England's Pietersen dilemma

Pietersen names Twitter suspects

George Dobell

September 8, 2012

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Kevin Pietersen fell to the second ball of day four, England v South Africa, 2nd Investec Test, Headingley, 4th day, August 5, 2012
Kevin Pietersen suspects England team mates James Anderson and Graeme Swann fed information to the Twitter account that ridiculed him © AFP

Kevin Pietersen has pressed England to carry out a serious investigation into his suspicion that his England team-mates Graeme Swann and James Anderson were feeding information to the KP Genius parody Twitter account in a prolonged stalemate that continues to dog attempts to reintegrate him into the England team.

Pietersen has made an England investigation a central part of any rapprochement. Initial meetings with the England coach, Andy Flower, a week ago failed to find immediate common ground for a resumption of his international career.

The England selectors are due to announce in the next few days the Test squad to tour India. Pietersen was also not named in England's list of central contracts for 2012-13 although it was indicated that other names could be added.

The account, which suggested Pietersen was vainglorious and obsessed by money, was followed by several members of the team and, at times, even elicited a good-humoured response from Pietersen before his attitude abruptly changed as his relationships with the ECB and his England team-mates deteriorated.

Richard Bailey, a cricket lover who shares a house with a couple of members of the Nottinghamshire team and is a friend of England's T20 captain Stuart Broad, has admitted he was behind the account and insists no one else was involved.

Broad has denied any involvement or knowledge of the account and it has subsequently been discontinued. An ESPNcricinfo investigation also exonerated Broad and suggested that Bailey was the only person responsible.

But Pietersen remains convinced that other England players were involved - and he has made his feelings clear. If he is to reach what he views as a fair compromise with his reputation intact and with an admission of faults on both sides then it seems that he is not prepared to let this matter rest. Whether a dressing room could knit together again after such a lengthy dispute is questionable.

Specifically he feels that the contents of private conversations between him, Anderson and Swann were referenced in various tweets. As a consequence, Pietersen feels he has been the victim of double standards after being disciplined for sending private messages to members of the South Africa touring party that contained derogatory comments about recently retired England Test captain Andrew Strauss.

ESPNcricinfo is not aware that Pietersen has provided definite proof that either Swann or Anderson were directly involved.

The episode is a headache that will not go away for Flower. Coming days before England depart for Sri Lanka in an attempt to defend their World T20 title and ahead of the naming of the Test squad for India, it is a distraction that he and the players could well do without. If Pietersen has hard evidence to support his views - and it is hard to see how he does - then the results could be devastating.

With both sides apparently too entrenched in their views to accept an amnesty, it is also hard to see a happy ending to a saga that continues to damage the individuals and the England team.

George Dobell is a senior correspondent at ESPNcricinfo

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Posted by Meety on (September 11, 2012, 23:46 GMT)

@JG2704 on (September 11 2012, 16:20 PM GMT) don't get me wrong, I think Swanny's frankness is a breath of fresh air in a world of sporting cliches, however, I think those comments whether frank or not, CANNOT add to team stability IF you were KP!

Posted by JG2704 on (September 11, 2012, 16:20 GMT)

@Meety on (September 11 2012, 11:07 AM GMT) Now to me those comments are frank but not totally derogatory. I mean he clearly states "in my opinion" . I'm not sure how many games KP captained Eng in anyway but maybe even from just being in the set up , without actually playing under a certain captain you can see things you think are not right in order to form an opinion.

Posted by bumsonseats on (September 11, 2012, 14:54 GMT)

bobmartin sorry my guess is that time will be called on his career. i just cannot see how he can get back into the dressng room. in a team sport you all have to have the mentality of us against them, and i feel the other players dont think that. the 2 senior professionals swann and anderson have come out and said similar. the old adage time is a great healer maybe in future series. but for me, bye bye kev

Posted by bobmartin on (September 11, 2012, 13:07 GMT)

Guess we'll find out shortly if Pietersen has a future with the England team..Seemingly the selectors are meeting today to select the squad for India which is due to be announced before England depart for the T20 WC on Thursday. My guess is that he will be pencilled in pending the outcome of the next meeting/s between "the exalted one" and the England management. My hope is that they wash their hands of him because, given his form for upsetting team mates and the powers that be, how can they be sure that this latest incident will be the last.

Posted by sjm5000 on (September 11, 2012, 12:59 GMT)

It would help if he had the slightest sense of humour. It'll be a great shame if it's the end for him, but the less like football cricket remains the better. Why doesn't KP just tell us he's sad and will stop celebrating his centuries.

Posted by Meety on (September 11, 2012, 11:07 GMT)

@jg2704 - correction. It was an article on Swann on this website in October last year - BUT it was quoting from the book. Swann said "...I wouldn't say he was a useless captain, but he wasn't my sort of captain..." & "...but he was never the right man to captain England in my opinion..." Which IMO is a smokescreen as Swanny hardly played under KPs captaincy.

Posted by Hira1 on (September 11, 2012, 11:02 GMT)

@JG2704 so you are not following all news regarding KP since this saga begin, any ways you can read statement of SA team manager Dr. Mosagee regarding KP text involvement. ECB never contacted SA board officially to reveal the content and KP cannot be punished for any thing personal and unofficial. Now i think all this is irrelevant since ECB is about to name the side for Indian tour and as expected KP name is not there so I feel that both the parties are not basically interested in sorting this issue. KP is happy that he can play full champion league, IPL and Big Bash where as England is happy not to have him in the team that is what both parties were aiming for since long. In short term both have achieved their motive and the sufferer is only cricket and its fan.

Posted by liz1558 on (September 11, 2012, 10:28 GMT)

@ashes61 - completely agree - his form is fitful more than consistent. On the other hand, if your personal cricket journey begins in '61, then you must be aware that no-one has scored more runs at a higher average than Pietersen since Barrington. On stats alone he's the best England batsman for nearly 50 years. He's a sort of inside out Boycott - enormous ego, utterly self-motivated, and inflated by self-awareness of his genius. As it was for Boycs, none of these things are especially attractive characteristics, and blind us to how good he is...when he can be bothered. Very difficult man to have in or leave out.

Posted by bumsonseats on (September 11, 2012, 9:59 GMT)

as a contracted player swan can not just get a book published with the content not checked. the ecb look at all book before and any item not considered appropriate has to be removed similar i think andersons book just out will have also gone down that road. im not sure the coach has much to do with that part though. swan has always been out spoken as most cricket corespondents like to interview him because of this. im sure swan would never say anything about KP that he would not say to his face. it must also be remembered that swan has had previous with KP in so far he plays for nottingham were KP had his second altercation of his career and a rift with them were he also chucked his toys out of his pram

Posted by GogaryGogary on (September 11, 2012, 9:52 GMT)

@Ian Burnett There is a fine line between taking the mick and being bitter about a player and waging a media campaign against them! If true (and i beleive it is) it is an aweful thing that Swann and Anderson did to undermine KP. Your comments about him being motivated by "shed loads of money" come straight from that blog which evidences that damage it did! If they were really just taking the mick they should have manned up and apologised that they took it too far. Clearly they weren't and you cant honestly beleive that that age old excuse of "we were just joking" applies here. I guess you had better rethink who is the real man is. I wont call Anderson and Swann spineless but they should man up!

Posted by JG2704 on (September 11, 2012, 9:19 GMT)

@Hira1 on (September 10 2012, 12:07 PM GMT) How do you know that SA hadn't contacted the English people? Obviously someone contacted someone from the English camp otherwise how would they be aware of these texts. People can think KP is guilty and be anti him and what he is done but also admit that he is a genius cricketer esp in the shorter formats. I myself have always said he's a magnificent player and the 1st batsman I'd pick in my Eng T20/ODI side but that doesn't cloud my view of whether he should be in or out of the side. By the way , if you had been accused of something serious which you had not done would you deny it? Surely any person would , esp if their career was on the line. Please publish this time. It's a direct response to questions I have been asked and contains no material of offence

Posted by Kentheavenonearth on (September 11, 2012, 9:07 GMT)

With Sam Northeast (even better than YJB) we will be No 1 again in Tests (been there done that, now for ODImperial rule) soon enough. But Kent had better win the Championship in next two year before he's signed up for England.

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 7:40 GMT)

@bharath74 - your comment about the 3 so-called spineless cricketers is ridiculous. What are they supposed to have done ? Facts that is - not the usual guesswork. Even if they were behind the parody account all that was happening was KPs ego was being tweaked with micky taking remarks. KP failed to confirm he didn't send derogatory texts about his captain to the opposition -which is as bad as it gets in a team environment and tends to confirm it happened. If it didn't he would be protesting his innocence strongly. Because KP talks up the IPL at every opportunity you Indian fans all love him - but it's not because its fantastic, high class cricket, it's because he's being paid shed loads of money which he wants to continue and he feels the best way for that to happen is to be seen as a staunch supporter of the tournament. KP is respected here as a batsman but more importantly, not as a man. After his comments about Strauss - who is very popular in England - even less now.

Posted by Meety on (September 11, 2012, 5:59 GMT)

@TheBengalTiger on (September 10 2012, 22:58 PM GMT) - mate you are the funniest guy on this page! LOL!

Posted by WishW on (September 11, 2012, 3:58 GMT)

As long as the GREAT KP is out of the team England will NEVER win any big tournaments/series...simple as that

Posted by Meety on (September 11, 2012, 0:39 GMT)

@ashes61 - generally respect your opinion, & the KP saga can be every emotive one. Whilst I believe KP requires serious punishment (cricket-wise), IF he has done half the things that have been reported, the fact is KP is named as one of the GREATEST TEST batsmen EVER for England on this very site through an exhaustive process. How much of this influenced by T20s & ODIs I'm not sure. The panel however included CM-J, Scyld Berry, Roebuck & Stephen Lynch in a total of 10 "selectors". Since the start of the century (coinciding with an improving England), only Trott & Thorpe have a better average,(but only half the runs or less), KP has scored more runs than any English batsmen in that period, & only Flintoff & Prior have matched his S/R. Also tied with Strauss as the most 100s. I understand why he is probably respected/admired more by non-england fans, but he really is the best credentialled England batsmen since at least Gooch & probably since Barrington.

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 0:25 GMT)

For England, They need a Come back Badlyy 4Rm KP , ECB should be in a +ve way in responce :)

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 0:17 GMT)

Never thought I'd agree with a Yorkshireman but well said yorkshirematt. Furthermore, Sehwag did play against England. You might make small minded ignorant remarks, but ultimately 2011 showed that India struggled to play in England and were trounced...and England struggle to play in India and the subcontinent, albeit in ODI cricket (not their strongest suit) after a long summer, although they won at least one match on the tour. Lets face it, the South Africa team (when they aren't choking) are the best team, strong ALL over the world and have been for a while, they are an allround strong outfit and have been consistently strong since reinclusion - it amazes me they haven't won more. India were overhyped up last year as No 1 and England fell off the pace once they got to the top - South Africa seem like they could be the real deal, Steyn and Amla are probably the best bowler and batsman in the world at the moment.

Posted by Meety on (September 10, 2012, 23:55 GMT)

@JG2704 - am pretty sure Swanny made a comment in an interview that made by jaw drop, it was a thinly weiled criticsm of KP over the captaincy/Moores fiasco. It was before the book & I am pretty sure Flower made some comment about it not being appropriate, but he was never hauled over the coals about it.

Posted by TheBengalTiger on (September 10, 2012, 22:58 GMT)

India came to England without Sehwag, lost Gambhir and Zaheer and Harbhajan and Yuvraj. Lets see England come to India without Kevin Pietersen, Anderson, Broad, Finn and Prior.

Posted by yorkshirematt on (September 10, 2012, 22:29 GMT)

@TheBengalTiger OK I will bite. You really think that no one in England was interested in cricket until 2005? Quite clearly you lot love Pietersen from the IPL, but we are perfectly entitled to have a different view. That is that he is overrated. On his day, yes he is England's classiest batsman, but I ask you this. If he is so good, the sort of player who apparently ALWAYS wins matches single handedly for England, where were these match winning innings in the UAE? To say that only your view is valid and those that disagree are wrong because they "know nothing about the game" is completely disrespectful and misguided.

