December 26, 2001

Batsmen are carried away with their silly shots

Bangladesh is continuing their poor batting display in Wellington too. In Hamilton they batted 58.1 overs in the first innings and 46.2 in the second, which revealed their inability to stay in the crease with needed Test temperament. They batted as if they were playing a one-day match scoring more than 3.5 runs per over. Was that necessary? They attempted too many shots against the New Zealand bowlers and lost their wickets imprudently. These batsmen from the top-order are failing repeatedly. While they are asked to bat patiently they are perfectly doing the opposite in the field. The credit does not go to the opposition bowlers always. The Bangladesh batsmen, who unwisely and childishly tend to go for silly shots that cost their wickets, thus gifting most of the wickets to the bowlers.

We saw it in Multan when they batted 41.1 overs in both innings and in Colombo they packed up within 36.4 overs. In both cases the wicket was easy and batting-friendly. There were ample opportunities to score some runs (at least more than what they did) if they could apply their smallest amount of cricketing sense.

They escaped luckily in the Test at BNS against Zimbabwe this November. The first innings total was 107 and they managed 122 for 3 in the second when the rain interruption saved them. In the second Test in Chittagong Habibul Bashar was the most successful batsman who scored a century in the first innings. But they way he lost his precious wicket in the second innings was a horror. It was a sheer disappointment for every one as he threw his wicket irresponsibly while he was approaching another century (76).

Due to their short lasting innings Bangladesh had to except humiliating defeats - thrice they had to leave the field within day-3 including the Test in Hamilton.

There are two things very common in Bangladeshi batsmen. Firstly, they are lacking adequate concentration that is needed to play the longer version. Secondly they are repeatedly failing to apply the very common cricket senses.

Today their first innings total of 132 proves it once again.