this would be that all the lesser nations that don't qualify would still get some exposure against top opposition.

Posted by tick on (April 5, 2011, 8:16 GMT)

giving bangladesh test status was a ploy to strengthen asian block with india,pakistan,srilanka,bangladesh...along with safrica,zimbabwe and windies who will support asian block...ireland should be given test status and taken from bangladesh...give it to one who deserves it rather than political decision

Posted by sirius.sam on (April 5, 2011, 8:12 GMT)

I think the players of all ICC full member nations should protest against such a so called reform, it not only questions the integrity of cricket and sports but also it raises doubts for the sport's future. The so called decision makers of ICC are disgrace for cricket and for humanity.

Posted by mk18 on (April 5, 2011, 7:45 GMT)

Ireland and Holland deserve to be given importance. They played out of their skin and really have the potential to become good test and one day teams. ICC has really not thought this one through. Youngsters who dream about playing in a cricket world cup in either of these nations has now been shattered...before they even have a chance to grow...black and grey day for cricket.

Posted by Pandeyjii on (April 5, 2011, 7:27 GMT)

So, ICC is telling countries like Ireland to come back after 8 or 12 years and play without O'Briens and Porterfields and still looking to make an impact.

A winning team is nothing but a group of great players with high confidence, then after those long years these great players will retire or go on to work, maybe in a Post Office dispatching letters all the day along . . . and where will the get confidence from?


Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 7:15 GMT)

bad decision............................................. icc ................

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 7:00 GMT)

Idea is very good but 50 over worlld cup match will be eryy boring.

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 6:39 GMT)

For all you who are against the decision of 10-team World Cup taken by ICC, please express your opinions via emails and show your disagreement with the decision. Please send only one email, it takes only a minute and maybe you can put pressure on those di*k-head morons to change their decision. Please do it for the betterment of the great game. I urge you please do it. Send your emails to: enquiry@icc-cricket.com

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 6:32 GMT)

I reckon its a good move. 16 TEAMS for t20 world cup more than compensates for the reduction in ODI world cup teams.

Posted by mian1138 on (April 5, 2011, 6:14 GMT)

well seriously speaking already there are too less competetive cricket nations, icc shud come up with ways of improving competition and instead they are knocking out the teams....... ireland hz done gr8 work in last 2 competitions and ruling thm out may do more harm than gud....... remember srilankans before 96. what if they had ben ruled out???????????

Posted by I.RAGHURAM on (April 5, 2011, 5:48 GMT)

@Horn.OK.Please... Don't worry.... Kevil O Brien would be playing for England during the next world cup.... He would be porched by them.... Irish Cricket would die a slow death by 2019...

Posted by DaisonGarvasis on (April 5, 2011, 5:38 GMT)

Really wonder what goes through the minds of these officials! So what if they wanted to limit the number of teams, why cant they give the minnows a chance to qualify? What a ridiculous decision. Reduce the number of teams as it will reduce the one sided matches but give the minnows a chance to qualify. Whats so difficult about that?

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 5:29 GMT)

T20 is the way forward. This maybe a successful ODI World Cup, but come on, it was in cricket-mad Asia. It isn't the same in other parts of the world. You can't expect the 2015 World Cup to have packed stadiums and also thrillers like this, yet again. But, T20 is the most unpredictable format. It can be likened to football as you never know who will emerge the winner at the end of a match. If the IPL emerges successful this time as well, then no doubt T20's popularity will rise even further. Hopefully, it'll pose a huge threat to the ODIs, which will ultimately succumb and let T20 be the major format of the game. Test will have no threat as it'll anyway be the pinnacle of the sport.

Posted by Anneeq on (April 5, 2011, 5:05 GMT)

The ICC are complete and utter JOKES!! How can u have a global w/c with just 10 teams??? ITS NOT POSSIBLE!!! This should be the format: 16 teams, 4 groups with 4 teams in each group. The top 6 full members should get automatic qualification, the associates should play a series of qualifiers against the bottom 4 full members to decide the last 10 places. These games should be played home and away. That way the Associates would get more exposure to quality opposition and playing against the best teams REGULARLY rather than every 3 or 4 games in a 1 month period once every 4 years. The Associate team public will also see global stars competing on their home soil, which will increase cricket's status in the country. I am very confident that this way the Associate thrashing will be few and far between, IF this format is given a chance for a 5 w/c period at least!

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 5:01 GMT)

this is well planned idea to save austerlia Newzealand and england from low interest matches between and with associates countries when world will be hosted by asia nation they will again include associates countries.

Posted by ZAKHTARZAI on (April 5, 2011, 5:00 GMT)

Well done ICC let the cricket be in these ten countries, and let the associates suffer and be weak so that they could not take cricket from the affilaite members. What else can ICC do for cricket in the world. Rich countires can play, can have more tours, can compete with each other and the associates can only play county and domestic cricket. I think this is the most harmble day in the history of cricket for associate teams, now tell me how can cricket grow up in Afghanistan how can they be motivated to play better cricket because they have got no objective for that. Thank you ICC for the selfesh decision

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 4:55 GMT)

Congratulations ICC, you've just killed the sport as something relevant in the world sports scene. By 2019 there will be NO associates left because there's now nothing to play for (unless England come knocking).

Posted by cricket2011 on (April 5, 2011, 4:51 GMT)

Very Very Bad decision by ICC

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 4:42 GMT)

Lets make a riot against ICC for letting only 10 teams participate in 2015 world cup so IRELAND wont play the next world cup even though they are ranked above Zimbabwe what a joke??? This is and International governing body and now they dont want to globalize the sports.. They are RETARDED or WHAT????

Posted by SpaMaster on (April 5, 2011, 4:37 GMT)

So, the associates would be back from 2019, but they won't be allowed for 2015? What good does it serve by kicking out an emerging team like Ireland for the next 8 years, and then trying to encourage teams like those 8 years from now? Is there any logic? Why can't we have a qualifier for the 2015 world cup also? Some thing is very wrong here.

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 4:24 GMT)

Definitely, the ICC has taken a backward step. 14 teams were too many, but 12 teams would have been right. Even with 10 teams, they should've opted for qualifiers involving 9th & 10th ranked ODI teams with best associate teams.

They were possibly under pressure to use round-robin format to limit no. of matches to 48. Even with 12 teams, there is way to achieve same by using following format.

3 groups of four teams each playing in group stage: 3 x 6 = 18 matches 3 teams from each groups proceed forward and play a Super-9 stage with results of matches with fellow-qualifiers carried over In Super 9s, each team plays 6 matches: 36 - (3x3) = 27 matches SFs & finals: 3 matches Total: 48 matches

This can minimize matches involving 'minnows' and also reduces a lengthy Super-9 stage. Also, if an established team loses 3 matches in group stage they don't deserve to proceed further. The ICC should have looked further for alternative formats before arriving at such a decision.

Posted by nandoo14 on (April 5, 2011, 4:21 GMT)

Definitely, the ICC has taken a backward step. 14 teams were too many, but 12 teams would have been right. Even with 10 teams, they should've opted for qualifiers involving 9th & 10th ranked ODI teams with best associate teams.