Posted by bharath74 on (September 10, 2012, 21:55 GMT)

The only reason to watch ENG play is KP, without it they are just traditional boring cricketers. Broad, Anderson and Swann are just three spineless cricketers.

Posted by ashes61 on (September 10, 2012, 21:47 GMT)

liz1558: Yes, I certainly agree that as a destructive batsman he can destroy an attack as well as anyone in the world on his day. I have acknowledged that here before. But it happens rather infrequently - and that's not a complaint, just a statement of fact. Other destructive batsmen, like Dhoni, Sehwag, Gayle etc also don't do it every time. The reality is that KP has been, ON THE WHOLE, a successful batsman for ENG in Tests (the pyjama stuff being much less important) but he does not stand out among his peers because his failures (quite a few in 7 years!) balance things out. Ditto for Cook, Strauss etc, of course. He has been ONE of our best bats of the last 7 years - no more. He has produced nothing to warrant a unique status or special treatment. Our IND friends appear to appreciate his IPL performances, but they go unnoticed here as that series is hardly on the radar in ENG. "Ashes 61" reflects the very first Test series I followed closely by radio & press. Very exciting series!

Posted by TheBengalTiger on (September 10, 2012, 21:33 GMT)

Always amazes me how little English fans know about cricket. Guess thats what happens when you discover the sport in 2005.

Posted by liz1558 on (September 10, 2012, 17:00 GMT)

@ashes61 - KP isn't especially the best player of anything technically but when the mood and moment are right he can destroy the best - Murali, McGrath, Warne, Steyn - fast or slow. Anyhow - why ashes61? Not a great series for England.

Posted by liz1558 on (September 10, 2012, 16:34 GMT)

@ Nerav - so the caterers are all that stand between England and a once in a generation success in India? Agreed - should be an interesting series.

Posted by ashes61 on (September 10, 2012, 16:34 GMT)

First we had people here claiming KP was a genius of some sort. Then he was our best player. Or at least our best batsman. And he has won series single-handedly. When ENG followers (who have, after all, watched him for 7 years) explainthat he is none of these things and has done no such thing (not even nearly) we now read - absolutely brilliant, this - that he is our best player of spin!!! Cue for ENG fans to rock with laughter. We have got so used to opposition skippers putting on a spinner as soon as he comes in because he is regarded as a left-armer's bunny that we hardly notice now. Several years of denials all round from the KP "camp" that he has any problem in this directiion are ignored for one single reason - he continues to go for single figures, ducks even, to left-arm spinners, very very ordinary ones. But he has no problem - he is our best player of spin!!! Well, he isn't. ENG do struggle against spin, especially on the sub-continent, but 4 of them are better than KP.

Posted by   on (September 10, 2012, 16:09 GMT)

I hope KP never makes it back to the English team. It is more clear than ever why there has been a lack of support for KP, and don't see how he'll fit in the team. Where is there no action against KP? Why is the ECB quiet?

Posted by   on (September 10, 2012, 16:01 GMT)

You start playing at 10, you put in 1000s of hours of practice to end up in a national camp for U-13. By the time you reach U-15 your parents are exhausted but persist. U-19 and you push through to national recognition slugging it over other 1000 players who did the exact same thing. You find your national glory against teams that brought players who went through the same rigor in their respective countries. And a "140 characters tweet" spoils it all? Wow. I mean. Wow!!!

Posted by Nerav on (September 10, 2012, 15:58 GMT)

@wablo55 - Agree, what investigation and how comes he gets of so easily when it is well know that this guys is his 'friend'. I think there is defiantly something more to this whole story. I was never really a fan of KP but something doesn't quite add up here. At the end of the day its Englands loss....and one day ECB and english fans will realise as west indies did with Chris Gayle.

Posted by Nerav on (September 10, 2012, 15:46 GMT)

@ liz1558 - I wouldnt go that far - i agree this Indian is not the best but still every team that has toured India has struggled, even when India had below average teams. Also England have always had problems with the local food which im sure will give the home team an advantage ...lol. I Joke...it should be an interesting series. @Ian Burnett - Pakistan has a strong left arm spinner (Ajmal) and not many of the other english bats had much hope against him either. Who else would you clasify as England's best player of spin? Ps. He did smack a few around in the IPL, I know its 20/20 but still, no one in else in England can score like he can...something u need in India.

Posted by bumsonseats on (September 10, 2012, 15:35 GMT)

perhaps george just for the sake of a story which could have been put on the back burner for the sake of harmony on this never ending saga. but there again you are part of the british press and fact and a good story have never gone hand in hand.

Posted by Snick_To_Backward_Point on (September 10, 2012, 15:03 GMT)

Ernest Hand "And the WICB must be pleased to discover that they are not the only cricket board in international cricket that is unable to inject the correct man-management into their national teams." hmm. I mean it;s not like Australia have had trouble with players like Symonds in the past or ridiculous man management and poor selection policies is it? Yup you;ll see a caricature of the Ashes urn in a magazine somewhere - about the closest you;ll get to the real thing for at least the next 5 years I fancy.

Posted by Fan1969 on (September 10, 2012, 14:41 GMT)

The South African mole - "KP" is active again. de Villiers was unable to capture the ODI crown from England while KP was silent. NOW KP is let lose on England again to destroy the team morale and claim the T20 No. 1 slot.

SA strategy is awesome, they will rule cricket for probably as long as Australia and WI did in the past.

And to think England was being touted as an all time great team.

SA trusts India to hammer the ODI coffin as England should get blanked 5-0 for the 3rd successive time in India.

Posted by NGMC on (September 10, 2012, 14:24 GMT)

I don't really agree that England keeping KP in the side will damage the team's performance because he is divisive. He has always had that effect because of the character he is. Cricket may be a team sport but it's also a very individual sport and having his individual skill in the side makes England stronger than the increased harmony will as a result of his absence. Keeping him gives England the best chance of winning. Of course you could accept that winning is not the only goal. I personally would like the more ruthless approach of keeping him in, but maybe that's because I am too competitive for my own good!

Posted by zoot on (September 10, 2012, 14:04 GMT)

The ECB should just tell all the players involved to stop it and move on. Pietersen has been childish but so have quite a few other England players. It is not helpful for the captain of the England T20 side (Stuart Broad) to put out statements like they don't need Pietersen to win the WT20 cup.

Posted by wablo55 on (September 10, 2012, 13:57 GMT)

Mr Dobell - would it be possible to elaborate on the details of the 'ESPNcricinfo investigation [that] also exonerated Broad'? Very intriguing....

Posted by Selassie-I on (September 10, 2012, 13:50 GMT)

What happened to closed doors....? where is this info coming from and can't we leave it alone until the team sort out a resoultion whatever it may be. Either way I'm happy, if KPs not in the team again then it gives us a chance to rebuild with a new batting core and skipper in the team. All this rubbish about England being hopeless without Kp is, well, rubbish; yes, he's been in fine form for the last year but before that how many people were calling from him to be dropped?! @SamonandTrout, what about all of the money used for Keiswetter at Somerset's academy? and all the wages paid for these foregin born players in the counties? The time Ashley Giles spent with Trott that he himself said changed his career(and the numbers support too) Does this count for nothing? Surely there is a reason these players don't want to play for their country of birth, and that's something that CSA should address, no the ECB.

Posted by 2.14istherunrate on (September 10, 2012, 12:48 GMT)

If England go to India without KP they will be back to being the second most boring side in the world, without the excuse NZ might have, playing flat dull cricket; no adventure from the batsmen-Bell at 4 is not the same as Bell at 5 behind KP and is not right for the position and Bairstow is not ready for it though he might be in 2 years or so,- and unlikely to be unless Morgan ups his form suddenly. The bowling with the speed limits imposed on it is going to look like circa 1999 when Mullally was strutting his stuff and lack any sort of personality or charisma though Anderson and Swann would say they are big characters- and Swann's Tweets about m-in-law's lasagne do miracles to ensure that we are all wrapt in his personalit.And apart from Prior's batting which is fun we are going to want a lot of caffeine to stay awake for England's performance.Jeez what a future in store, and next they'll bring in the spinless wonder-Briggs- to cap it all.Heeeeelllllppppp!!!!

Posted by 200ondebut on (September 10, 2012, 12:09 GMT)

This all goes to support my long held view that KP is not the problem - the problem is Broad/Swann/Anderson. It is interesting that a lot of the negative comments about KP are based upon the paradoy account - perhaps KP should sue for defamation. Braod/Swann/Anderson will then have to answer under oath whether they contributed either directly or indirectly.

Posted by Hira1 on (September 10, 2012, 12:07 GMT)

@JG2704.. I reiterate ECB should have asked SA board to reveal the content of the text and took his decision then and there..if they have done that scenario would have been quite different. Secondly I was referring to media men of the local press who were against KP few weeks back but now even I saw lines like "in T20 KP is irreplaceable" so a twist in the approach is quite visible. Further, is there any single person (except Broad) in any part of the world think that England can win the T20 cup or can even reach the semi final without KP and where do they see them only if he is included?. Once Eng will loose the cup where you see Broad position in the T20 team? and after India series once can easily see that Eng will be looking for another coach.when things are this much crystal clear then why aggravate this issue which honestly has no basis, KP will sooner or later in the side as he has not done any thing that ECB can ban him for ever but by that time the damage might already be done

Posted by YorkshirePudding on (September 10, 2012, 12:04 GMT)

@Jester01, I suspect this is a leak from the KP camp, through indirect means, however it also sounds like KP just trying to deflect attention from his real aims, that being a T20 freelancer...@Yevghenny, thats a straw man object, England lost the first test against SA by a massive margin, drew the second test and lost the third test in a thrilling run chase, which they almost pulled off.

Posted by KurtZWilliams on (September 10, 2012, 12:03 GMT)

The question is how in the world this became public? Obviously someone is leaking something somewhere? Or did the ECB release a press statement that we all missed. More and more you begin to understand KPs frustration here.

Posted by bumsonseats on (September 10, 2012, 11:30 GMT)

george was on the sky pundit show earlier this summer. i think there was an inkling of what was to come. you could tell whos side george took from the other 3. and so it came to pass, GD is a kp man so he seems that he can do no wrong. i would like to find out were his information come from. if its an inside job as kp says then spill the beans, as all this tittle tattle seems to eminate from george

Posted by thebarmyarmy on (September 10, 2012, 11:30 GMT)

Bring in Bairstow & Dont look back.

Posted by Kentheavenonearth on (September 10, 2012, 11:20 GMT)

Oh dear, that's it then. Thanks Mr Mole-Bailey for ending a swashbuckling No 1 era in Test cricket. I'm now pinning my hopes on Kieswetter and Belly to keep/take us top till real World Cup Final (anyone can win 'T20World' on their cut short day, even Ireland -but 20s great for whiteballs into a balmy night on the coast at Hove).

Posted by SpizenFire on (September 10, 2012, 11:17 GMT)

This is good entertainment until the T20 WC starts!! Bottom line, its lucrative professional cricket v/s ECB. Unless ECB can offer some league which can attract best international players to participate, it will continue to have such episodes. Cricket is a team game and no player/players are above it. KPs time will go and the same for Anderson, Swann, Broad. ECB will end up fielding mediocre teams as they do not seem to have facility to handle special players. Special players are exciting for the game as they make the game worth watching no matter how much the odds are. Perhaps in this age, it is expected of all cricket boards to manage special talents as this makes the game very exciting for fans to watch, play and boast!! How Engands national team composition invites comments from round the globe is intriguing. Fan following across boundaries v/s national sensitivity for teams. Interesting .....

Posted by Charlie101 on (September 10, 2012, 11:08 GMT)

I thought the discussions were all going to be behind closed doors according to Alastair Cook and am disapointed that we are hearing from both sides again in the press. I guess it will be sorted out one way or another when the test squad for India is announced but it does look like KP's test career is over which is a huge loss to the cricket world.

Posted by liz1558 on (September 10, 2012, 11:05 GMT)

@ Nerav - come on, as a Test team this India side is the worst since the mid 60s. England may be a fairly average sort of side, but India are a fairly poor one. The only successful touring sides in India over the past 40 years have won on the back of fast bowling - Gillespie, McGrath, Steyn, Marshall, Holding, Roberts, and for England, Neil Foster (would you believe?), Botham, Willis, JK Lever. Anyhow, time will tell. 2-1 (at least).

