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Greg Chappell in frame to become Australian selector


Greg Chappell could go back to the future after being given an interview for the newly-created job on Australia's national selection panel. Chappell, a former Test captain, was one of the men who installed Allan Border as leader in 1984, but he stood down in 1987-88 after becoming upset with the game's administration structure.

He is currently the head coach at the Centre of Excellence and his place on Cricket Australia's list has been confirmed to Cricinfo. While the new full-time role comes with a spot on the selection panel, it also includes being a national talent manager and working with the states. Chappell does part of that already in his post at the Academy and as the Australia A coach.

Andrew Hilditch, David Boon, Merv Hughes and Jamie Cox are the incumbents on the panel that will undergo a mild restructure. Over the past two years the Test team has dropped from first to fourth on the rankings, and could go to fifth if England, who currently lead 2-0, cleansweep Pakistan in their four-match series.

The selection quartet works on a part-time basis, but Hilditch is not applying for the vacant job and said the redesign would not change his duties as chairman. "I look forward to having a full-time selector in the sense there are a lot of issues with workload management and our roster system and making sure we're covering all the cricket," Hilditch said earlier this month.

"[The new appointment] will have a role on the panel like any other selector, but a very important role in talent management and managing the state talent managers. It's a pretty big role straight away - a massive role. I think it's a big development for Australian cricket and I'm very excited."

Chappell, 62, is due to be interviewed this week. He was appointed at the Centre of Excellence in 2008, a year after he finished an eventful term as India's coach.

Peter English is the Australasia editor of Cricinfo

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  • Dummy4 on August 18, 2010, 2:53 GMT

    And here strts Australia's downfall!!!!

  • Anthony on August 18, 2010, 0:55 GMT

    Seriously it is time for change in the Australian Team. Ponting has too much influence at the moment and lacks imaginiation. The team is being picked to suit his static captaincy style. We need to be more dynamic. Our bowlers are hesistating to bowl for wickets and our batsmen are too busy trying to not get out. Incumabancy is the problem that stems from Ponting.

    Now do not get me wrong i want Ponting to stay in the side. He has a lot of runs still in him but we need him to step back and support a new young fresh leadership in the team. A person like Hughes is going to find it hard to fit into a Ponting led set up. We need some more young blood in the team Khawaja, Smith, Hughes, Klinger... all deserve a more of a chance. We cannot continue to work the principle of "we arent quite ready yet for change". Let Clarke be captain and develop a new futuer for the Australian team.

  • Srinivas on August 17, 2010, 21:04 GMT

    I for one do not understand this Ganguly-Chappell fixation. Greg suggested that Ganguly should give up captaincy and concentrate on his batting because he was not doing justice to both his roles. I think he was right in what he said. It takes a 'mature fighter' to respond to criticism, Ganguly was only a fighter (something I greatly admire in him) and post 2007 he proved it. He was fitter and an improved batsmen.

    The only fault with Chappell was how we delivered it. We in the east look at the message and the messenger. Chappell and a lot of people in the west do not to realize this. But, as a selector I think Chappell can be good.

  • Dummy4 on August 17, 2010, 19:32 GMT

    @RobOfBruce, Being an Indian fan, I don't care what the reason was for the GC's coaching fiasco, all I know it worked for Indian opponents. Though I am an Aussie Basher, I don't want them to be screwed just as we did. They should be in a decent shape to atleast stay above Ban in test rankings. I think that will not be the case if GC takes over as a selector. I may be wrong but the chances of me being right are very good.

  • Subba on August 17, 2010, 18:30 GMT

    Greg Chappel with his emphasis on methods and fitness will throw up some sprightly players with good mindsets. If you have to look for a gap, then it lies in the aspect that he's more into percentage game players than natural talent. The inspirational players will not get his acceptance. I would say, his experience with the Indian team produced some good results also, which the team realised much after he left.

  • Chandrasekhar on August 17, 2010, 17:50 GMT

    i think some of you who are behind Greg for being honest in sacking ganguly do not understand one thing. Greg did not ever understand how indian cricket functions. Dosen't matter what he did was right or wrong, he was a bad influence. One of his biggest mistakes is trying to run an indian team thinking they are australians. As a result he could not extract the best out of the team. A great leader understands the team first, instead of blindly applying new procedures.

    he was such a big failure that he even managed to upset the usually calm Tendulkar !

  • Sanjay on August 17, 2010, 17:24 GMT

    I guess Greg wont be such a bad selector after all . being an Indian fan i would like to say that Greg Chappel had the ryt vision for our team but his method of going about it was very incorrect he simpily never understood Indian cricket. Thats not gonna be the problem with his home team though. But i hope he is not the publicity monger as he was in India ,still remember him dancing to the drums just to grab a few eye balls, after India beat Sri Lanka 6-1 during his days as a coach.

  • Dummy4 on August 17, 2010, 16:40 GMT

    Good luck for greg, Vasanth Chandrasekhar :greg didn't ask ind to lose against bang is because of him,u see uthappa,raina,rohit and some other bowlers just can't digest the india's inability and try to push it over some body.Don't forget ind won the first test against saf and possibly would have leveled the series ,if ur gods do any justice to their indian and fan of austalian cricket,so wish good luck for him

  • Dummy4 on August 17, 2010, 16:27 GMT

    Good News for the rest of the world except Australia. There are lot of things will happen. Rick Ponting will be sacked for Poor Perfomance (similar to Ganguly), Shane Watson will be hyped a Talended All rounder (similar to irfan pathan) and his carrer will be lost and Mike Hussey - (Mr. Cricket /Mr.Dependable) will not find a place in Aussiee one day squad (similar to Dravid - The Wall). Out of nowhere Tim paine will be suggested as a capatancy material who has very limited intenational experience (similar to Dinesh Karthik). Above dressing room atmospher will be so lively and media business will improve. Greg is capabale person where you can expect the unexpected.

  • GANESSIN on August 17, 2010, 14:17 GMT

    Probably Greg will put a pull stop to Aussie wins. Hope Aussies will give tough competition to Zim, Bangla, WI, Afghan under Greg.

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