They were possibly under pressure to use round-robin format to limit no. of matches to 48. Even with 12 teams, there is way to achieve same by using following format.

3 groups of four teams each playing in group stage: 3 x 6 = 18 matches 3 teams from each groups proceed forward and play a Super-9 stage with results of matches with fellow-qualifiers carried over In Super 9s, each team plays 6 matches: 36 - (3x3) = 27 matches SFs & finals: 3 matches Total: 48 matches

This can minimize matches involving 'minnows' and also reduces a lengthy Super-9 stage. Also, if an established team loses 3 matches in group stage they don't deserve to proceed further. The ICC should have looked further for alternative formats before arriving at such a decision.

Posted by Latha2620 on (April 5, 2011, 4:10 GMT)

what is the ICC thinking? i totally condemn this stupid move. the only way to improve the associate nations' performance is by giving them a chance to compete with the test playing nations. how will increasing the num of teams in t20 format help? see what has lack of competitive cricket done to kenya which started out with a lot of promise in 1996. i sure think d ICC MUST RETHINK ITS DECISION.

Posted by cricfave on (April 5, 2011, 4:06 GMT)

Shocking. ICC is definitely not taking care of the interests of the game. The right format for 2015 would be for 12 teams to play the World Cup: The eight teams that qualified for the quarter-finals this time and the other 4 who should make it on the basis of a qualifier. The aspiration of the associates to play with the established countries is what makes them grow and develop and giving them an opportunity through 20/20 is not the same as the ODI route. The decision of ICC is outrageous and they had better revise it based on the backlash from cricket lovers all over the world!

Posted by SpaMaster on (April 5, 2011, 4:00 GMT)

Why not have the qualifiers for 2015 World Cup itself?

Posted by Padstow_Hornets on (April 5, 2011, 3:50 GMT)

They do have a history of doing this though. I'm pretty sure it was their previous incarnation as the Imperial Cricket Conference who blocked the USA's application for test status (would have been the 4th test team if admitted I believe) due to them not being part of the Commonwealth. As a result cricket suffered in the United States and never recovered. Lets hope this doesn't happen to Ireland and the other associates. Someone might like to point this out to the ICC with the message, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Posted by Miah.saud on (April 5, 2011, 2:47 GMT)

I am totally disagree with ICC decision regarding the number of teams in World Cup 2015. I prefer to see 14 countries (Current) instead of 10.Ireland showed great performance in last two world cup. However, some of Cricket fans in this Article commented that Ireland is better then Bangladesh. I think they have lack of knowledge about Current Cricket affairs. It's not a good idea to judge one or two World cup matches. Remember about 2007 world cup, Bangladesh was advanced in 2nd Round.Bangladesh beat Ireland with clear difference several times ,even in this world cup. If Bangladesh need to participate World Cup Qualifier, they can easily dominate over associates and qualify for World Cup. Please respect Bangladesh Cricket team and check Cricket statistics before put any comments against Bangladesh.

Posted by ajay_patel on (April 5, 2011, 2:45 GMT)

This is pathetic. Slap in the face of all true cricket fans. Do the administrators know what the fans want? Most of them are career politicians and not even passionate about the game.

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 2:44 GMT)

truly disappointing!! ICC talks about developing cricket as a global sport and goes down the dumps as a corporate body, a money making organization...The associates have played with tremendous spirit and this comes as a mistimed decision!! Cricket can never ever be global unless it gives new nations a chance at glory...All these after such a fabulous world cup!

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 2:42 GMT)

ICC is out of their mind. Ireland is one of the most exciting teams in the world. please remove bangladesh or zimbabwe and include ireland. i do not understand what ICC is upto. fire haroon logart. im from india and i support ireland. what have bangladesh achieved to continue their test status. what have zimbabwe done to regain the test status. shame on ICC.

Posted by shaileshij on (April 5, 2011, 2:39 GMT)

I THINK icc should include 24 teams in cricket so as to include the standard of CRICKEt among the World ...FOOTBALL is the popular sport.it is due to development of 32 team in WC and if ICC can apply the same technique then ICC can improve the cricket among the WORLD

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 2:11 GMT)

Makes complete sense.

Expand the T20 event for developing teams (its easier to compete for 20 over as against 50) and then start the relegation/promotion format for the 50 over version from the 2019 event ....whereby the bottom two teams in 2015 will fall out and two new qualifiers will be welcome. you guys dont think before you write here do you...did you see what a waste of time it was having these associates take part this year? THINK!! THINK AHEAD!!

Posted by Params7 on (April 5, 2011, 1:48 GMT)

God, ICC? At least include a qualifier for the 10th spot? Let Zimbabwe, Ireland, Kenya battle it out and may the better team play?

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 1:33 GMT)

Following format should be better : it should be multi level leagues... than direct semi finals.... say 5 teams each per pool.... and they play 4 games. Top 3 teams qualify for next round.... and play the 3 games with teams from other side.. semi-finals and FINAL

total : 20 + 9 + 2 + 1 = 32 games...

if it is 1992 way it will be 45 + 2 + 1 = 48 games....

may be ICC look to cut down the duration to 35 days or so.... 55 days may be too long

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 1:16 GMT)

ICC might as well just stop promoting cricket in other nations besides the 10 as well. I hope every nation condones this! This prolly has more to do with how the richer nations have more fans travelling to places for big games and the latter stages of the tournament than say if Bangladesh or Ireland were to make a shocking qualification to the quarters and the semis. This is such a cheap shot towards all the nations, Nepal being one of them, who were dreaming of playing in the World Cup, and were trying their level best to qualify. now, the motivation won't be there, and 2019???, by then, so much will have changed that I am not even sure if the game of cricket will be the same. I am personally outraged, may be because I was hopeful that Nepal would somehow qualify for the 2015, or at least they would have their chances to qualify for it, and the result were determined by their by their performances, and not some sold-outs sitting in their offices in the ICC... such a shame !

Posted by Sportsscientist on (April 5, 2011, 1:13 GMT)

what are you thinking of ICC. You complain that the gap is too big, but the tournament has shown that Holand and Ireland have potential. Is the same thing going to happen as happened to kenya, just cut adrft......LEARN FROM HISTORY!!!!!! Now is an opportunity to correct that mistake.....but no, the ICC have their heads in the sand. I don't blame associates breaking away and doing their own thing

Posted by DanfromCanada on (April 5, 2011, 1:11 GMT)

A desperate ploy by the Royalty to be in existance in time to come?

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 1:10 GMT)

shame . black day for cricket fans

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 1:06 GMT)

This is totally screwing up other smaller nations dreams..where they try relentlessly just to be in part of something big like world cup. First of all ICC needs to pull their head out of their asses and realize the stupidity that they are doing and basically demeaning the morale of smaller nations. Its not that they don't have enough grounds or enough money to organize games for smaller nations...just think about it bureaucratic retards...

Posted by aim0017 on (April 5, 2011, 0:47 GMT)

What if Ireland comes back in 2019 and fail to win a single game or even perform better? Who will be blamed for loss of motivation and encouragement?