Posted by   on (September 10, 2012, 11:04 GMT)

Ancient wisdom: "When the captain has trouble with the crew, he works it off on the boy". Also, "When two squabble, it's rarely the fault of one". England's troubles are far deeper and more serious than being limited to one, lone individual...

Posted by bobmartin on (September 10, 2012, 11:00 GMT)

Anyone who's complaining that England are losing because Pietersen is not in the team, then that's another thing we can blame Pietersen for.. After all, he was the one who brought shame onto himself through his actions. What should the ECB have done.. simply swept it under the carpet just because of who he is ?

Posted by Jester01 on (September 10, 2012, 10:55 GMT)

Like a few other comments before me, you've got to wonder... Where is this coming from? I thought this was "behind closed doors". So tell us Mr Dobell are you peeping through the window, while they are busy having all of these so called "secret meetings"... ?

Posted by   on (September 10, 2012, 10:54 GMT)

@Nerav...why all of a sudden is Pietersen thought to be the best player of spin England have ? His problems against left arm spinners over the years and his last winter tour against Pakistans spinners doesn't exactly support that theory.

Posted by   on (September 10, 2012, 10:14 GMT)

....guess england team will be crushed by the team which u think is 10% stronger than bangladesh......winning on pitches prepared for u is no big deal....remember u looked a team 5% better than ur neighbours ireland when u played south africa.....go to india...win the series(may ur dream come true) and then come back commenting on how strong sub continent teams are

Posted by Nerav on (September 10, 2012, 10:08 GMT)

@ liz1558 - 'a side 10% better that Bangladesh' lol is that why cooks men lost 5-0 in the ODI series last time England were there. Realistically England have no chance without KP - he's the only one in the english set up that can play spin. And you know India are going have pitches to suit them (like all teams do) so the ball is really going to turn.

Posted by 158notout on (September 10, 2012, 9:54 GMT)

It goes on and on. I am getting rather tired of wading through dozens of comments from Indian fans who seem to forget that we can win away and we can do it without KP and that our bowling attack has been the main catalyst for much of our good performances. Where it has come down to the batting it has often been Cook, Trott and to a lesser extent Bell who has brought the victory home. Sure, KP has contributed as well but only as part of a TEAM. In no way have his performances over the past 3 years carried England at all, not any more than any other player. Please, unless you have something constructive to say then perhaps think twice before posting more drivel.

Posted by SpizenFire on (September 10, 2012, 9:44 GMT)

Wonder what all the coaches and support staff do, if not analyse the opposition weaknesses as part of their jobs? ppl out there are belittling the jobs of support staff by giving weightage to KPs case. For anyone to take KPs comments seriously (even if they are true), is to implicitly say .... its not the comments but the act. And if its the act, then cricket history is full of events/incidents where players for opposing teams socialise and discuss cricket. On field, off field, during the series, after and before. So, my thoughts respecting all other professionals involved in cricket is, this is about personal problems between a set of players. And majority of the lot have targeted KP for their reasons. But eventually the majority have held English cricket to ransom and deprived fans of good, exciting cricket. Who serves better!!!

Posted by SamonandTrout on (September 10, 2012, 9:33 GMT)

@StJohn I think the question of playing or emigrating to other countries as a professional is more complicated than you imagine. Specifically there is a question to be asked as to what responsibility these player, such as Kp, trot, Kieswetter, have to give a return for the investment that was made in them through the junior and different age levels by their original countries. Academies, competitions, junior coaching and so forth, that developed them as the players they are, all cost money...is it morally fair for England to benefit from investments that South Africa have made into sporting infrastructure, both tangible and and otherwise. Especially when you consider the financial resource difference between the nations. The same question arises when first world countries poach much needed doctors, engineers and nurses from the third world.

Posted by yorkshirematt on (September 10, 2012, 9:26 GMT)

@vtxtemp Fair enough. I'm sure our cricketers and footballers can live without your "support". However, may I point out that Murray is scottish, therefore dislikes the english as much as you!

Posted by Yevghenny on (September 10, 2012, 9:25 GMT)

Sure, Pietersen is a master bat but if he is bringing down the harmony of the team & indirectly their performance then remove him ============= England got to number 1 in all 3 formats with Pietersen in the side, and since he hasn't been in the side the batting has been found out to lack leadership and the ability to take on bowlers and put pressure back on them. There is no proof whatsoever that Pietersen being in the team is detrimental to results, but there is mounting evidence that him NOT being in the side severely weakens England

Posted by JG2704 on (September 10, 2012, 9:08 GMT)

@SurlyCynic on (September 09 2012, 00:47 AM GMT) Perhaps , but then again if it wasn't for your countrymen betraying KPs trust none of this would ever have got out. Please publish - nothing untrue here.

Posted by JG2704 on (September 10, 2012, 9:08 GMT)

@palla.avinash on (September 09 2012, 05:28 AM GMT) Obviously you could be right about other England players being jealous of him and maybe the way he has flaunted how brilliant IPL is to those who weren't picked did rub them up the wrong way - it probably would anyone. However it was KP himself who retired from shorter formats and KP who has sent derogatory texts to SA players about fellow English player(s). So who else is to blame besides KP? These guys are accused - weeks later - by KP of a separate issue and if guilty they should also be punished , but let's have it right here - no other English player is accused (even by KP) of sending derogatory texts to SA players , which is what he is being exiled for - please publish this time

Posted by JG2704 on (September 10, 2012, 9:07 GMT)

@Trickstar on (September 09 2012, 22:02 PM GMT) I'm all for fair treatment and I thought ECB were really harsh with him for fining him for what he said about Knight. Obviously if Swann and Jimmy are the only people who know about certain things that were posted on the Twitter account then it becomes a different matter but it seems strange that 2 of the guys who are known not to get on with him would know something about him which no one else does. I would be interested to know if anyone on here would know what inside information KP is on about? It's just that I see alot of empty words from KP without any real substance. And regardless , it doesn't take away from what KP has done and if rumours are true and the texts were about Strauss (maybe others also) then Strauss has nothing to do with the Jimmy/Swann/Clique

Posted by JG2704 on (September 10, 2012, 9:07 GMT)

@Trickstar ctd - Re IPL , Part of that comment was aimed at another poster who said players were jealous of him playing IPL. On the article KP mentioned about English Media being jealous of IPL , to me (and probably many others) he came across as extremely vainglorious. Personally I'd like to see them all patch things up but I don't see that happening. As said previously I can't judge whether he is being treated harshly with his exile or whether it is just or whether he should never play for England again without knowing the content of those texts but I can form an opinion on the matter by the way KP avoided the issue when ECB wanted to question him etc.

Posted by JG2704 on (September 10, 2012, 9:06 GMT)

@Hira1 on (September 10 2012, 01:24 AM GMT) Is it just the ECB who is dragging this issue out? I mean an example was that ECB wanted to talk to KP about the texts and KP did not come forward - so who is delaying things there? KP has not (to my knowledge) denied the texts/content so how can ECB be accused one way or the other of giving/not giving him the benefit of the doubt. If KP was denying it etc then accusing ECB of not giving him the benefit of the doubt would be fine , but I've not read one article where he has denied what he is accused of. Re Swann , I'm not sure if ECB have spoken to him and re Broad as I have said several times , Broad came forward straight away when ECB wanted to talk to him. Even ESPN said they did an investigation and cleared Broad. So that's the difference is that Broad gave his version of events and KP didn't.

Posted by JG2704 on (September 10, 2012, 9:06 GMT)

@Hira1 on (September 10 2012, 01:24 AM GMT) ctd Agreed that KP is headline news and England will miss him - esp in the shorter formats - but I disagree with you that the more England lose the more KP's popularity grows. The fact is that he has split opinion down the middle with some saying he should be recalled straight away (regardless of what the content was in the texts) , some saying he should be outed for good (again regardless of what the content was in the texts) . And some - like myself - saying it should depend on the content of the texts and if KP makes peace/regains trust of with those he has offended. Personally I'd like to see him back in the side etc but can't see it happening now

Posted by JG2704 on (September 10, 2012, 9:06 GMT)

@ satish619chandar on (September 10 2012, 03:22 AM GMT) Out of interest , could it not be someone on KP's side who has leaked this to the press?

Posted by Wharfeseamer on (September 10, 2012, 9:05 GMT)

Chesty-la-roux.... I agree 100%. Bullying/Harassment in the workplace is serious and should be taken seriously and properly investigated....... How do you know it is not being?

Posted by Wharfeseamer on (September 10, 2012, 9:00 GMT)

Clearly England misses a player of KP's talent. That is without doubt. But you can't keep picking people regardless of how they behave. What message does that send? (and not just KP BTW, there are some other infantile self absorbed personalities in that squad).

The situation is a shambles though and needs to be drawn to a close soon, one way or another. England can then move forward.

Posted by liz1558 on (September 10, 2012, 8:51 GMT)

It's hard to see a future for KP in the England team; he wants to play but not in every game, whilst the management want him available for every game. If he decides not to play for England, he will make more money and may get all the adulation he craves from various T20 tournaments than he ever would from playing for England. However, he's no fool and he knows that true cricketing immortality is only found in the Test arena, and that status is what he craves more than anything else: to join Warne, Murali, McGrath, Tendulkar, et al at the highest table. It depends on whether those 3 lions tattooed on his arm are merely skin deep. He made that commitment to England himself - no one forced him to. Either way, with or without KP, the tour of India, against a side that is about 10% stronger than Bangladesh, will pass by victoriously for England. 3-1 with KP, 2-1 without him.

Posted by Wharfeseamer on (September 10, 2012, 8:46 GMT)

Kwa Zulu Natal, Nottinghamshire, Hampshire, England. This man has left every team he has played for in acrimonious circumstances. He hasn't even managed to stay with an IPL team for too long and has had 3 already. Misunderstood cricketing genius or self absorbed over-tired spoilt kid?

Posted by alikhan224 on (September 10, 2012, 7:44 GMT)

Well the kind of player he is, there should not be any doubt that on his abilities, no one can doubt that he should be in the english team...but the kind of arrogant attitude he has, i would not want him to be playing even in the county cricket matches...such a character he is...i would have loved to hear the news that he is not included in the upcoming series, as the players like him must be given lessons, but when i came to know that it will be india that england will be facing in Nov, then i surely feel that pietersen MUST be in the team as he knows those conditions better from any other english cricketer and its only him who can really put up a challenge to the indian bowlers and single handedly win matches for his team in india...and who knows england repeats 4-0 white wash again to the indians on their home grounds..this will also provide terrific opportunity for KP to perform out of the way and shut his critics up and the ppl he hates..so pietersen is a MUST for indian tour.

Posted by StJohn on (September 10, 2012, 7:27 GMT)

@SCC08: you're effectively saying is that KP, Trott etc "aren't really English", and therefore they shouldn't be on the England team, or it is somehow unfair that the England team benefits from their talents. This sounds rather like linking "nationality" to blood and birthplace. It is also like saying that people shouldn't be allowed to emigrate and seek a better life for themselves by becoming citizens of, and working in, other countries. This is a dangerous path to contemplate, even implicitly, and reflects weak reasoning.

Posted by v_singh on (September 10, 2012, 7:21 GMT)

it seems that after KP-Flower meeting, KP got it that he would never ever be able to make it back to English team (hez 32 and probably another 3 yrs left to play for the English). Hence, before leaving officially for ever, he has decided to go towards an all out war against whom he perceives as the main trouble makers. If ECB/Flower (under media pressure) are serious about team discipline, then these players may have a hard time too - it would not look nice to let such offenders walk off free without punishment, which may lead to such incidents increasing in future (venting anger/frustation against anybody more popluar at the world stage or with a different personality that is not acceptable to the "current offenders")...

