Cricinfo Cricket Manager

An introduction to the game

ESPNcricinfo staff

Already established as the best online cricket management game, Cricinfo Cricket Manager allows you to manage your own virtual cricket team in daily games against competitors worldwide.

Your team will not be made up of established cricketing names but nonetheless, you will find your collection of amateur cricketers pose particular challenges to your managerial skill! Learning to prepare for their unexplained absences and minor injuries will be a key part of successfully moving your team forward.

Customise your side!
Once you have got to know your team, it's time to set batting and bowling strategies for each game. Choices depend on your team's abilities, opponents' strategies, the state of the weather and the wicket. Managers are also in full control of their batting order & bowling attack - including having to choose between new ball bowlers, swing bowlers & spinners - fielding positions, coin toss, choice of captain and more...

However, if you decide that your team simply doesn't have what it takes, you can dip into the transfer market and trade in a new player for one of your existing squad. Choose from batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders or a new wicket keeper - whatever is needed to take your side to the top. Once your new players arrive, if you want to give them a familiar ring each player's name and profile can be changed allowing you to set up your side in the style of your choosing!

Made it to the top?
Prizes are awarded to managers who win division titles, knockout cups, and who finish at the top of the overall manager rankings. In addition, you can challenge other players to a friendly match and see if you can climb to the friendly table. Once you have done that, head for the forum where managers can discuss the game, cricket or anything else at their leisure.

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The currency of the game is Credits - which you can use to train up your squad, arrange friendly matches, buy in new players and pay your assistant manager to run your team while you are away. You can buy new credits at any point using a wide range of payment methods. What is more, simply by confirming your registration for the game, we will give you 1000 free credits to start you off.

So click here to sign up for the game FOR FREE today and start enjoying the challenge of Cricinfo Cricket Manager!