So a kid who has just started performing better at school and in fact did better than some of the high ranked students in few tests...should be asked not to come to school because......?????

Posted by Meety on (April 5, 2011, 0:44 GMT)

@JerryV - maybe, but I think the elevation of Bangladesh had more to do with India gaining control of the ICC, (no real proof other then the Bangas underperforming). Not withdrawing Zimbabwe's Full status is the same thing, how are they "more important" then Ireland??? Can the BCCI maintain control of the ICC with Ireland having Full membership?????

Posted by Meety on (April 5, 2011, 0:41 GMT)

@MGP Peries - LOL! I assume you were joking regarding the Ponting comment, given that Ponting acknowledged the need to grow cricket. I could get past the limit of 10 teams, but to have it based on Tests is a disgrace, & reeks of politics. Ireland are better then Zimbabwe & on a par with Bangladesh, & who knows what the Afghans will be capable of in 4yrs time, to exclude them is a joke. I'd like to send a no-confidence motion to the ICC! The decision is clearly not what the REAL Fans want.

Posted by   on (April 5, 2011, 0:28 GMT)

10 team system should be fine... it will shortend the duration of the tournament.. but we have bangaldesh who were all out for less than 100 runs twice in their home ground will be playing while teams like ireland who had chased and won 300+ runs twice in the tournament wont be participating. why dont we have a qualification tournament? top 3associates and botton 3 test teams playin for the two spot in the wc. I think bangaldesh and zim created more mismatches than ireland did. As an Indian fan, i had an opportunity to talk to may cricket fans in india they all r excited about irish and love their figting spirit. i even had few people who said ireland is deir new second favt team icc should be ashamed

Posted by halberdierv2 on (April 5, 2011, 0:22 GMT)

this is bull. ICC is killing the game with their colonial-like approach to it. Ireland and Netherlands have shown that they can be formidable if given the opportunity. now they'll be shut out for the sake of "critics" who care nothing for the sport's development but making money. truly is a dark day for cricket...

Posted by Grutness on (April 5, 2011, 0:10 GMT)

I thought April 1st was the day for April Fools' jokes? But no, the ICC are determined to be fools and jokes year-round. This is a travesty for the sport.

The stated purpose is to reduce the number of meaningless boring games - yet Ireland showed just how much excitement the "minnows" can produce.

It's hard not to see this as political. It took years for the powerbase of the ICC to shift from Britain to the subcontinent, and now the top associates - arguably Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands - are being denied their chance to play on the world's biggest stage. Surely the powers that be aren't worried of the balance shifting back to western Europe...?

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 23:49 GMT)

Ireland outrank Zimbabwe, so why are Zimbabwe included?

They best get rid of the Champions Trophy now, as having two almost identical tournaments is idiotic. Oh, wait. This is the ICC I'm talking about...

Best for all just to concentrate on 20 over slogs instead. That'll get them playing cricket at the highest level...

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 23:46 GMT)

looks like i'm not watching the 2015 world cup. a shame I've waited such a long time to see it in my own country and its very presence is going to make me sick

Posted by redneck on (April 4, 2011, 23:36 GMT)

i love the 10 team cup format! everyone playing everyone is the best world cup format possible!!! this needed to happen to have the most even and balanced world cup possible. i feel for the irish and believe they should prehaps be given a chance to qualify against zimbabwe but the format is more important. its not like ireland would win the cup anyway.

Posted by wgtnpom on (April 4, 2011, 23:13 GMT)

According to the other article the ODI league (ODIL) will run till 2014. If the WC must be reduced to 10 teams (which it shouldn't - 12 is better), then let it be the top 10 teams in the ODIL - and give the top six or so Associates an equal footing in the ODIL - or, the ODIL could have 2 divisions of 8 based on current rankings, and Div 1 plus the top 2 teams in Div 2 qualify for the WC. Div 2 teams would only play other Div 2 teams for league points, but should have the chance to play Div 1 teams outside the league competition. If the ODIL finishes by 2014, this arrangement can easily be used to determine the 10 teams for the 2015 WC. But it will probably still be the 10 Test playing nations and no Associates which is why the WC should be 12 teams at least which would guarantee at least 2 Associates. Another ICC shambles. Ireland and Netherlands at least deserve better.

Posted by _NEUTRAL_Fan_ on (April 4, 2011, 23:10 GMT)

Garbage! Utter garbage! Ire excluded but Zim and to a lesser extent Bangladesh get a free ride through. Was Zimbabwe's performance over the past 2 WC's better than Ireland's!? Is Bangladesh that much better than them? Bangladesh have improved due to YRS OF EXPERIENCE. Now you want to take experience away from teams like Ire. Garbage!

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 22:43 GMT)

The decision to rule out associate member is autocratic decision and should not be implemented. In my view, even full members should play qualifying round except the defending champions. Make a qualifying league with top 8 teams to play for the world cup.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 22:18 GMT)

Get some perspective guys. This is not a dump on Bangladesh and Zim session! If I recall, BD and Zim did beat all the non test playing countries. So I cannot see how they can be replaced by the minnows. It makes more sense to have 12 teams - 2 groups of 6 - QF, SF, Final. Same format as 96. Only 2 teams from ICC Trophy qualify for the WC, so the quality is hopefully higher.

Posted by yetigoat on (April 4, 2011, 22:04 GMT)

of course India don't want them in there. Upset the balance of power, same reason Zimbabwe gets to remain a test nation. The block voting India has bought and paid for. Heaven forbid another "white" nation

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 22:04 GMT)

that's sad.. i dont understand why they would do that. they make more money having more games, and more teams coming anyways..

Posted by Mr_Anonymous on (April 4, 2011, 21:56 GMT)

Its a sad decision but trimming the number of teams from 14 was required to reduce the number of matches. They could have made some compromises: 1. 12 teams may have been a good compromise but that could have meant many more matches in the World Cup and I think one of their goals must have been to reduce the number of matches in the round-robin stage. 2. I think that they need to ensure that the 10 best teams are playing and not just full members. Can't the qualification process be moved up to 2015 (still 4 more years, plenty of time)? 3. Including them in World T20 is a good move. 4. They need to formalize a structure where by these teams get regular match ups with full member nations. I see that when SL travel to England later this year, they will have a ODI against Ireland and Scotland each. More needs to be done. 5. Could ICC have an Associates ODI Cup every 2 years? Same format as WC2015 but only with 10 associate nations instead of full members?

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 21:49 GMT)

I like the idea of everyone playing each other once to win the world cup as in 92, however this is now very much a global game and should be trying to promote it not demote it. I'm not surprised CA has pushed for this step. They should make the test teams qualify also like FIFA does.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 21:45 GMT)

I think Australians are too worried about losing to Ireland. Trent Johnson and Kevin O' Brien had given us a memorable world cup 2011. Your chicken dance, forever, will stay in our hearts. Wonder if someone could sue ICC and Haroon Lorgat. I guess not. This could have happened to India as well, hadn't we won 1983 world cup. After all, ICC had 'nothing' at that time. Today ICC is dancing to their own whims and fancies and giving feedback to themselves without any sense of dignity or self esteem. 2015 world cup is doomed without Ireland.