Posted by Chesty-la-roux on (September 10, 2012, 7:06 GMT)

All posters calling for Pietersen to be forever exiled would do well to remember that it takes two,(at least) to tango. It beggers belief that pietersen is having to insist upon an investigation being conducted. In any credible, modern, organisation it would go without saying that an impartial and transparent investigation would be carried out at the slightest hint of workplace bullying or harassment, because that is exactly what is being alleged here. It may just be schoolboy pranks and hi jinx to the alleged perpetrators however it is a very serious, matter and must be treated, and seen to be treated, as such by the eCB. I expect that Pietersens next move will be to call in the lawyers, that is exactly what I would be doing if I found myself in a situation where I was suspended from work for raising concerns about the behaviour of another workmate and no action to address my concerns had been taken by my employer. Be worried eCB, be worried swann, anderson et al, be very worried

Posted by bobmartin on (September 10, 2012, 7:04 GMT)

Let's assume for a moment that the ECB reinstate Pietersen..How is this going to play with the other players he has implicated in the twitter affair. Let's say on a matter of principle they decide they can't play with him... Would bringing Pietersen back be worth losing three or four of the other top players for.

Posted by   on (September 10, 2012, 7:02 GMT)

come on KP, please apologize unconditionally and ECB needs to understand his behaviour and forgive him. It will be a shame if KP is not a part of the england team touring India. He is the best player in England by miles who can win you test matches single handedly.

Posted by   on (September 10, 2012, 5:33 GMT)

Where has this story come from? There are no quotations in it. Headline reads 'Pietersen names Twitter Suspects' but I don't see anything to back this up.

Posted by himohan007 on (September 10, 2012, 5:25 GMT)

One thing for sure in KP and Gayle saga.Gayle was back to WI though WICB did't want him, it was continuous pressure from WI fans to see Galye back in the team. But it is opposite in KP's case.The English fans are jealous of him being loved by Indians.

Posted by himohan007 on (September 10, 2012, 5:16 GMT)

Cut the crap KP. Join Commentry Box of WT20, join BBL, continue IPL and show the ECB & their fans and show them who you are and how you are loved by all over the world.

Posted by Crick.lover on (September 10, 2012, 4:56 GMT)

So far I see nobody asking George Dobell where he got this information from..........unless cricinfo are just not posting the query!!! I haven't seen this story in any other paper and am very interested if this is another leak or if KP is talking out of turn. If it is a leak, then there does seem to be a conspiracy going on against him.

Posted by satish619chandar on (September 10, 2012, 3:22 GMT)

Again happens. Who leaked this to the press and why they selectively leak KPs statement alone? What was the response of Mr.Andy, the god of English cricket to the apology and defense of Mr.KP in their meet? As i already maintained, WICB handling of Gayle was far more better than ECB handling KP. Atleast the WICB were clear in what they wanted to get Gayle back to the field. A public apology did the job. ECB has no respect to KP and are simply tring out various method to defuse his public image. If ECB want to get rid of KP entirely, why not declare in the public? Now i clearly understand "How tough it is being KP"..

Posted by balajik1968 on (September 10, 2012, 2:04 GMT)

Curiouser and Curiouser. ECB really need to get to the bottom of this. If Pietersen is wrong, end his career. If he is right, take action against the other players. As everyone here is fond of saying, nobody is bigger than the game, not KP, not Swann, not Anderson. The ECB should also investigate what Flower and Strauss knew. If I remember right, Anderson was the first to say good riddance. Prior emerges with some credit. I don't recall something so sordid, not even in the chaos of Indian and Pakistani cricket during the height ofthe match fixing scandal.

Posted by Hira1 on (September 10, 2012, 1:24 GMT)

@JG2704 what I wrote in my comment is the more ECB drag this issue the more it gets complicated, whether you like it or not KP issue is getting more coverage then all other cricketing event whether its Stauss 100th match, strauss resignation, England loosing number 1 status or results of T20 matches. the more England loose the more KP become popular and now even those press who were not supporting KP all are raising voices to call KP back in the side as he is still not out of picture. The point here is KP is not apologetic and my point is either ECB could prove him guilty by officially req SA to disclose the content and revealing it publicly or give him also the benefit of doubt by clearing him based on the official statement of SA and KP like they did so in case of Swann and Broad. KP to be honest will be very happy not to tour India now and go for full IPL and Big bash season and then wait for the results of these matches.I can very well see ECB is lot more pressure in coming days.

Posted by Akshita29 on (September 10, 2012, 1:03 GMT)

Its the end of Kevin's international career . He is a fool , stupid . Had he kept quiet for now ,he would have been back to the england team and prove himself on the field. But he had placed his ego above his international career. I am really sad . I am going to miss your batting Kp.

Posted by RodStark on (September 10, 2012, 0:40 GMT)

It may be doubtful whether England are truly number one in any of the three playing formats, but now that even Pakistan and West Indies seem to be getting themselves sorted out, England are definitely now unchallenged as number one in immature behavior and turning their team into a laughing stock and a ridiculous soap opera--and I'm an England fan! Time to grow up!

Posted by   on (September 10, 2012, 0:30 GMT)

India, crush England Love Pakistan.

Posted by vxttemp on (September 10, 2012, 0:25 GMT)

@jaykdane81 - you are right. Even I was happy to see Eng winning ashes. But as soon they reached no-1, their commentators, media was all thinking like they are Clive llyod Windies and went too far. I knew they will be brought back to earth.I'm having fun too.. I used to support their soccer team and Andy Murray.. But nah not anymore.

Posted by bigwonder on (September 9, 2012, 23:37 GMT)

@jaykdane81, I agree, England had a very short-lived to the top test ranking. KP is a fine player and ECB never knew how to handle his personality. Any new age manager will tell you that management strategy has to be catered to a personality and not to generalize everyone under one umbrella. I heard 5wombats is hibernating and will be back in next 10-20 years when England may again start winning series on their own turf.

Posted by kensohatter on (September 9, 2012, 23:15 GMT)

Seriously grow up.... This is a saga for primary school not an elite level sports team. Mummy the other boys are picking on me they are saying nasty things so i became friends with those in another spelling group. No wonder the England team has failed to create a no.1 aura similiar to that of australia and the west indies. Most teams would be struggling not to laugh when on the pitch against these muppets... bring on the ashes...

Posted by Rahulbose on (September 9, 2012, 22:52 GMT)

With Strauss gone it is even more important that Eng never allow KP to see the inside of an Eng dressing room. I wonder who the next Captain will be.

Posted by Trickstar on (September 9, 2012, 22:02 GMT)

@JG2704 Not sure what you mean by keep quiet, this isn't Pietersen saying something out in the public, this again seems to be another leek between 'private' meetings. If he feels he has been wronged and the people are laughing behind his back and getting away with it why shouldn't he want fair treatment seen as how strict the ECB have been with him, especially if he's said things that only Swann & Anderson will have known then it pops up on twitter, what should he think. By the way, KP was talking about the journalists/media of England are jealous of the IPL, due to the amount of negative press they print about it, not the players or public. He confirmed this and has even gone to lengths saying he can't believe the likes of Swann and Anderson haven't been picked to play when so many second rate Aussies are playing, he's actively pushed for their inclusion seen as they all go up for the auction. I agree it's confusing where we only seem to be getting one side of the story almost.

Posted by yorkshirematt on (September 9, 2012, 21:55 GMT)

@ottawarocks England plus Pietersen minus the shenanigans also equals India thrashing England!

Posted by 2.14istherunrate on (September 9, 2012, 21:27 GMT)

@ Nicholas Hughes- nice toi see you have a rudimentary education and can spell' team'. Countdown though is where you need to go with that sort of observation, and they do like you to come up with longer words if possible.I also noticed that 'side' has an I in it. In anycase e is the most popular vowel followed by e. And many many words do not contain an i.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 21:22 GMT)

@njr1330 India should import KP as he doesn't get contract from ECB for 2012/13...I am sure he will be more than happy!!!

Posted by OttawaRocks on (September 9, 2012, 21:21 GMT)

England minus KP plus the shenanigans equals India thrashing England in the upcoming series. Looking forward to it.

Posted by bluebigally on (September 9, 2012, 21:20 GMT)

jaykdane81. What you say may or nor may not be correct, but it has nothing to do with the KP issue. But you've got to bleat. Sad, sad, sad.

Posted by jaykdane81 on (September 9, 2012, 21:02 GMT)

Well, Nasser and Botham and the Barmies all got carried away when England managed to reach the top of the rankings... It was all too short-lived. Me, being an Indian fan, I was very happy for the Brits when they took the Ashes, but I regret that coz I saw too much boastfulness and arrogance in the team and their fans... Even the Aussies in all their pomp were respectful to opponents... Glad that they have been brought to earth... Music to my ears!! Now I miss 5wombats, someone heard what he's been up to?

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 20:56 GMT)

Why is this public? If it's going to come to a choice between KP and Swann+Anderson, then it's goodbye for ever KP, don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 20:39 GMT)

@ njr1330. interesting and informative, please for my sake , go on.

Posted by JG2704 on (September 9, 2012, 20:33 GMT)

I'm disappointed with the whole thing. I was hoping that KP was going along the right roads by keeping quiet , beginning to admit his mistakes and maybe apologise to those he was offending. To me this is straw clutching from a desperate man. Obviously I could be proven wrong in which case I would be as disappointed with Swann and Jimmy but why , suddenly is he making these accusations? Re "The account, which suggested Pietersen was vainglorious and obsessed by money" - does this mean the account holder had inside information ? I'm sorry but many people would have come to exactly the same conclusion just by reading stories started by him on these sites. Read "England 'jealous' of IPL - Pietersen" story or even just the headline. ESPN please publish - if not post something on here to explain why not

Posted by JG2704 on (September 9, 2012, 20:32 GMT)

@jimmy2s on (September 09 2012, 13:39 PM GMT) When you say "so many English fans" - you mean one English fan who was responding to another poster?

Posted by JG2704 on (September 9, 2012, 20:32 GMT)

@Hira1 on (September 09 2012, 06:52 AM GMT) How many times do I have to write this? Broad was so far the only person who has been questioned re the Twitter thing. Now whether he is as guilty as sin or as innocent as the day is long , the one thing Broad did was fully cooperate (with no delay) with ECBs enquiries. Now if KP had given any version of events from his side and ECB did not believe him but believed Broad then you may have a point. Fact is (if ESPN's reporting is accurate) KP was given extra time before naming the 3rd test squad to explain the texts. He did not do so. If you were neutrally investigating a matter and one person came forward straight away while another stayed clear what would your instinct tell you? Re apologies - what do the other Eng players need to apologise for? I've still not heard a proper apology from KP?

Posted by JG2704 on (September 9, 2012, 20:31 GMT)

@Meety on (September 09 2012, 10:20 AM GMT) My comms on KP seem to be unworthy , even though I haven't said KP should never play again or that he should be reinstated straight away. If my comms get published it will explain my thoughts. If not - re Swann , are we talking about the comms he made in his book? If so , one difference is that what he did was out in the open rather than in a cowardly distrustful manner. I don't know what was said in the Twitter account but if it was basically just saying/intimating at KP being vainglorious/obsessed by money - then surely you or I could have said something along those lines having no insight whatsoever. Also is that not true of the man? Please publish this time.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 20:27 GMT)

There's no "I" in team. Neither is there "K" and "P".

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 19:44 GMT)

Who cares, if players dont get on in the dressing room, you win matches on the field not in the dressing room. Come back KP! true England cricket fans miss you.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 19:27 GMT)

Dying to watch KP back in action...He is a real cricket entertainer..

Posted by npc_cricketlover on (September 9, 2012, 19:23 GMT)

@ njr1330 please go on with the list.....but am sure ur list of imports is going to be leading with foreign to england(atleast 70% of such)....there is nothing to hide or to cover from the fact england has such list of players...

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 18:39 GMT)

As a whole-hearted Aussie supporter, I am thrilled to hear of the latest developments in the KP saga. And the WICB must be pleased to discover that they are not the only cricket board in international cricket that is unable to inject the correct man-management into their national teams. Come September 2013, the Ashes will be back where they belong - DOWN UNDER !

Posted by indiarox4ever on (September 9, 2012, 18:15 GMT)

This marriage is on the rocks so is the legacy...........

Posted by hhillbumper on (September 9, 2012, 18:12 GMT)

to be fair it was a great account.Time Pietersen left for good as he has always been a good batsman but poor team player.Bye KP

Posted by MainCulprit on (September 9, 2012, 17:48 GMT)

Somebody gonna get hurt, Real bad!!!!!

