Tri-series provisionally set for September-October April 20, 2006

Abu Dhabi keen to expand

Cricinfo staff

The Abu Dhabi Cricket Council has announced provisional plans to host a tri-nation one-day series in September or October following what it described as the success of the DLF Cup.

"The ICC is happy, both the boards (Pakistan and India) have also given the green signal. We are planning to host a tri-nation tournament, the modalities of which will be worked out soon," BR Shetty, the ADCC president, told reporters. "We will also be hosting the Euroasia Cup (a six-nation tournament featuring A teams) and another tournament at the start of 2007, so we think we are going along the right track."

Shetty was forced to apologise for over-zealous security during the first match which resulted in several key figures, including BCCI president Sharad Pawar, being subjected to delays and searches. "It is just the beginning, we will make mistakes but we are ready to own up and ensure such things do not happen again," Shetty explained. "Pawar understood that the problems were due to heightened security, he is not angry. In fact he has promised more India-Pakistan matches here in the future.

"Everyone has appreciated and congratulated for hosting this tournament. For cricket to get such prominence in a football playing country, it has been commended."