Posted by Kalan9211 on (April 4, 2011, 21:41 GMT)

great decision by ICC, many players made too many batting and bowling records just due to these associates teams.

Posted by Riderstorm on (April 4, 2011, 21:38 GMT)

Here's to the mediocrity and double-faced ICC. On one hand they say they want to expand the game to other countries and also bring in serious competition into the WC. I and most of the fans around the world would accept that there was good competition in most of the matches which involved considerable amount of matches of so called Minnows. Ireland for one, dumped england, gave a scare to India, Bangladesh (who luckily escaped with a win), were on the verge of winning against WI if not for their inexperience and bad decisions. Dutch and Canada managed to compete enough considering the experience they had on the world stage. Bangladesh, on the other hand were just not good enough with their experience of World stage. Zim were invisible, anybody hardly noticed them this time around.

Apart from the politics involved with Zim cricket and Fanbase of Bangladesh, I do not see a cricketing reason why they are preferred over Ireland and Dutch.

ICC shame on your part.!!!

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 21:31 GMT)

Minnows should have a minnows cup. Winner should be given a chance to play the test playing nations in world cup. This will ensure quality and chance for improvement.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 20:46 GMT)

so, a 'world cup', with 10 pre-determinded teams, no qualification, while more deserving teams sit out, don't even get a chance to try and get a place? An aboslute shame, a most unfortunate decision. a few such steps are good enough to kill the progress of the game and keep it in its ghetto forever. ICC is just a bunch of pathetic losers and they seem to prove it time and time again, but this time they have outdone themselves.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 20:40 GMT)

Very Bad decision, at least 12 team should be allowed

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 20:33 GMT)

What's the point of having a World Cup if you don't even give the World a chance to qualify? It's not a World Cup, it's a closed shop.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 20:25 GMT)

Darkest day of cricket history ....This decision will hamper cricket future.. specially in associate nations where the game's popularity is growing day by day.. this will put a period on it and u never know Cricket might die out on those countries... So Congratulation ICC for killing cricket around the world ... best of luck with ur 10 nations, u guys play and watch urself .. no other countries gonna watch ur game... May be Associate nations should think about forming another governing council and organize our own world cup .. discarding those 10 nations...

Posted by Supa_SAFFA on (April 4, 2011, 20:24 GMT)

Utterly crazy. There is barely any point in playing group-stage matches with so few teams participating. You may as well kick off with the knock-out rounds.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 20:23 GMT)

10 team WC sounds good! However, they should be the top 10 teams in the ODI rankings and not just the 10 teams that are deemed 'qualified' by the ICC to play Test cricket. For any Zimbabweans reading this: Sorry, but it should be based on merit, not politics. Sort it out ICC!

Posted by JerryV on (April 4, 2011, 20:15 GMT)

It is obvious who gains from this. In one word - England. England have found it increasingly difficult to generate quality players from the home county system. The team is full of South Africans, Pakistani expats, and Irish.

This decision (which I am 99% certain was pushed by ECB and supported by BCCI and ACB) ensures that more Irish players will follow Eoin Morgan's example and enrich English cricketing stocks.

Same goes for the Dutch.

Compare the situations - India pushed through Bangladesh's elevation to Test status as India had no hope of gaining any talented Bangladeshi players (nor needed any). England have just gutted the Irish so that they batten on the blood of Irish cricket.

Posted by International_cricket_clique on (April 4, 2011, 20:00 GMT)

AS a proud fan of Irish cricket, I am both heartened by the reaction of true fans here, and absolutely disgusted by the decision of Lorgat and his minions. Clearly the ICC are out of touch with what the fans of the game want.

After some good performances in the World Cup, this will undoubtedly damage the development of cricket world wide.... I suggest the ICC should change its name to the International Cricket Clique. Shameful

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 19:55 GMT)

to be fair to the ICC, the 1992 round-robin was the most exciting WC so far, bar none... so I get-it that ICC want to play a round-robin..

but there should be qualification. Bangladesh was a waste of league space this season , Ireland deserved to play in 2015

Posted by Farhad-Shamsi on (April 4, 2011, 19:54 GMT)

@Rakesh_Sharma: Popularity of cricket and fan passion also need to be taken into account. In Ireland, Cricket is not as popular as Rugby or Football. I read that when Cricket is played in Dublin or other Irish Cities, the stadiums are virtually empty. There is little fan support. This WC has shown how passionate Bangladeshis are for Cricket. BD has a young team and in 3-5 years time it will mature and will truly compete with the big boys. Feel bad for Ireland though.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 19:48 GMT)

If the team is doing good and want to improve, ICC should support such associate teams. I think, ICC should have allowed 12 teams so that the associate teams can play the qualifiers and prove they entry in WC.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 19:41 GMT)

I think ICC is a puppet, handle by Australians such as Ponting. Today, Monday morning when I saw that ICC was thinking about 12 teams, I was happy, because the well played associates (Ireland & Netherlands) would get a chance. But when I saw this I was shocked. Is ICC got common-sense?10 test playing nations; what Zimbabwe & Bangladesh did? Bangladesh however a little bit ok. But Ireland & Netherlands better than them. Now, at least, force the test playing nations to play matches regularly with these teams to help to keep up to the form.

ICC first diminished Test cricket, which is the essence of Cricket, now 50 over. BUT they are to promote 20/20, which is absolute blunder. There is no pure cricket, only pinch-hitters.

So at last I can say WELL DONE ICC !!! Be COURAGEOUS Associates !!!

Posted by rayinto on (April 4, 2011, 19:41 GMT)

Shame! Shame! Shame! This should be the World Cup - not the ICC Bowl! Do you know how many millions of non-cricketing fans followed the recently completed world cup because their "minnow" team was involved? Please have the world compete for the cup. Ridiculous decision by ICC. What a bunch of jokers!

Posted by bonaku on (April 4, 2011, 19:37 GMT)

As a cricket lover, this is very very bad day. How can we expect expansion of cricket, if you dont allow new countires to participate in the tournment. How can they put money over cricket. This is very sad.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 19:36 GMT)

Perhaps a more "compact competition" has benefit in the eyes of ICC, but surely all teams need to have the chance to qualify for these 10 spots. ICC have made a poor decision here, presumably based purely on bottom line considerations without considering the wider ramifications of limiting access to the sports pinnacle event. Unfortunate!