Posted by njr1330 on (September 9, 2012, 17:35 GMT)

'Ravi Kiran' says England can only become No.1 by importing players...nobody else would dream of doing that, would they? Er...Robin Singh - Trinidad to India; Kruger van Wyk - SA to NZ; Brendan Julian - NZ to Aus; Brendan Nash - Aus to WI; Imran Tahir - Pak to SA; John Traicos - Zim to SA; Kepler Wessels - SA to Aus (and back!); Dean Brownlie - Aus to NZ; Usman Khawaja - Pak to Aus; Moises Henriques - Portugal to Aus! Dav Whatmore - Sri Lanka (Ceylon) to Aus ... need I go on !!

Posted by Adeel9 on (September 9, 2012, 16:50 GMT)

Wow, this would probably go down in the history books as "The Great English Tantrum of 2012"

Posted by steve_mcking1 on (September 9, 2012, 16:50 GMT)

Even if matters are resolved and he is reinstated in the team, I can't see there being a cordial team environment, especially when names and accusations are being thrown about in a very public way. This is the end of his international career.

Posted by Adeel9 on (September 9, 2012, 16:44 GMT)

Someone should make a movie or musical on this.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 16:37 GMT)

All said and done the English board and fans would love to have KP tour India and dump him there after. If they think they can play well without him let them prove it in India - rake up 500+ scores without Pietersen, then the world shall accept the English have the class.

Posted by yorkshirematt on (September 9, 2012, 16:37 GMT)

@hertza Please expain. I fail to see what you think I'm "joking" about, but if you know of an instance where anything like this has ever occurred in county cricket then please enlighten me (my point was that this nonsense never happens in county cricket)

Posted by AF2199 on (September 9, 2012, 16:28 GMT)

After all this blame game I seriously wonder Pietersen can be in the team again. As a human being I can never be comfortable with someone who is accusing me/ or the one I feel is making fun of me all the time or conspiring against me to put me in the bad books of fans. I cant see them playing together in future and if they do it will be devastating for the English Cricket.

Posted by JG2704 on (September 9, 2012, 16:12 GMT)

@Jim1207 on (September 09 2012, 08:40 AM GMT) - I half agree with your post in that none of us know exactly what was said in those texts so none of us should be able to call it as to whether KP should be outed for good, immediately reinstated or temporarily exiled (which is where it is right now). However , re "Innocent until proven guilty" - well hasn't KP admitted or as good as admitted he sent derogatory texts on Eng player(s) , when ECB asked him to explain the texts and he did not come forward. Obviously it could be that he was totally innocent but in that case would KP or anyone for that matter not deny it all? If he is innocent then he is really stupid not coming forward to try and clear his name.

Posted by Burbon on (September 9, 2012, 16:10 GMT)

When I see this Saga unfolding it reminds me of what happened to Chris Gayle and the WICB...What the ECB and Andy Flower have to ask themselves is, when the high standards of England's cricket dips (because they chose to keep their best player out) , will the fans be as forgiving as West-Indian fans are.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 15:37 GMT)

Remind me, who was man of the series in last T20 World Cup?

Posted by SRRY on (September 9, 2012, 15:37 GMT)

The Chris Gayle of England. Tho' Chris is a lot nicer.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 15:34 GMT)

@jimmy2s. You can add Irishman Morgan's name to the list.

Posted by AnotherCricketFan on (September 9, 2012, 15:15 GMT)

@MARTIN - But we, the REAL FANS, want him to be in the Team and have a decent chance of winning some tests/ODIs and T20s.

Hope you watched the T20 with SA recently.

Posted by bumsonseats on (September 9, 2012, 15:06 GMT)

jimmys2 as they say every dog has its day. we had our moment. its the aussies time

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 14:23 GMT)


Kevin who? What world cup? You'll be telling me there was secretly another Ashes between 2005 and 2009, next! And that England lost that one or something. Pfft.

Posted by mahjut on (September 9, 2012, 14:12 GMT)

@harriet marlow ... not sure. although i have not seen the comment you refer to, a lot of saffers who have moved on from safrica (cricketwise) have very dutch/germanic sounding names.

Posted by mosbourne1 on (September 9, 2012, 14:08 GMT)

to be honest I don't think it really matters whether KP is the best in the team or not, the most important thing is its a TEAM, not an individual sport..I have lost all respect for KP because he seems to be putting himself before the team..ever since this scandal or whatever it is has come to light the form of England has deteriorated..KP doesn't seem to care much for this!! Very sad..along with talent comes responsibility..and also respect..its all part of the game..!

This is cricket fro goodness sake..!!

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 14:00 GMT)

sorry KP you are a good player but you must choose Eng. over IPL. when you are retired at 34-35 yrs you can play with IPL for 2-3+ yrs. A WI FAN

Posted by applethief on (September 9, 2012, 13:39 GMT)

I'm not entirely sure why so many English fans are using Ireland as a benchmark to make fun of the Aussies... its almost like they've forgotten the name "Kevin O'Brien" and their sorry world cup campaign

Posted by WC96QF on (September 9, 2012, 13:33 GMT)

KP can hardly be blamed for reacting angrily for comments which he thot are coming from team mates. there can be no smoke without fire. its perfectly understandable if some team mates are turned off by KP and his attitude. but to get into such pranks is really irresponsible. i hope ECB does realise its only that : a prank which has gotten out of hand. After all, they hv to remember the big picture : Peitersen is the most talented batsman to have played for England in several decades. Ashes 2005 wud not hv been won without him. Nor wud Eng have occupied, however briefly, the Test No.1 spot. Winning T20WC in 2010, (the only ICC silverware in England's cupboard !!) wud hve been impossible without KP. Ultimately, the onus is on the board to rise to the ocassion and manage to bring back their star player into the team.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 13:28 GMT)

Such talented players like KP does not need to present themselves with childish like immature as being displayed in this episode. What a waste. KP you do not need that as your legacy..Man it is time to save the rest of what is left and move on right or left, forward or backward (do not stop here).

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 13:27 GMT)


Posted by heathrf1974 on (September 9, 2012, 13:06 GMT)

Some English players need to realise the importance of representing their country and the responsibilities they need to adhere to. What is occurring is very disrespectful to the history of English cricket.

Posted by dabhand on (September 9, 2012, 13:05 GMT)

Simple solution for KP - if he has evidence - put it up there, if not - shut up. That way there cannot be double standards, but unsubstantiated allegation don't mean diddly especially as he was joining in on the Twitter account.

Ravi - tired old tune you are parroting there, best change your name to Pretty Polly.

Will England slip below Ireland and Australia - I doubt it, but then I guess RandyOZ would never have thought Australia would sink that far, but of course, now T20s don't count - more double standards ?

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 13:02 GMT)

@Ravi Kiran

To be fair, England did export most of them originally...

Posted by Biggus on (September 9, 2012, 12:58 GMT)

Coming soon, "Kevin Pietersen", the musical.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 12:56 GMT)

KP said recently "It's not easy being me." Well KP it's not easy being us fans, having to put up with this nonsense.

Posted by Jazzbo on (September 9, 2012, 12:36 GMT)

[Posted by Jim1207 on (September 09 2012, 08:40 AM GMT)] Do you not think he undermines his innocence each time he opens his mouth, produces an ill-conceived, self-serving press conference or on-line video?

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 12:35 GMT)

No no no, KP. Sssh. Mouth closed, smile nicely and say "Yes, Mr Flower" We all have to do the same sometimes, when we'd rather scream "IT'S NOT FAIR!" instead.

Posted by bumsonseats on (September 9, 2012, 12:23 GMT)

chrisu. i thought on reading your 1st few words that you were new on here and had taken randys opinions as been of the compassionate nature. then i relized that was not the case. he is a quality poster and a follower of his below par team and has to hide that fact by trying to ridicule a team that has put his to the sword over the last 18 month or so. his t20 side will improve and i think if they beat Pakistan in Mondays game will overtake Ireland as they are better than ireland. arnt they ?

Posted by thegaffoor on (September 9, 2012, 12:12 GMT)

This is bad for England cricket. Perhaps this is one reason why Andrew retired. This is really bad. Stupidity and lunacy of utmost.

Posted by ashes61 on (September 9, 2012, 12:09 GMT)

ALLROUNDCRICKET: From where does your idea come that KP "single-handedly won series"? It's amazing where these stories come from. You''ll have a very difficult task to find a single series, however hard you look! You mention the Oval, 2005. He "won" that series because of the Oval? He scored 172 in that match, Strausss 130 & 2 catches, Flintoff 5 wkts in a wonderful 34 over spell. Where would ENG have been without those contributions do you think? You mention Adelaide, 2010. A "series winning" innings? Did you miss Cook's 148 & 14 Anderson-Swann wkts in that game? "Single-handedly won the series"? Do you think the match-saving contributions of 576 from Strauss, Cook & Trott (KP 43!) helped a little at Brisbane? Or 319 from the same trio against KP's 51 (& 10 wkts from Anderson/ Tremlett) at Melbourne? Would you not think ENG's bowlers helped just a little by taking 20 wkts 3 times for innings victories? KP is just one of half a dozen ENG bats with an average between 40 & 50. That's all

Posted by t20-2007 on (September 9, 2012, 12:02 GMT)

@mikey76.....cant control my laughter abt beating india comment....just a thing dont bother us by bringing the kids (JB ,JT ,RB etc) this winter

Posted by Raw_We on (September 9, 2012, 11:55 GMT)

One thing that hasnt come out in the open is...''Who were the SA players that KP had messaged to?"

Posted by ansram on (September 9, 2012, 11:37 GMT)

Is he a school kid? "momma, the boy next to me pinched me today!!" At a time when he must try to make peace, he is making things much worse for himself.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 11:10 GMT)

All these "can England get any worse" posts must come from delusional Aussies. Riding pretty high in every format at the moment lads. Now where exactly are the Aussies again... let's just take a peek below Ireland and see shall we? LOL

Posted by chrisu on (September 9, 2012, 10:45 GMT)

RandyOz fells things could not get any worse for England. I admire his spirit but I fear things could get worse.We may slip out of top two rankings for each form of the game. If things get really bad we could even fall behind Ireland in the rankings, but I doubt it will come to that.Maybe Australia deserves his sympathy more than England.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 10:45 GMT)

Getting beyond a joke, on KPs part, KP jus damaging his own image pursuing this issue, let it go like his England career

Posted by declaration on (September 9, 2012, 10:38 GMT)

george says it is hard to see a hppy ending to thi saga a very happy ending would i could watch cricket mnnus the posterings of mr peiterson

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 10:34 GMT)

England can become no 1 only by importing players from other countries

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 10:30 GMT)

what shambles ...double standards now who hasnt heard of it !! the slide has started ... no 1 ranking gone ..whitewash in india to follow ...god save the ashes !...

Posted by Afta on (September 9, 2012, 10:26 GMT)

On the one side, I always thought managing KP was always a difficult preposition. Now, since the damage is done, I don't think it will augurs well for the unity of the team. He may be a key member, brilliant player, etc. But at the end of the day we got to look forward. So, ECB and the the rest will decide which is more important. It may be the former. On the other side, Things should be properly investigated and if KP is found guilty or not, he should be compensated well. Sad, that this has to happen on the eve of the T20 world cup (cos he's a brilliant T20 player and also with the Indian tour ahead, he is one guy who can stifle India's positives), he's always a match winner. On a ending note... I never liked the SWITCH HIT, It was always ugly and unfair (to the bowler) So, let's see how ECB is going to hit back the switch hit.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 10:25 GMT)

they should take twitter off him. he's a danger to himself.

Posted by Meety on (September 9, 2012, 10:20 GMT)

@JG2704 - whilst generally I would say I am over the whole KP v ECB fiasco, this is an interesting little development as Swanny has some form in respect of making comments that are dubious about KP. I can't remember how long ago (think it was about 12mths), where he sort of bagged KP. This really is turning into a schoolroom soap opera!

Posted by Aussiesfalling on (September 9, 2012, 10:18 GMT)

Dear George, Though I enjoy reading and listening to what you have to say on all cricket matters, I am keen to know exactly what part of you thought that England cricket would be well served by you running this story when both the ECB and KP feel that these difficult discussion are best carried out behind closed doors?

