World Cricket Tsunami Appeal 2005 January 27, 2005

Second match put back till April

Cricinfo staff

Malcolm Speed: 'serious workload issues' © Getty Images

The second World Cricket Tsunami Appeal match, between the World XI and an Asian XI, has been put back to late April, over fears about player burnout.

The match will still be played at Eden Gardens in Kolkata, but the original February date has been changed by the ICC after discussions with member countries and players' representatives. Malcolm Speed, the ICC's chief executive, explained: "On reviewing the proposed date of February 13 it became apparent that there were serious workload issues for many of the players who have indicated a desire to play in this match."

He explained: "At that time, England will still be in South Africa, and Australia's series against New Zealand will be about to begin. There is never an easy time to fit in an additional match, but this fundraising initiative is very important to us all. With the support and willing co-operation of the Asian Cricket Council, we have decided to postpone the match until the second half of April, when there is less scheduled international cricket."

The first match, which was played at Melbourne on January 10, raised over US$11million for the tsunami relief effort.