Posted by DavidNorman99 on (April 4, 2011, 19:35 GMT)

If there's going to be ten teams in the World Cup, shouldn't it be the top ten ranked ODI teams? Which currently means Ireland are in and Zimbabwe are out. http://www.espncricinfo.com/rankings/content/page/211271.html

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 19:26 GMT)

from the perspective of Bangladesh cricket, they have been given 8 years to improve as a team and avoid a tense play off to qualify for the world cup.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 19:19 GMT)

too bad i feel like its Haroon loghart and Sharad pawar are both doing politics to make India and pakistan always able to play the world cup so that world cup is not a financial loss for ICC if thats so why cant they use teh same format and allow only 2 teams to participate plus 10 teams it will make it 12 teams 2 groups of 6 its better , CRICKET WILL BE EXTINCT if NO OTHER COUNTRY PLAYS IT and if its not promoted elsewhere they are not allowing other countries to play it. They are not doing anything about it. lets all MAKE boycott against icc

Posted by MartinAmber on (April 4, 2011, 19:18 GMT)

"How can it be a World Cup if you don't let the world take part?" - Graeme Swann (you know, that bloke the ICC didn't rank as one of the 12 best players of 2010). "This will not be a World Cup, just a glorified Champions Trophy" - William Porterfield, captain of Ireland. The ICC is the most contemptible governing body in world sport, including FIFA. I hope the next tournament fails miserably, because frankly that's all they deserve. On Sky right now, a 2-hour review of the 2011 tournament. I expect to see Kevin O'Brien. I don't expect to see an awful lot of Zimbabwe. And no I'm not Irish, I just love cricket and am neither avaricious nor egregious. This decision is indefensible - an utter disgrace.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 19:17 GMT)

I think Haroon Lorgat is making Cricket lose it's grace. How could a committee neglect Ireland when they have beaten test playing nations like England, Pakistan and Bangladesh? Ireland MUST be given a chance in the 2015 world cup. What is the point in having one's own theory and playing within themselves and determining a champion within themselves. REALLY A SHAMELESS BUNCH. It spoils the reputation and grace of this sport.

Posted by bala-chala on (April 4, 2011, 19:09 GMT)

This is just making the cricket boring. These 10 teams play each other all the time. Why would anyone want to see them playing again during the WC. It is like one of those Benson & Hedges quadrangular tournaments.

Posted by Rahulbose on (April 4, 2011, 19:07 GMT)

I have to post this since most people seem to have this backwards. Everyone is pointing to Ire winning against Eng as a reason that associates must play. What you don't realize is that that is exactly why they are not playing. ICC wants the big teams to get an easy ride with no chance of upsets cause that will hurt the event sponsors. The 2011 format was also rigged to protect teams. What a farce.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 19:05 GMT)

If 10 teams will play the next world cup,there should be a qualifying matches for 9th and 10th position..i strongly believe Ireland and Netherlands are equally as good as Zimbabwe and Bangladesh,and in this world cup Ireland has been the best out of them.....so a qualifying match within these nations will be a good call....

Posted by sujan206 on (April 4, 2011, 19:05 GMT)

a complete joke. The motive behind this is clear: the ICC wont generate profit from the matches played between the underdog teams. They will have hard time finding sponsores and viewers for the matches between underdogs like kenya,ireland and netherlands.But this is supposed to be called the world cup,and the underdogs should have rights to play in it and show their talents, which can encourage various other non cricket playing countries to get interested towards the game and who knows in future we may see a big qualifying rounds required just as soccer world cup. ICC should realize world cup is to gather interest from more ppl in the world towards the game involving more countries, or else it should not be even called world cup.what will be the difference between champions trophy and this one then, just some more matches?

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 19:03 GMT)

Then it is no longer a World Cup!! If teams like Sri Lanka were ver given a chance we would never had seen Murli! New ZeaLand took nearly 30 years to win their first test. Would the game not be poorer for never seeing Hadlee crow and Cairns? SA took decades to compete consistently with England and Aus. Same is true for India and Pakistan. Cricket takes a long time to develop in a country. When yougsters don't see O'Brian's etc they won't be inspired to play! The world Cup is two month every four years where the top level of the game is open to anyone who qualifies. The soccer worl Cup is litered with participants who have never won a game. This is poor form and very sad. Aus and India just care about their pockets!!!!

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:59 GMT)

I hate this decision associate nations has to be given some kind of support from ICC if not they will be remain as associate nation forever.In retrospect SL is a weak team in mid 90's if ICC didn't allowed SL to play do they win a WC and now they are one of the strongest side same is the case with bangladesh they are not a strong team when they were given test status slowly they on developing side.Why not Ireland and Netherlands then they showed good fight with big teams esp Ire vs eng game is phenomenal.If ICC don't step down and give enough support to other nations cricket will not spread through out the world it will only be a few nations team.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:55 GMT)

Sorry guys but this is the right decision. Yes this world cup was a success but it just went on too long. You only have to look at the quarter finalists in this tournament to see where the real power of international cricket lies and in reality always has.

Posted by Rakesh_Sharma on (April 4, 2011, 18:51 GMT)

With this ICC has shut out IRELAND for a generation. All players like O'Brien, Rankin,Poterfield, Wilson will have finished their career by than. So sad. So sad. So sad!!!. Who is this Lorgat. A disaster. When players, fans, etc etc wants Ireland to be given a chance atleast. The generation is killed in one stroke. Great Disaster.

Posted by money123 on (April 4, 2011, 18:49 GMT)

hi Lorgat,, its absolutely disappointing for countries like netherlands and ireland (they have been delivered vast development in their performance in recent years)for their future Calibre..In foot ball league it is 32 countries in a WC...but it is same that only 10 teams to challenage ODI WC event, even if we have 20 more teams in international cricket..

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:48 GMT)

absolutely pathetic. tragic, obnoxious, stupid. what else can be used in a civilized way to describe this nonsensical move by the ICC???

Posted by Params7 on (April 4, 2011, 18:44 GMT)

Can't something be done about this? Ireland cricket has to fight back if this is a sneaky move to smuggle out Irish into the English team.

Posted by prasadr11 on (April 4, 2011, 18:44 GMT)

This makes no sense. To quote: "We have always wanted to try to be as compact as possible," he said. What kind of a dumb philosophy is that ? Someone needs to call them on this. Most people with any common sense would want to expand the reach of this great game.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:43 GMT)

This is an absolutely outrageous decision by ICC. I am a Bangladeshi but I really feel for the Irish. It is Ireland who brought color and flavor to this WC. ICC has shut the door on them just to protect its commercial interests. Unlike FIFA, ICC is a puppet body, exploited by the cricket boards of some big countries. North Korea ranks much lower than most other European teams in Soccer, yet they found a place in WC Soccer. Because FIFA wanted to reach worldwide. On the other hand, teams like Ireland are not allowed to participate in 2015, just because they won't be able to generate a lot of revenue through advertisement. Shame on ICC, shame, shame ..

Posted by thiagaraj005 on (April 4, 2011, 18:43 GMT)

Shocking news. At least Ireland and Bangladesh should be given chance.Hope ICC will reverse its decision.

Posted by AshishShrestha on (April 4, 2011, 18:43 GMT)

zimbabwe and bangladesh are helped by their big brothers SA and India respectively. as their vote counts at ICC. while the england as always have been bitter with irish. if aussies and english had backed irish for full membership then they would have an additional vote with them. however a growing irish team means england will loose their current source of talented players in shape of morgans who shift to england as ireland cannot provide same scope.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:42 GMT)

This is completely wrong decision...This is not good for better future of cricket....we want to see ireland and netherland grow up like other nations....and the only way is to allow them.....