Posted by AdrianVanDenStael on (September 9, 2012, 10:07 GMT)

If true this is a mistake by Pietersen.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 10:06 GMT)

No Worries KP ,Stick to your Attitude , English Cricket Needs you till that time keep Playing for IPL You Have Fans around the Cricketing World No matter where you Perform , You Will Still Remain the Same KP ...Gayle is the best of Example to follow

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 9:58 GMT)

KP is a fine player and an incredible entertainer but nobody is above the game. He should tone down and try to reconcile with the management. Most of us want him back to entertain us. chow :)

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 9:45 GMT)

Where is ICC now? ICC speaks and take action only on asia team.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 9:45 GMT)

Let's bury this now and play good cricket for god's sake!!

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 9:44 GMT)

Where is ICC now? ICC speaks and take action only on asia team.

Posted by Herath-UK on (September 9, 2012, 9:43 GMT)

ECB should resolve this matter soon one way or other;Pieterson's abscence in Sri Lanka takes away any hope England have defending T20 cup. Ranil Herath - Kent

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 9:41 GMT)

The names of Swann and Anderson should be of no surprise. I personally can't see a compromise, all three (KP as well) have big egos and none will back down. Swann and Anderson despise KP and will do everything in their power ie. stay silent so there can be no more negotiation to keep him away from the team. If KP does come back will they quit instead?

Posted by amitgarg78 on (September 9, 2012, 9:38 GMT)

Here's how this is going to pan out. ECB will force KP to retire early simply because broad , swann and Anderson are the key components of the bowling unit and likely to win games at least in England, where they play more games. That the team are mostly useless outside england, on turning tracks, means that KP alone can't play saviour for too long or for too many games. So he may be the best player but the bowling combo is likely to be a bigger concern.

Justice be damned!

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 9:31 GMT)

Three points: First, it seems unlikely to be the ECB that has "leaked" the demand for an inquiry into Anderson and Swann (although nothing would now be surprising); Second, if KP believes that he can make an inquiry of this sort into a precondition for his return, he really doesn't understand team psychology; Third, on a purely pragmatic plane, if it were a matter of trading one Pietersen for two (perhaps three) of the top bowlers in Test cricket, it might play at the box office, but the effect on results would be devastating. Even if KP were a modern Bradman, averaging 99.94 rather than 49.48, we would never take 20 wickets and always be struggling to draw, as happened against SA at the Oval.

Posted by _Pog_ on (September 9, 2012, 9:31 GMT)

More evidence that Twitter is for twits.

Posted by chamil111 on (September 9, 2012, 9:22 GMT)

i think in near future andy flower will resign from team management and coaching becouse of this saga. Kp is the most intertaining player of team england. I wish he will make his come back with a big blast.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 9:19 GMT)

Its always being double standard with KP, a legend with great talent who came to Britain with greater hopes sadly disappointed by jealousy team mates.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 9:05 GMT)

England decided to invest in foreign talent in the last two decades to achieve results on big stages, and they got it when KP & Kieswetter gave them World T20.

KP was the first one who made it big. England should have known that they need to handle players like KP a little differently, which they failed to do at many instances.

Craig Kieswetter was an U19 African player, Eoin Morgan an Irish regular, Ed Joyce, Jonathan Trott etc etc.

England need to come up with an effective man management plan for these foreign recruits if they want to avoid KP like situation again the dressing room.

Posted by 158notout on (September 9, 2012, 8:59 GMT)

USIndianFan - Flower should accept responsibility for the England record? i think he would be glad to do that. First coach in years to take a team Down Under and thrash the Aussies (albeit not a very good Aussie team), whitewash India at home and in the process become first coach to take england to number one. And be first coach to win a major trophy, even if it is just the T20 one? Yep, he would be pretty pleased to take responsibility for all that. Really you should realise that in all that has happened it has been the TEAM that has stood up, the TEAM that has mattered and not one player. Did you see Cook complaining after the Ashes that he should get special treatment? Or Broad after sending the Indians packing? No.

Posted by Jim1207 on (September 9, 2012, 8:40 GMT)

I wonder if the fans who demand KP to be ousted believe in something universally called "innocent until proven guilty". Lot of people here are commenting with no idea of actual truth or turn of events but obviously very much influenced by tabloid news and sensationalism and call for KP's head without having the need of understanding the problems in both sides. Does justice need to be served only when the person is in your side? What a unholy uprising from people who want justice to be served. Ironically funny.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 8:33 GMT)

Kev , please mate , you are making this much worsre than you need too.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 8:28 GMT)

KP is disgracing himself. Leave it big man. Now this. If anything is proven England are now bound to loose at least one good player. Be it Swann, Anderson or KP himself. But the point is that this thing has been blown out of proportion and now it is looking very ugly. Specially on KP's part.

Posted by lgnandan on (September 9, 2012, 8:26 GMT)

Ban tweeting! That's all left with us

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 8:17 GMT)

one thing that hasnt come out in the open is..."who are the SA players that KP had msgd to?"

Posted by Akshita29 on (September 9, 2012, 8:16 GMT)

But all these were supposed to be done behind the closed doors . How again it got to media? MR dobell plz answer it . Till the negotiations are over these topics should never have been made public.

Posted by ThirteenthMan on (September 9, 2012, 8:15 GMT)

Let us hope his replacement does well and can't be dropped....I have a bad feeling the ECB might have him back if that doesn't happen.

Posted by justtogood on (September 9, 2012, 8:14 GMT)

KEV come back and play for your HOME counrty my mate, SA will have you back and trust me you wont get a better feeling then hammering the POMS.....

Posted by ALLROUNDCRICKET on (September 9, 2012, 8:09 GMT)

I think that KP has been treated Rather Unfarily. A thorough investigation necessitates investigation Both sides, and so far very little has been said about whether the England dressing room have indeed been harsh on him. Surely it would be a fallacy to assume that all the blame lies at one man's door? KP is a legend who has single handedly won series (Ashes 2005 Oval, Adelaide 2010) He is the One Player that England really need if they are to do well in India in the forthcoming test series. It is not surprising that this stature of his, a result of sheer determination, quality and skill, coupled with his popularity in India, Australia and at home as a sheer Match Winner and Game changer among both pundits, doting fans and kids new to the game is likely to cause resentment among others. We need JUSTICE. I for one will not put KP down and believe him to be innocent until proven guilty. Lets not try him through the media. KP - I'm with you.

Posted by JG2704 on (September 9, 2012, 8:06 GMT)

@SCC08 on (September 08 2012, 22:42 PM GMT) It's a fact that 3 of those players played in the last Ashes series and 4 played in the T20WC. Now whether England would have won those 2 events is purely opinion. I'd say we would have won the Ashes - because it was mainly players like Cook and Bell who were performing with the bat and none of the bowlers are of SA descent. Granted we almost certainly wouldn't have won the T20WC without the other 4 , even though our English bowlers ensured we were not chasing big totals. By putting FACT down at the end of each sentence does not make it FACT.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 8:04 GMT)

Someone needs to pass KP a snickers bar... maybe even a whole box full of them.

Posted by kingsmead_mamba on (September 9, 2012, 8:01 GMT)

where is the link to this media statement that he has said this?

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 7:55 GMT)

i thought the discussions between KP and the ECB were to happen behind closed doors? Look i am not a KP supporter but it does seem rather strange that all these negotiations are leaked to the press. I will stand corrected if KP has said this (that he wants Swann and Anderson investigated) publicly, but i haven't seen a public statement.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 7:44 GMT)

Sadly a wasted talent spoilt by an oversized ego and poor eq

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 7:42 GMT)

best solution available for england is to select KP immediately for T20 world cup and for india tour, because he is right now dead serious about playing again for england & only spectators can imagine how thumping will be KP in such type of murderous mood. Also delete all tweeter accounts of england squad members nd coaches with immediate effect & let them start afresh.

Posted by tommytucker on (September 9, 2012, 7:40 GMT)

This is now turning into a comedy act and ECB needs to see the back of him so the team can move on.

After Pietersen launches his 'appeal' against his former teamates, how is he ever going to reconcile if he plays for england. just dont see this happening, KP has managed to dig himself even deeper just when we thought it wastn possible.

Posted by Wallruss on (September 9, 2012, 7:38 GMT)

He just doesn't get it does he; just digs a bigger hole for himself every time he opens his mouth.

Posted by pom_don on (September 9, 2012, 7:35 GMT)

I agree one hundred percent with Greatest_Game write about cricket not about these petty arguments it will be sorted one way or the other without the help or hindrance of journalists.

Posted by hertza on (September 9, 2012, 7:33 GMT)

@Yorkshirematt - none of this nonsense? You must be joking!

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 7:33 GMT)

If KP comes back into the team, they may not "knit together", as Dobell correctly doubts. They may not even "cook" together. But,Cook may have to ensure that they will not "cook" each other, of course, figuratively speaking!

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 7:15 GMT)

I would like to hear Naseer Hussain and Sir Ian Botham's views on this circus being palyed out in full media glare. I recall one of the above two greats saying England would remain Number 1 for a long time. Yes they have been ousted as Number 1 in under a year, but they have quickly become the Number 1 laughing stock in World cricket! Thrashing India on seaming pitches in swinging conditions is one thing, playing on flat / spinning tracks is quite another. These are sores are from the wounds of UAE which have festered over a period of time. I wonder what teh World's best coach Andy Flower has to say about this!!

Posted by LeeHallam on (September 9, 2012, 7:13 GMT)

If this is true, it seems those comentators who say, such as Shane Warne, that he has appologised and he should be picked do not understand the situation. He still harbours grievences against his team mates, and he is not willing to put it behind him. We have no examples here of what type of conversations were referenced, presumably he has layed out specific coonverstions and the corrisponding twitter comments. To go further the references would have to be very specific, even then it would be almost impossible to prove that the route to Bailey's account came through Anderson and Swann, and not through someone who overheard it, or simply that Pietersen had made a similar comment in the past. In the end it will come down simply to asking them if they were involved, and if they say no, that Pietersen accepts it.

Posted by Hira1 on (September 9, 2012, 6:52 GMT)

ECB dragged this issue too much that it reached to this point..I agree with kingsmead_mamba that what kind of investigation done by ECB against Baily? when Swann, Broad and Anderson get the benefit of doubt then why not KP?...what proof ECB has that KP send text that doesn't come under ECB rules? If ECB asked SA officially about the content of the text and based on the content they have banned / cleared KP then and there the matter have not become this much worse. In my opinion KP,Cook,Flower, Swann, Broad, Anderson all need to sit and say apologize to each other and move on from there and KP can replace any injured member of the team in the T20 world cup...let country comes first!

Posted by NaniIndCri on (September 9, 2012, 6:46 GMT)

I thought meetings between KP and Flower/ECB were private.

Posted by haseeb on (September 9, 2012, 6:25 GMT)

its Amazing its a team game but still u find people within a same team against each other ..jealousy exists & in fighting and stuff like that and tat happens more when as a team u r going successful ..well then i think KP not in a team is a good thing i mean then u can bring in new players who ll be more focus on performance and playing for there country..If there is evidence against swan and anderson they should be dropped as well ..tats best for cricket!

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 6:21 GMT)

This is the kind of real life drama that makes me love sport so much - behind the scenes we have a number of interesting characters with a serious dilemma. If they can be adults and sort it out then the team will be a lot stronger for it.

If they can't, well.. that's a great shame and we can only wish KP the best for his domestic T20 career

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 5:54 GMT)

What goes around comes around .......................belive on karma..!

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 5:54 GMT)

@crindo77 I think I will leave you to the KP autobiography which will of course be a broadside of KP proportions. It will be the sort of self publicising, self praising and self loving rubbish that my bookshelf can do without. He will of course suggest no wrong on his part at all. Yes he is a talent, but he has also proved he is an ass. If he wants to come back on bended knee then fine, if not then forget him. If the Indians love him so much then take him on. If the money (and the adoration more importantly) is right he would qualify for you and play test cricket.

