Leaves Kolkata after death in family December 2, 2007

Vengsarkar not to resign

Cricinfo staff

Dilip Vengsarkar left Kolkata late on Saturday due to the death of a family member and according to BCCI sources, has not offered to resign © Getty Images
Dilip Vengsarkar left Kolkata late on Saturday, after informing the board president of a bereavement in Mumbai and requesting permission to fly home. It has been speculated that Vengsarkar was upset at the board's decision to disallow him from writing columns and therefore left Kolkata in a huff after latest discussions with Sharad Pawar, the board president, failed to result in a softening of the BCCI's stance.

However, sources in the BCCI confirmed that Vengsarkar had not offered to resign and was not threatening to do so. He did however meet with Pawar and Shashank Manohar and spent close to an hour in discussions. What the three discussed, is not clear, though it is widely presumed that the matter of him writing columns had once again come up.

Earlier the BCCI had instructed all selectors to refrain from writing columns in a seven-point diktat. Vengsarkar then asked to be compensated for the loss of earnings that resulted from the board directive. The matter was debated within the board, but it was decided - at least for the moment - that no compensation would be paid.

The speculation that Vengsarkar left Kolkata in anger was further fuelled by the confusion surrounding the date and venue for picking the team for the forthcoming tour of Australia. Initially, the selection was to happen on the last day of the Test, December 4, at Kolkata. Later, it was decided that the selection would happen in Bangalore on December 5, ahead of the final Pakistan Test.