Posted by BobbyWillis on (April 4, 2011, 18:41 GMT)

ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL DECISION! Why on earth can the ICC not at least give the Associates the chance to qualify? Ireland are a definitely a better team than Zimbabwe and probably better than Bangladesh too. In fact given the momentum of each, I would say in four years Ireland will be on par with the West Indies. Afghanistan, Netherlands, Canada, all will regress rather than improve without the incentive to qualify for events such as the World Cup. Actually, the 2015 tournament does not deserve the title - it should be called the Old Boys Reunion!

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:39 GMT)

I m bit A bit disappointed with this decision.... a team like Ireland & Netherland need to get equal chance to prove to the world... My personal view is that ICC by playing 10 team will cut down the 49 days of world cup schedule to most probably 30 days so that they can start Leagues like IPL on the 35th day.....what a shame........ Every Cricket fan will prefer worldcup anytime instead of these time pass league.....

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:39 GMT)

Only 10 teams...this is harsh & disrespectful decision. Injustice to Associate Nations, who have shown their competitiveness. Then the tournament should be called as ICC Champions Trophy. There is no Cup without the participation of the World. This is very bad decision and this will definitely will go against the expansion of Cricket. We are already losing Cricket Fans in West Indies where football is picking up (Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago qualified in FIFA WCs). This is again a bad politics by Australia, England & South Africa Cricket Boards...who want their domination in World Cricket. These Associates always bring new competition.

Posted by Harvey on (April 4, 2011, 18:36 GMT)

A golden opportunity missed. I'm not against the principle of a slimmed down World Cup, but only the top 6 or 7 ranked teams should qualify automatically. The rest should be made to take part in a qualifying tournament along with the leading associates, hosted in an associate country. Instead the ICC is closing the door on the associates, and forcing them to concentrate most of their energies on T20. How will producing players capable only of slogging and the limited sets of skills needed for T20 help them progress in the serious formats? I sometimes wonder what planet these ICC administrators live on.

Posted by rajrele on (April 4, 2011, 18:36 GMT)

The ICC is going back to how it was led when Malcolms Speed and Gray were in charge, both totally able men to lead the Titanic. Aus and NZ seem to be driving this decsion to show that they are different from the earlier formats.The game has reached a point where it needs a broader base and more stars in more countries or it is going to remain a "commonwealth" type game. Although all playing all is a great format they could have done that with the Champions Trophy which at the moment doesnt serve any purpose. This must be the only sport where we are discouraging growth !!! Look at football they went to Africa, Asia and are doing everything to take the game to new markets and look at the cricket establishment.....this is the sort of non-commercial thinking that got cricket into a mess and as soon as the Eng-Aus combo got a chance they're at it again to mess up the game with their backward looking approach.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:35 GMT)

with some crisis situation being created for england & west Indies the icc president mr. clive loyd thinks of reducing the no. of teams for d next 2 world cups so that the extra 4 teams don't create a must win situation for their teams..........

Posted by deegowd on (April 4, 2011, 18:32 GMT)

This is actually a good decision. However, ICC should have stipulated that atleast one top 8 ranked test side visit the top 4 associate countries every year. Ex: Ireland have one test side playing against them every year, so do Kenya, Netherlands and Canada. That's how you improve the game, by giving chances to the upcoming players to showcase their talents. They could even play some first class games, to prepare them for test cricket. I would rather watch a 3 ODI and 3 T20 series between India and Ireland, rather than another 5 ODI Ind-SL series. We spectators too will get something new to look for.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:32 GMT)

only single match has been lost by england to irish and this decision happened... world strongest boards which include indian,england,australian,south african are so afraid of emerging new stars...ICC not spreading the game nor spreading peace..this decision will bring hatred for ICC ..

Posted by keyurdgp on (April 4, 2011, 18:30 GMT)

In short, Cricket world didnt move a bit instead going back to 1992. Lorgat is disaster for cricket future and Sharad Pawar is icing on that disaster.

Posted by Hala_Madrid on (April 4, 2011, 18:29 GMT)

Wonderful decision ICC. Congratulations. Ireland were a minnow but look for the minnows how many matches got simply wasted? Minimum 15.

For everyone's kind information, Ireland did lose to Bangladesh in this world cup and were thrashed 4-0 just like NEW ZEALAND by Bangladesh few months back.

Did Ireland carry the burden of huge expectation from around 170 MILLION people like Bangladesh did? Still they managed to beat only Netherlands.

You cannot count an upset as proof of regular quality. Upset happens. Even Kenya beat WI and India. But where are they now? Should we go on treating Kenya like a full member? Besides, that was a really bad day of England. Ireland did not beat them with full dominance what Bangladesh did. That is the difference.

Though I think 1/2 associates can play in CWC, this decision is a great slap on the faces of those numskull illiterates who think Ireland is better than Bangladesh/Zimbabwe.


Posted by malik86 on (April 4, 2011, 18:27 GMT)

i think excluding the associates is the rite idea. they should be given chances now & then rather after 4 years. There should be bilateral series or The A-teams of test nations should tour there. it is the rite way. They should be provided with coaches and gud 1st clas infrastructure

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:23 GMT)

It seems ICC listened to me. I sent an email to them with this exact suggestion on 3/16/2011. I can't post the whole thing here as it is limited to 1000 characters - but the idea was to have 10 teams - no pools - full round robin. This comes to only 45 games to get to SF stage. The 2011 format needed 46 games to get to SF stage while all the round robin games were wasted and the true tournament was all knock-out. I also proposed that the top 8 teams (per ICC ratings) should qualify automatically while for the last 2 slots there should be a pre-tournament. The best format so far has been the 1992 WC that had a full round robin with 9 teams. the proposed one is even better as it allows an assoiciate too. Not sure why Ireland is so upset. They should back themselves to qualify as the 9th or 10th team. Irfan Rahman

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:23 GMT)

The 2015 World Cup will be the most boring World Cup of all time, or at least the most boring since the same format was used in 1992. A Cup tournament needs knock-out matches for excitement, not an endless series of pointless matches including those between teams unable to qualify after losing their opening fixtures. It will also have no right to call itself a World Cup any more. It will be a closed shop and the rest of the world will have no interest in it. Cricket has given up all pretence at attempting to be a truly global game, and as other correspondents have said, these aren't even the best ten teams. An absolutely appalling decision, even by ICC standards!

Posted by DomDuval on (April 4, 2011, 18:20 GMT)

The basis of this decision seems solely focused on what they referred to as "targeted investment".

Whilst these words reveal little depth and substance to the cricketing enthusiasts the world over, what they do reveal is an extraordinary bias away from the next generation of cricketers in any cricket "developing" country.

Following CWC 2011, there was no better platform to "capitalize" on transforming into reality the dreams of the next generation who wish to re-write the record books. This could only be achieved by keeping the same records in play.

By excluding the foundation laid by their hero, Irish youth are surely not a part of the "targeted investment", because its impact is negative, and defies logic. I am sure Kevin O'Brien understands the reality of these words.

