ICC news May 9, 2013

ICC denies voting impropriety

ESPNcricinfo staff

The ICC has said that the re-vote, which led to L Sivaramakrishnan replacing Tim May on the ICC Cricket Committee as a current player representative, took place according to the "determined procedure" with "no evidence to suggest" that captains were pressured by their boards to vote for a particular candidate. The ICC however, stated that it was considering a request made by FICA to refer the issue to its ethics officer.

The ICC's response has made a statement following widely reported allegations that the BCCI had used its influence to get its preferred candidate, Sivaramakrishnan, voted on to the Cricket Committee at the expense of May, the chief executive of FICA. The initial media reports claimed May had the majority in the first round of votes, but had lost to Sivaramakrishnan in the re-vote.

"In January this year, because of confusion in the voting process for such representatives (for example in respect of what should happen in the case of a tied vote and, where teams had different captains for different formats of the game, which captain should be entitled to vote), the ICC Board considered the matter carefully, and following clarification of the process to be followed, decided that another vote should be taken," the ICC said.

"Subsequent to the re-vote, the ICC is concerned to note a number of factual inaccuracies appearing in the media in respect of the results of the voting and the underlying basis for the board decision that a re-vote was necessary, as well as unsupported allegations of impropriety in the voting process."