Posted by Greatest_Game on (September 9, 2012, 5:36 GMT)

The most stupid aspect of this whole saga is that the English press keep hammering away at this story. If articles like this one were simply not published, this mess would be sorted out. Tabloid press sensationalism started this standoff, and the sooner cricket journalists stop writing gossip columns the sooner English cricket will clear this up. Mr Dobell, that includes you too. Cricinfo - please have the courage to publish criticism.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 5:31 GMT)

well at least well get to see kp play ipl, slpl, bpl and big bash league lol

Posted by palla.avinash on (September 9, 2012, 5:28 GMT)

Why always blame kp alone may be he could be right other than him no one in england team were picked in auction for ipl and kp earned a lot.May be the england players could be jealous of him and are trying to investigate him and ECB is no father of kp they should make sure 100% that swann and anderson as he says the comments between them where leaked,middle people will never tell the names as they are payed heavily.If ECB doesn't make sure that they 100% correct then kp should leave and swann and anderson should answer how the personal comments went out.Other wise come to india and play all t20s i hope u will be taken by any other country.let us how much are they really good with You.

Posted by ahs123 on (September 9, 2012, 5:25 GMT)

just a shame , big time, player of the class of kp involved in such situations, a shame, i think its more to do with his mental health, his mind is doing injustice with his cricketing abilities.... sigh !

Posted by VillageBlacksmith on (September 9, 2012, 5:22 GMT)

Insight is not his middle name. Sounds like the rantings of a desperate man... possibly is a vainglorious man who is failing to grasp that his current pathetic position & loathing, is solely down to his own doing, and, while staring into the mirror, he is still trying to find someone else to blame... this time swanny and jimmy... previously it was Flower, the ECB and a commentator ... who will be next?? on yer bike son... ride off into the ipl sunset.. then it might not be quite sooo tough ''being me'' ... poor little soldier, just go away.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 5:18 GMT)

i agree with all of you guys, KP needs to show that he can still play for ENGLAND by CO-OPERATING ! instead of going around and opening his big GOB about who did what and how !!! if he continues to behave like a cartoon character he proves to ECB that ECB can move on without KP, because there are thousands of talents lying in county cricket who were not given a chance hence KP must not take anything for granted. An international embarrassment for ECB. Andy is a brilliant coach, he is trying everything he can to pull this juvenile out of his mid-life crisis !!!!!

Posted by Dharaka on (September 9, 2012, 5:17 GMT)

Who framed Pieterson rabbit?

Posted by yoohoo on (September 9, 2012, 5:07 GMT)

@Ngee-Ming Goh - Why can't you consider that if it has come to this stage, then it has long crossed the stage where KP could have just sat down and talked to them? I am sure this outburst is just the tip of the iceberg and the culmination of years of bad behavior by his team-mates. Its easy to dismiss the issue as silly without being in that situation, but let us take an analogy. If you had 3 bullies in a class and after years of abuse another kid complained abou him. who would you punish? I have no doubt Swann, broad and possibly anderson have been involved in some nonsense against KP. They ARE that kind of characters, who form a clique and make fun of others.

Posted by USIndianFan on (September 9, 2012, 4:42 GMT)

Its pretty clear Andy Flower has failed. He should accept responsibility for the england record and resign....

Posted by jmcilhinney on (September 9, 2012, 4:41 GMT)

It's hard to see how this can end well. Whether or not these allegations prove to be well-founded or not, I don't see how it will make the England dressing room a better place afterwards. It would also seem that this condition KP has set will preclude his being selected for the upcoming tour of India. I'm not sure that a diligent investigation could be conducted in time. That said, if the ECB are serious about bringing KP back into the fold then they should conduct the investigation. Once it's done it's done and KP is either in the team or out because this simply cannot drag on and on.

Posted by Cobra0077 on (September 9, 2012, 4:38 GMT)

I was waiting for this, though KP acted immature the whole time the instigators I thought were these two, and I guess there is one more person. ECB should solve this problem(they tried to hold things off time the last moment of selecting their team or the contract)as soon as possible because I think they will be 3 suspensions and I think KP has paid his dues the last few matches.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 4:19 GMT)

I can't understand why the talks with Pieterson continue. He is a polarizing member of the team much like Symonds was in Australia. Australia took the hard line approach looking at the best interests of the team and did what was needed quickly and efficiently. The ECB is all over the map in this one. He was dropped and not given a contract, but they continue to talk with him. Why? Just officially drop him for good, stop letting him dictate terms and let the team move on.

Posted by Brumby90 on (September 9, 2012, 4:00 GMT)

Pietersen, Swan and Anderson? LOL Can you think of three bigger egos in world cricket. Egos above their talent.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 3:56 GMT)

The winners? Every other side outside of England. The losers? Everyone who likes watching the best players play cricket. Time for another KP to shake things up. And by KP, I mean a new Kerry Packer.

Posted by Meety on (September 9, 2012, 3:28 GMT)

@ Behind_the_bowlers_arm on (September 08 2012, 22:31 PM GMT) -classic!

Posted by Akshita29 on (September 9, 2012, 3:12 GMT)

What about talks being held behind closed doors . KP what have you done? Plz leave aside that ego . PLZ grow up KP . Don't get into any more mess . Plz plz plz ..............

Posted by nulla on (September 9, 2012, 3:11 GMT)

Sure, Pietersen is a master bat but if he is bringing down the harmony of the team & indirectly their performance then remove him. The game is bigger than the individual & England will recover. But here is your warning! We followers are only fed by the media. We hear stories from the West Indies how Brian Lara was treated differently to other players ie didn't train the same hours as the others & didn't stay at the same hotel on tour. Chris Gayle is trying the same stuff (but hopefully now resolved). Shakib does the same in Bangla. Real cricketing powerhouses these countries now. 60-70 years ago Australia did the same to Sid Barnes. An outspoken yob but a batting average of 60. This is not a new issue but the game has survived without these ego maniacs.

Posted by reghu007 on (September 9, 2012, 3:07 GMT)

this is interesting, KP did accuse that things are being leaked to the media and that he has never been part of any leaks...so what is the source of this story? is it from KP? or did Andy Flower leak it? or any ECB source? it does always seem that anything KP does behind closed doors always gets leaked...that is really unfortunate for KP...

Posted by RednWhiteArmy on (September 9, 2012, 3:05 GMT)

Seeya Kev, you wont be playing for us anymore....

Posted by KingOwl on (September 9, 2012, 3:01 GMT)

What great entertainment! Now we have soap operas based on English cricket. It is clear that the English establishment, including Cricinfo is closing ranks to protect the English boys at the expense of the SA mercenary.

Posted by RandyOZ on (September 9, 2012, 2:52 GMT)

This is the problem with continually importing players, they just don't have any pride for their country and hence petty arguments like this arise.

Posted by RandyOZ on (September 9, 2012, 2:49 GMT)

Things could not get much worse for England at the moment. You have to feel sorry for them.

Posted by xylo on (September 9, 2012, 2:44 GMT)

ha ha... Andy Flower wanted England to come clean, and KP has started listing names in public. KP might be the sacrificial lamb, but he might be key in breaking the Broad-Swann-Anderson triumvirate. Imagine how embarrassing this could get if one of the two is actually involved in it.

Posted by vijaysun1 on (September 9, 2012, 2:44 GMT)

I agree it's now getting farcical and something that Pakistan would struggle to match for drama :) I think England will get whitewashed in India (weather permitting) if they tour without KP though they risk the same if they tour without Swann and Anderson. After this latest episode I cannot see those 3 players touring together as chums; hence a whitewash is a real risk. I think England losing the T20 world cup and a heavy defeat in India might end the Flower reign which would be unfortunate since he is a sincere coach.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 2:32 GMT)

altho this has already been dragged too far but i feel in a way kp has a point. it's pretty obvious that some england team members were involved in that twitter account on kp.if kp has been punished why is the ecb not using the same yardstick for the team members who were involved in the twitter account against kp. it's quite stupid for the ecb to suggest and conclude that no england team member was involved.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 2:27 GMT)

I think Andy Flower is quite rigid in his approach of handling KP issue. It should be someone else not him talking to KP to solve the issue. May be Cook.

Posted by kingsmead_mamba on (September 9, 2012, 2:18 GMT)

what kind of investigations where done by cricinfo? Asking baily if he was the only one involved? He says yes. Investigation over?

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 2:12 GMT)

No surprise here... only that his pushed for an apology from the otherside... but Swann and Anderson have openly published pieces that have spoken about Pietersen with no action taken against them... They are adamant not to let KP back in the side...

Posted by Badgerofdoom on (September 9, 2012, 2:05 GMT)

This is just embarrassing playground stuff, an investigation into Swann and Anderson? Even if it was true they were involved, which currently their was no evidence for, the mature thing would have been to let bygones be bygones. I've supported getting KP back in the team but by publicly accusing his team mates like this its hard to see the way back.

Posted by Nadeem1976 on (September 9, 2012, 1:59 GMT)

too much drama going on between KP and ECB. Grow up guys.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 1:57 GMT)

This may seem like a deviation from the theme under discussion, but am attempting to pick one aspect of this 'saga' and apply it in another context. The whole controversy erupted with KP 'supposedly' wanting to be patriotic and rich at the same time (play for Eng and the IPL). The ECB had reservations (rightfully I might add) against allowing players to pick and choose the series they want to play in. Now, apply the same problem to India and the BCCI. Without being overly disrespectful to Tendulkar, I cannot for the love of my life understand why he (or any player for that matter) is given preferential treatment. From when did players start deciding which series they want to be a part of and which they do not. If you are fit (as we know he is), then you declare your availability. Whether you are picked or not is up to the board. But a player cannot simply declare himself as 'unavailable'. Its time the BCCI learn something from the ECB. For the record: Am an Indian myself.

Posted by Capt.Harry on (September 9, 2012, 1:53 GMT)

Countries at war would have found a solution already... Come on guys this situation is becoming so ridiculous it is amazing.No bombs, no air raids, no gun ships, no shelling, no snipers, no suicide attacks,no protests, no marching,no death toll,no critical injuries,no sabotage...come on guys every problem has a solution.Find it quickly and move on before it gets worse..!!

Posted by dinuhebbar on (September 9, 2012, 1:51 GMT)

It appears that KP has accepted the fact that he might not get another chance to represent England. So, may be trying to go all out while going down. But, for those who displayed 'Kevin, Who' playcards yesterday...End result would have answered the question. England missed KP badly yesterday against SA.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 1:47 GMT)

Hilarious- KP is no team player. His arrogance and self righteous attitude has finally been noticed. Anyone who thinks they are better then the team shouldn't be picked. Especially his U-turn on T20's just to go to the world cup. Kevin, the England team are better off without you mate.

Posted by zoot on (September 9, 2012, 1:46 GMT)

The time has come for the ECB to draw a line under the whole thing. Pietersen and the rest need to be told to stop it immediately. I doubt whether Pietersen is lying but I doubt whether Anderson or Swann will admit it.

Posted by kickassPakistan on (September 9, 2012, 1:30 GMT)

KP is an emotional person and an outstanding talent and i believe a lot of jealousy/deception is involved from the side of a few of his english team mates. Broad is a part and parcel of this and probably the ring leader but his new status as t20 captain is shielding him now. Agreed KP has been naive about this the way he went about and he let his emotions betray his better judgement but clearly there are instigators behind this who were threatened and jealous of KP's enormous talent. Just an opinion

Posted by JerryV on (September 9, 2012, 1:29 GMT)

KP is right but he is barking up the wrong tree. The establishment will treat Swann, Anderson and especially, Broad, differently than others. They take care of their own, just ask papa Chris.

KP has mishandled this badly but he is dealing with people who are negotiating in bad faith. There is only one end to this - the preservation of the establishment. KP should stop wasting his time and go make money while his skills are with him. His days as an international Test player are over, to our lasting loss.

Posted by Baundele on (September 9, 2012, 1:27 GMT)

KP is right about ECB's double standard.

Posted by Ozcricketwriter on (September 9, 2012, 1:20 GMT)

Is it so hard to admit fault on both sides? I think that the response from members of the public in this suggest strongly that there is equal support for KP and the ECB. Even if they aren't really at fault, come on ECB, wake up and say sorry.

Posted by nkoch on (September 9, 2012, 1:20 GMT)

Grow up KP. This is taking you to nowhere land. Is this how a patch up strategy works?

Posted by NaduLal on (September 9, 2012, 1:09 GMT)

Another great bite the dust because of the IPL. ahhhh....ICC should fix this mess created by lucrative T20 leagues. Players are willing to skip their national assignments out of greed. We have created a monster here. Need some regulations.

Posted by me54321 on (September 9, 2012, 1:05 GMT)

Guess the meeting with Flower must have gone well to make pietersen think he could get away with this. What a fool he is!