As champions of sports marketing, and particularly of nurturing tomorrows heroes, I am interested to know how US sports administrators respond to this decision, and how this "strategic plan" could be justified.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:20 GMT)

What an utter disgrace. Another stupid decision from the incompetent hacks at the ICC who only consider their pockets, and certainly not the feelings of their fans. Ireland and the Netherlands showed that they deserved their place in the WC. Reluctantly, I cannot say the same for Zimbabwe. At the very least, allow the bottom ranking teams to play-off against the likes of Ireland and the Netherlands. Either way, I'm angry.

Posted by nafzak on (April 4, 2011, 18:20 GMT)

The problem was not the umber of teams... it was because there were too many days when only one match was played. The tournament could have been reduced by 10 days or more if they had played multiple matches every day. Thank you. Mohamed Z. Rahaman

Posted by JoseBautista on (April 4, 2011, 18:18 GMT)

How is Cricket going to grow and be popular among countries if this happens!!! This is very dissapointing!!

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:16 GMT)

Cricket world cup should be played every 2 years. i think in second round Group A should play all teams in Group B. so u get to play every team.

Posted by worktime on (April 4, 2011, 18:16 GMT)

Mr. H. Lorgat smiply does not understand how to promote cricket world wide. We need more countries playing cricket at the international level, and the 50 overs World Cup is the best venue forthe associates or minnows to improve their cricket and show to the world that other countries can play good cricket. Now with the top 10 cricket countries only allow to play at the next World Cup what is the point of any other country trying to pormote cricket. There is no hope or chance for any young person in the minnows to play cricket at a professional level.

Cricket is not an elitist sport anymore, the ICC needs to expand cricket by allowing all nations to participate at a high professional level. This is the only way to see new countries improving. Remember Bangaldesh? If Bangladesh was not given test status they would have never improved. All serious cricket associates need test stauts this is the only way for cricket to improve globally. Mr. Lorgat think about the revenues.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:12 GMT)

i agree with the cricket ireland chief... it's just unfair to exclude a team like ireland, which has put in their best efforts to every match they played in the world cup... why not make it 12? with the top 2 associate teams getting to compete in the big stage...

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:10 GMT)

they should play world cup every 2 years. 4 years is too long. they need to cancel test matches. its boring

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:06 GMT)

NEPAL, lets eye for 2019... 2015 is no more possible to be haunted

Posted by CrouchingTigerHiddenDragon on (April 4, 2011, 18:04 GMT)

The dark age of cricket has begun. It's as good as a private competition of the elite. No honor no respect for the game itself, just for their own. Disgraceful. I think the Associates should start their own tournament and get out of so called ICC, for the love of cricket.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:03 GMT)

This is seriously not fair for teams like Ireland to show what they have got at the international level....they will definetly be disgusted with ICC, particularly after their show in the recently concluded world cup. Hope ICC changes its decision ASAP.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 18:02 GMT)

It's a two-edged sword. It's good because the test playing teams will have a chance to play more matches in WC, all the matches will be big matches and the chances of getting out of WC on one bad match will be reduced (I assume there will be Super Sixes). The downside is that excluding the associate teams is not a good idea for the promotion of cricket. We may end up having only ten teams forever as the people in the emerging cricketing countries will be affected negatively by the decision, which will result in a lack of motivation to play cricket.

Posted by Kyum-13 on (April 4, 2011, 18:00 GMT)

This is not a good decision by ICC,this need to be reconsidered by ICC for emerging cricket like Ireland. I am a Bangladeshi ,i know how a victory in world cup can change the hole nation and also cricket team.Please ICC .................

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 17:56 GMT)

fine, make it 10 teams. But why should Bangladesh and Zimbabwe get free entries? Make them play qualifiers against the top associates.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 17:55 GMT)

well that nice to here that a 10 team world cup next time

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 17:54 GMT)

back to 1992 system...............

Posted by swikar22 on (April 4, 2011, 17:53 GMT)

Though I am Indian and proud that Dhoni's men won this world cup but I am not going to watch the World Cup in future as it has now become an expanded Champions Trophy.Are West Indies,Bangladesh and Zimbabwe so afraid to play qualification with the Associates?By the way Ireland is ranked above Zimbabwe in ODIs.This is gross injustice.

Posted by keyurdgp on (April 4, 2011, 17:52 GMT)

Sarad Pawar is sucks. He should not be in this business first of all, there is a much important to deal with for him, the Agriculture Ministry of India. He just run around for money. This decision is not good for cricket development in world. Give more chances to all associate and they would be better team like Ireland. B'desh was very poor but they improved a lot as they got exposed to more matches. Nations like Afghanistan, which is very rapidly growing got a big setback with this decision. by 10 years, their current exprience players will be retired and new generation of these nation would ended staying away from cricket. I watched one of the match between associate, the ground didnt seem upto International standard. Why the hell ICC is not looking for this kind of stuff. And Ponting has not mind to say anything about who would play and who wouldn't in WC.

Posted by keyurdgp on (April 4, 2011, 17:50 GMT)

Sarad Pawar is sucks. He should not be in this business first of all, there is a much important to deal with for him, the Agriculture Ministry of India. He just run around for money. This decision is not good for cricket development in world. Give more chances to all associate and they would be better team like Ireland. B'desh was very poor but they improved a lot as they got exposed to more matches. Nations like Afghanistan, which is very rapidly growing got a big setback with this decision. by 10 years, their current exprience players will be retired and new generation of these nation would ended staying away from cricket. I watched one of the match between associate, the ground didnt seem upto International standard. Why the hell ICC is not looking for this kind of stuff. And Ponting has not mind to say anything about who would play and who wouldn't in WC.

Posted by Mehjun on (April 4, 2011, 17:48 GMT)

10 teams and round robin format is good. You should have top 8 ODI teams to qualify automatically and have a tournament to qualify the other 2. That way all ODI teams will play quality cricket in each tournament to be in top 8 teams for automatic qualification.

Posted by wicked.wizard on (April 4, 2011, 17:46 GMT)

Surely the irish played better than either bangladesh and zimbabwe. The decision is a pity considering that bangladesh were playing on home turf. The worldcup is in australia and i fancy that the irish are probably better suited than the bangladeshi's on the fast bouncy tracks. Its a great decision to have a short and compact worldcup, but all the 10 teams need to earn their places. Can we have a qualification tournament involving bangladesh, ireland, zimbabwe and another 1 or two associate teams played preferably in australia/nz. Sad day for cricket

Posted by Gilys_Heroes on (April 4, 2011, 17:40 GMT)

I'm disgusted with this decision. Kenya v West Indies 1996, Bangladesh v Pakistan 1999, Kenya V Sri lanka 2003, Ireland v Pakistan 2007 and Ireland v England 2011. Every world cup a memorable associate moment and you have taken this away from me Mr Lorgat, and in so doing, have taken away my interest in the ODI World Cup.

I am an Australian, but I assure you I will not be buying tickets in 2015

Posted by Rakesh_Sharma on (April 4, 2011, 17:40 GMT)

Can this decisionof totally excluding associates be challenged in some courts ?

