December 19, 2002

New Zealand want a win, not prepared to settle for a draw

Dark cloud hovers over the ground as the covers are brought on
Plenty of time still exists to reach a conclusion in the second National Bank series Test between New Zealand and India at Hamilton.

TelstraClear Black Caps coach Denis Aberhart said today that with two quality sides playing, and only two hours lost, if all the hours available to make up time are invoked, there was still plenty of time for a result.

And New Zealand wouldn't be attempting to sit on their 1-0 lead.

"We want to play, we want to play this Test match and win it.

"If you don't go out and try and win the game, you will be defending under pressure," he said.

Aberhart said when he first saw the uncovered pitch this morning he was disappointed at how soft it was but he did acknowledge that before it disappeared under the covers just before a thunderstorm it had hardened up due to rolling and exposure to sunlight.

He said that while the pitch looked very green it had flattered to deceive when looking similar on previous occasions.

And it didn't matter if New Zealand were required to bat on it first. Both teams had to bat on it sometime, and he said he thought he had the batsmen capable of working well enough to get the runs that would make the difference in the final result.

It had been disappointing not to get out and play while the sun was shining on Westpac Park, a similar thing that occurred during the first Test in Wellington.

This was in comparison to experiences on more sand-based grounds in Australia last summer.

Aberhart recalled the downpour that left the Sydney Cricket Ground flooded during the second VB Series final against South Africa. It had seemed the match would be over, yet the teams resumed playing within an hour.

Neither the Basin Reserve nor Westpac Park have sand-based surfaces, and both have been badly affected by rain delays during their last two matches.