Red Stripe Bowl, 1999/00 / Grounds

  Alpart Sports Club, St Elizabeth, Jamaica

Wed Oct 27 (50 ovs) Jamaica v Bermuda
Thu Oct 28 (50 ovs) Guyana v Windward Is
Antigua Recreation Ground, St John's, Antigua Antigua Recreation Ground, St John's, Antigua

Established 1981 (Tests)
Capacity 9,000
Fri Oct 29 (50 ovs) Leeward Is v Barbados
Sat Oct 30 (50 ovs) Barbados v Canada
  Kaiser Sports Club, Discovery Bay, Jamaica

Fri Nov 5 (50 ovs) Guyana v Leeward Is
Sat Nov 6 (50 ovs) Jamaica v Barbados
Sun Nov 7 (50 ovs) Jamaica v Leeward Is
Kensington Park, Kingston, Jamaica Kensington Park, Kingston, Jamaica

Mon Nov 1 (50 ovs) Guyana v Bermuda
Tue Nov 2 (50 ovs) Windward Is v Bermuda
  Ronald Webster Park, The Valley, Anguilla

Sat Oct 30 (50 ovs) Leeward Is v Trinidad & T
Sun Oct 31 (50 ovs) Barbados v Trinidad & T
Mon Nov 1 (50 ovs) Trinidad & T v Canada
Tue Nov 2 (50 ovs) Leeward Is v Canada
Sabina Park, Kingston, Jamaica Sabina Park, Kingston, Jamaica

Capacity 20,000
Sat Oct 30 (50 ovs) Jamaica v Windward Is
Sun Oct 31 (50 ovs) Jamaica v Guyana
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