Posted by FreddyForPrimeMinister on (September 9, 2012, 1:02 GMT)

D-Ascendant - I agree. I've always felt that KP, despite his obvious personality issues, was probably a little harshly treated by most, but does he honestly believe that this latest rant is actually going to get him any closer to a reconciliation with the ECB and English dressing room?? Until today I hoped, and believed, that he'd be in the squad for India - now I can't see any way back for him. How can he possibly share a dressing room with the rest of the team now? As Ngee-Ming Goh said below, any strong feelings he had towards his team-mates should have been aired privately between themselves. If he thinks he is salvaging his reputation by exposing what he believes to be double standards regarding other team members, he has to be sorely mistaken. What a terrible, terrible waste of a great cricketing talent...

Posted by mikey76 on (September 9, 2012, 1:01 GMT)

They need to all sit down in a private room with no outside influences and thrash it out, get it sorted and move on. One way or another we need to go to India with clear heads and none of this nonsense hanging over the team. If that means touring without KP then so be it. We need harmony and XI players pulling in the same direction if we're going to beat India and get back to the top of the rankings.

Posted by china_cricket on (September 9, 2012, 0:54 GMT)

I also would be a little disgruntled if Jimmy is invoved in the pathetic debacle....Swann....wouldn't be surprised at all, he seems nothing more than a gifted chav to me. I hope Cook has the cajones to put the whole thing through a 90 degree non woollen whites wash cycle and spin out the grime.

Posted by whyowhy on (September 9, 2012, 0:51 GMT)

Kick him out and remember to close the door............one more IPL is all he will last. of course he can follow Warnie and twitter his life away.

Posted by SurlyCynic on (September 9, 2012, 0:47 GMT)

It's important to note that KP hasn't released this statement to the press, but it's another example of private conversations between him and the ECB ending up in the press. Perhaps they want him to have all the blame when there is no reconciliation.

Posted by 2.14istherunrate on (September 9, 2012, 0:46 GMT)

If Swann has badmouthed KP in his autobiography and Anderson talked about him negatively in his weekly columns and Broad lives with Richard Bailey and they create a hard environment for him in the England dressing room, then it is not a very hard conclusion to come to that they have been behind the tweets and other things. If you are holding a gun near the victim's corpse and had recently found him in your wife's bed and his house was broken into and the finger prints match yours where the break in had occurred then yoiu have a more difficult job trying to convince the police that it is the work of visitors from outer space and that you were in fact on a peace mission.... If the foot fits the slipper, case closed. Victimisation is quite a nasty phenomenon.

Posted by Dheepan on (September 9, 2012, 0:44 GMT)

truth is many english cricketers are jealous of KP. He is making tons of money and this creates a rift between the team members.. whether Anderson and Swann were a part of it or not, i just don't think KP's ego is going to let him back into the ENG team easily.. I suggest KP pack his bags and play the IPL full time along with Big Bash and other T20 leagues, by which we atleast get to see him playing cricket..

Posted by kangaroussy on (September 9, 2012, 0:40 GMT)

Wow, KP. remember the last time you "demanded" something. You got your wish, but lost your job as captain. Who else thinks KP will never play for his "beloved" England again?

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 0:38 GMT)

its about time the REAL TRUTH be told . The ECB should let the WORLD know whats going on and the ICC should look into what ever it is . The world still want to know why Andrew Strauss quit as Captain of a powerful England squad that is doing very well .

Posted by pr3m on (September 9, 2012, 0:38 GMT)

How did this leak? Weren't all the negotiations supposed to be behind closed doors this time? Doesn't look like Pietersen would let this out, is the ECB again doing what it explicitly said it wasn't gonna do?

Posted by GHemrajani on (September 9, 2012, 0:36 GMT)

Andy Flower seems to have gotten too much power and is controlling everything. His Bopara selection is poor and his non selection of Pietersen is equally bad. England will lose in SL.

Posted by pmahone on (September 9, 2012, 0:31 GMT)

This bloke is an absolute turkey. For the sake of cricket sport in general, let's just move on.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 0:30 GMT)

I really don't blame KP for feeling aggrieved over the KP Genius Twitter account (which was a lot more spiteful than many seem to believe) - nor for pointing out the fact that double standards are at play re the ECB's absurdly draconian treatment of him - but I'm afraid that *this* development, if it's true, is pretty much the final nail in the coffin of his international career. Anyone who's ever worked in a high-pressure environment will know that, in situations where disharmony & mistrust have taken root within a team-based framework, the age-old solution, whether rightly or wrongly, is to re-establish the team ethos by providing a sacrificial lamb for the other members of the team to metaphorically feast on. It happened in Golding's Lord Of The Flies & it's happening now in front of our very eyes.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 0:26 GMT)

This is fun :D KP = Entertainment. On or off the field.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 0:24 GMT)

lol, KP needs to grow up like I do. but not being grown up is so much fun. :D

Posted by vxttemp on (September 9, 2012, 0:18 GMT)

Definitely not a bad move. After KP apologized, ECB bosses, flower and all others are acting like they are saints and are kind of cornering KP. I don't think KP would've blindly attempted this. He would have definitely taken some opinion/advise from some one in his side.

Posted by Manush on (September 9, 2012, 0:12 GMT)

English game controllers should be fair and give KP a fair hearing especially when he was frank in admitting his mistakes.Do not drag anymore , bring the other two or three to books and close the issue as early as possible !!! Most of the times success brings along with it money, jealousy ego and feuds. Learn to contain them and move on.

Posted by nthuq on (September 9, 2012, 0:04 GMT)

I think KP has gone a bit far here. He should realise the ECB would not have the guts to rip apart its team, which an investigation into some of its senior members has a chance of doing. His persistence of this issue suggests that not only he, but his advisers believe it to be true. As an Australian interested in KP taking apart the new spin attack of India and then going on to get taken apart by the new bowling attack of Australia, it really is a pity that this has taken place.

Posted by   on (September 9, 2012, 0:01 GMT)

Good comment Yorkshirematt. The only sensible comment I've read!

Posted by D-Ascendant on (September 8, 2012, 23:53 GMT)

OK, this is stupid. I've backed KP on every other point of his in the saga, but now he's lost my support. He needs to grow up already.

Posted by bluefunk on (September 8, 2012, 23:50 GMT)

The English administrative obsession with disciplinary intangibles (the same treatment for everyone, etc.) reeks of a schoolmaster psychology totally out of place in modern professional sport. That being said, the sort of behaviour KP is accusing Broad, Anderson, Swann & co. of and his own during and after the second test against RSA isn't exactly characteristic of mature professional sportsmen either. It would be comic, only that KP is such an awesome batsman and any issue that deprives the English team and world-cricket of his presence on the field needs to be resolved on a priority basis. Everything else is secondary. How can Englishmen still speaking against KP be blind to this? Terrible Gayle echoes to the affair now.

Posted by crindo77 on (September 8, 2012, 23:45 GMT)

Anderson? Really? That's a surprise; I always thought Jimmy would be above this, and that it would be Broad. Swann has always been the prime suspect after his autobiography. How much more dirty linen will be washed in public? Brit tabloids must pay KP a handsome gratuity after Prince Harry leaves for Afghanistan; he will be their sole bread-winner. I think we won't be seeing KP in India this winter. Do look forward to hearing his expert commentary in SL next week. Hope ECB won't play a spoilsport. Btw, Swann and his henchmen better get ready for KP's autobiography. It'll be a broadside of epic proportions, I kid you not.

Posted by samincolumbia on (September 8, 2012, 23:30 GMT)

This is so much fun and getting embarassing for England...The ECB policy of taking foreigners has backfired spectacularly!

Posted by Indus11 on (September 8, 2012, 23:26 GMT)

Something happened out there in the Abu-Dhabi and Dhabi - when the Paks white washed the Anglo Saxons. A "convolution" of sorts took place - a kind of exchange of characters. I swear it! The Behaviour of the English team talked of above is exactly what the Paks were enamoring themselves with - under the leadership of one Mohammad Yousef - with several of the team members performing a mutiny against him. While the English has been behaving like the Paks of old - the Paks on the other hand appear to be behaving like the English of old. There is cohesion, team spirit and the unavoidable fruits that go along with all that - Winnings !

Convolution - no question about it.

Of- course I might be wrong.

The difference has been that ECB has not fired everyone - the PCB did.

Perhaps there is time.

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 23:08 GMT)

Great to see this open bickering and backbiting among the English who tend to be so holier-than-thou. The saga would even do Pakistan proud!

Posted by Stevros3 on (September 8, 2012, 23:04 GMT)

Making a statement like this, hope he's got some proof to back it up otherwise his international career is OVER.

Posted by yorkshirematt on (September 8, 2012, 23:01 GMT)

How much more petty and juvenile can this saga get? This summer has been a total embarassment for the english cricket team on and off the field. Give me county cricket any day of the week where there's none of this nonsense.

Posted by phoenixsteve on (September 8, 2012, 22:56 GMT)

It's all blown up out of all prportion! Twitter? Posts are called "tweets" I believe & those who read/post/follow them should be known as "twits". The central issue between KP & the ECB seems to be a betrayal of trust & the belief that he criticised Andrew Staruss & suggested to SA ways they might dismiss him! It's crazy & I'm getting the 'lunatics have taken over the assylum' feeling! If KP is such an insightful technical mastermind and knows insider techniques on how to dismiss batsmen (laughable) maybe Flower should have been tweeting him - to get some insight into how to get rid of Amla! Clearly Flower & Co didn't have a clue - but holding onto catches might've been a start? KP has done wrong, he's admitted as much & apologised. He's served a several match ban now & must be hurting? So are England & they risk becoming a laughing stock if they continue to ignore the talents of their most gifted, destructive and potentially world beating batsman! They need him and he needs them! AMEN

Posted by TheBengalTiger on (September 8, 2012, 22:50 GMT)

England have become a laughing stock. Usually England set the standard for management, but its recently been found wanting. For the good of the game, you guys need to sort this out one way or another. Not that i mind seening England fans squirm, after the way they behave towards India.

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 22:49 GMT)

I thought it only happens to Indo-Pak teams, but now I am very happy...It is Karma, which is biting them....It is sooooooo niceeeeee...

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 22:43 GMT)

If this whole drama was made into a movie, it would definitely sell, it would make a great thriller because of its many twists in the plot.

Posted by SCC08 on (September 8, 2012, 22:42 GMT)

As much as you dislike him or the other SA born players or Irish guys.. Remember, without Trott / KP / Kieswetter / Lumb / Prior / Strauss / Morgan ( Irish ) Eng would never have won the Ashes or the T20 WC. Fact! No respect from the rest of the cricket world because it's not your real Eng team. Don't see you winning the Ashes with the Jockey ( Taylor ) replacing Trott, Bradmen replacing KP ( Bopara )... Fact!

Posted by Naresh28 on (September 8, 2012, 22:41 GMT)

More dirt seems to surface in this affair. Eng are slowly destroying themselves. They also lost the last T20 vs SA Pieterson is a great player and his career is suddenly at the crossroads.

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 22:35 GMT)

......well, as much as England are a better team with Pietersen in it, I think his latest demand has effectively ruled him out of ever returning to the England squad. Outrightly demanding an investigation into team-mates is a sure-fire way to guarantee his permanent exclusion from the squad, especially two of the most senior players. All said, this affair really is reflecting poorly on all parties, and with this undoubtedly unsettling the team as well, I'd hope the ECB are regretting the ridiculously slow path they've taken to resolve matters. Pietersen himself has been making u-turns all the time though, and one wonders what he actually wants - if he - really- wanted to return to the England fold surely he'd be more reconcilatory and if he had doubts about various team-mates could he not do the adult thing and discuss it with them privately or with mediators (other team-mates, captain, etc)? All very frustrating, I just want good, tough, entertaining cricket....

Posted by Behind_the_bowlers_arm on (September 8, 2012, 22:31 GMT)

Ah, that should bring this matter to a swift conclusion. Ha ha ha. Way to go Kev.

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 22:27 GMT)

This is getting worse and worse day by day. Big big loss for English Cricket and World Cricket in general. He was my favourite batsman[By far],but it's sad I'll have to wait for him in the IPL[Which in my opinion is not cricket,an Indian saying this. Yes].

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