Faysal Bank One Day National Cup Division One, 2011/12 / Grounds

  Abbottabad Cricket Stadium

Thu Mar 8 (50 ovs) Falcons v K Dolphins
Sat Mar 10 (50 ovs) Falcons v S Stallions
Fri Mar 16 (50 ovs) Falcons v Wolves
  Diamond Club Ground, Islamabad

Sat Mar 10 (50 ovs) Leopards v K Dolphins
Mon Mar 12 (50 ovs) Leopards v Falcons
Fri Mar 16 (50 ovs) Leopards v R Rams
Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore

Thu Mar 8 (50 ovs) Habib Bank v National Bnk
Sat Mar 10 (50 ovs) Habib Bank v ZTBL
Mon Mar 12 (50 ovs) PIA v State B of P
Wed Mar 14 (50 ovs) Habib Bank v PIA
Fri Mar 16 (50 ovs) National Bnk v PIA
Mon Mar 19 (50 ovs) Leopards v PIA
Wed Mar 21 (50 ovs) Habib Bank v PIA
Iqbal Stadium, Faisalabad Iqbal Stadium, Faisalabad

Thu Mar 8 (50 ovs) PIA v ZTBL
Sat Mar 10 (50 ovs) PIA v WAPDA
Mon Mar 12 (50 ovs) National Bnk v ZTBL
Wed Mar 14 (50 ovs) State B of P v ZTBL
Fri Mar 16 (50 ovs) Habib Bank v State B of P
Mon Mar 19 (50 ovs) Habib Bank v S Stallions
  Jinnah Stadium, Sialkot

Thu Mar 8 (50 ovs) S Stallions v R Rams
Wed Mar 14 (50 ovs) S Stallions v Leopards
Fri Mar 16 (50 ovs) S Stallions v K Dolphins
  Lahore City Cricket Association Ground

Thu Mar 8 (50 ovs) State B of P v WAPDA
Sat Mar 10 (50 ovs) National Bnk v State B of P
Mon Mar 12 (50 ovs) Habib Bank v WAPDA
Wed Mar 14 (50 ovs) National Bnk v WAPDA
Fri Mar 16 (50 ovs) WAPDA v ZTBL
Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

Established 19th January 1992
Capacity 15000
Sat Mar 10 (50 ovs) R Rams v Wolves
Mon Mar 12 (50 ovs) R Rams v K Dolphins
Wed Mar 14 (50 ovs) R Rams v Falcons
  Sports Stadium, Sargodha

Thu Mar 8 (50 ovs) Wolves v Leopards
Mon Mar 12 (50 ovs) Wolves v S Stallions
Wed Mar 14 (50 ovs) Wolves v K Dolphins