August 16, 2003

PWCCA officials attend IWCC council meeting

Pakistan Women's Cricket Control Association

Pakistan Women's Cricket Control Association's, President, Shaiza Khan, and Executive Directer Kiran Baluch, attended the full council meeting of the International Women's Cricket Council on July, 24, 2003 in Holland during the IWCC Trophy.

The metting was attended by the IWCC Executive Committee, IWCC Board of Management, all the full member associations of the IWCC from Australia, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, the Netherlands, Ireland, West Indies and New Zealand and associate members Scotland, Argentina and Japan. The PWCCA received full support from all member countries to continue as a full member of the IWCC. It was also decided, as per the constitution of the IWCC that PWCCA will represent sole rights of the IWCC in Pakistan and will be the sole association to participate in the IWCC events and tournaments.

Most importantly, it was decided by the full council that if the amalgamation does take place between the ICC and the IWCC in the future the member countries of the IWCC will automatically become the members of the respective ICC member boards in their respective countries.

Mohd. Iqbal
Press Secretry
Pakistan Women's Cricket Control Association
16 August 2003