Posted by Dilseben on (April 4, 2011, 17:39 GMT)

Absolutely outrageous on the part of ICC to reduce the number of countries..this is not the way to propagate cricket. I have been watching World Cups since 1992..& out of all those, this year's format was the best. Their idea of having a robin league & then goin straight for semis isnt interesting at all. Just cant figure out as to why the hell they want to change the format when everything was perfect this year...a robin league. ..followed by quarters..semis & finals. It is a well known fact the survival of 50 over cricket depended on the success of this World Cup & now by changing the format & reducing the number of teams, ICC is basically are hitting on their legs!!!

Posted by Horn.OK.Please on (April 4, 2011, 17:37 GMT)

What a shame...We have seen the last of Kevin o Brien :-(

Posted by brainbox on (April 4, 2011, 17:31 GMT)

very bad decision from the icc

Posted by fhoque on (April 4, 2011, 17:28 GMT)

Absolute shocking decision not only for the Cricket developing countries like Ireland, Netherland but also for the whole cricket world. No doubt it will hamper the fast progress of cricket in those countries in a great manner. Ireland in particular must be rewarded for their outstanding performance throughout the world cup rather now they are being axed staright way from next world cup at least !!! It is real BLACK day for the Irish. I think ICC must re-consider their decision and allow 12 teams to play world cup and then same format of 2011 world cup can be introduced with 6 teams in each group which will also reduce 12 games in total than 2011. On the other hand 10 teams with round robin league + semi final system will reduce only 1 game compare to just completed world cup !!!

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 17:26 GMT)

Gee, it's not like the ICC to move backwards is it? What a joke. There's no way Zimbabwe are a more professional outfit than Ireland... and all due respect to Bangladesh, but this was supposed to be their tournament and they were horrid. I'd rather see Ireland push for Test status now and qualify that way... but 12 teams should be the minimum. Just a terrible decision and moves Cricket back 20 or more years. There's plenty of people out there who enjoy the Irish brand of cricket and just winds back the clock on all the progress they've made over the last decade. I guess we can thank Kenya for their weak display and Canada in their gutless performances. But this would never happen in Rugby, Soccer or League World Cups. Terrible decision.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 17:24 GMT)

Well, that's an absolute joke. Cheers ICC for ruining absolutely any enjoyment I can get in following my team at the world cup. We all know the t20 world cup is a bit of a mess anyway.

Ireland and the Netherlands are meant to be pushing for test status. How on earth are they meant to get anywhere near that when they're not even allowed to compete in the premier one day competition. I think most will agree this world cup was a success. Why change it? It's just the ICC being elitist again. Expanding the global game my rear end. This is simply the ICC looking after the likes of Australia, India and South Africa that don't want such a congested fixture calendar.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 17:23 GMT)

Not good for cricket promotion. The upcoming cricket nations would be demoralized. It would be devastating for the players who were working very hard to improve in order to qualify for the world cup.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 17:22 GMT)

i m dreaming abt nepal playing world cup....bt this will now remains only in dream. so to see my team playing i ve to sleep.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 17:21 GMT)

So world has been thrown out of the the world cup....Not a good news for the establishment of the game....I am in the favour of maximum team participating in the contest...What's the point of making the tournament compact as WORLD CUP takes place once in four years...And then ICC needs to think out of the box....Money isnt every thing....If thats the case forget about expansion of the cricket....Sad and disappointing news...:(

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 17:21 GMT)

A bit disappointing for the Associates... But hope the structure is improved in their countries and GOOD LUCK for them in 2019. But have to feel for hew 30+ cricketers :( in their ranks.

Posted by Rakesh_Sharma on (April 4, 2011, 17:20 GMT)

Lorgat is an absolute disaster. No logic in decision. I can never beleive any WC without a single associate.Ideal number is 12 teams. Having 14 teams was a wrong decision. Havinf 12 with just finalist of qualifying tournament is correct. The biggest beneficiary of thios decision is Bangladesh who are helped all around. Again 2019 Wc is also set up for exactly same teams. Any kid will understand that Zimbabwe and Bangladesh playing top teams for 8 years before qualifying will have players wit 100 s of match experience ,The associates will be at a huge disadvantage. To a certain extent Ireland is responsible as it does not show ambition for playing higher grade cricket. If they can get Test they could have set up First class structure. It is not possible other way round.

Posted by MTA82 on (April 4, 2011, 17:18 GMT)

They have gone mad. I don't understand why they are defaming the game. We want more countries to be a part of cricket and it should be called as global sports. But they are even reducing it to just 10 nations. Shameful.

Some really positive thinkers are required to hold the ICC responsibility.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 17:16 GMT)

Really can't believe that after the best World Cup since 1992 the ICC can shoot themselves so spectacularly in the foot. The very least Ireland and the other associates deserved was a chance to qualify for 2015, but even that has been taken away from them. With this incredibly short-sighted decision Haroon Lorgat and the 10 Full member chief executives have put the chances of cricket becoming a truly 'global' sport back by 10 years. For shame ICC.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 17:16 GMT)

its not a good news.in football 32 team plays..and in cricket you are decreasing the team?It will affect a lot to my country, Nepal,that is developing a lot in cricket...and other teams like UAE, Scotland, Oman and associates...I think this decision should be taken back.....

Posted by BlorScouser on (April 4, 2011, 17:14 GMT)

Absolute disgrace. The decision to deny the associates even a chance of qualifying for the next world cup is ludicrous and smacks of greed and political opportunism. I don't know how the likes of Zimbabwe get a chance to play in the next world cup, when the Irish have been ranked higher in the current ODI rankings and performed better than them in the recent world cup. The ICC now has no call to the title of the global body for the promotion of cricket. Have to agree with Mr. Deutrom that its a black day for the sport.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 17:10 GMT)

12 teams was fair enough... this is just not fair...

Posted by Chicoman-1 on (April 4, 2011, 17:07 GMT)


Brutally Done to Death by the Greed of a Money Grabbing Cricket Hierarchy. Cricket is now officially and elitist sport.

When Ireland beat England on that glorious day in March we all walked on air here in Ireland. Today is our darkest hour. We weep for wasted time and effort to impress a blind master. Good people working hard to catch trailing crumbs from the table of the gorging elite.

Shame oh shame oh shame oh shame.

Hang your elitist heads in utter shame ICC. All credibility you had is now gone, buried in what you call a world cup but which is just another Champions Trophy. Same old same old same old.

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 17:04 GMT)

cricket is a game consisting of playing 11. so why not allow 11 teams to play instead of strictly restricting it to 10.what's the need of the hour in trimming the no. of teams? who knows if given a proper chance, ireland on its day can even beat the mighty hosts(australia) in 2015 world cup.how those minnows can develop if icc still keeps them away in such big events and avoid them playing the test nations?Lorgat said. "I seem to recall that in 1992 it was a 10-team event [nine, in fact]", so why not it can be 11 now for the next upcoming event.is this decision taken by icc due to the pressure exerted from the hosts of 2015 world cup?

Posted by   on (April 4, 2011, 16:58 GMT)

Good decision. 1992 format was the best, I hope Ireland will be there in 2015 as they are far superior side than over-hyped Bangladesh....

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