Sussex chairman calls for formal transfer system November 17, 2006

Green claims players were "tapped up"

Cricinfo staff

Chris Adams is among those who Green claims were "tapped up" © Getty Images
Sussex chairman David Green has claimed that many of the county's top players were illegally approached by other counties last season.

Chris Adams, whose move to Yorkshire fell through this week, was among six players who Green claimed were "tapped up" last season.

Green told BBC Southern Counties: "I think the game has to come clean and have a formal transfer system, which has already been suggested by the ECB.

"Otherwise we'll continue to have the richest clubs not paying attention to the rules and regulations of the game".

At the heart of the problem is the extra revenue generated by the so-called "Test match counties", with gate receipts from the Test matches giving them greater muscle in the transfer market, often at the expense of smaller counties.

It is illegal under ECB regulations for counties to approach players who are registered with another team, with a minimum fine of £20,000 if found guilty.

ECB rule 7.1 states: "A county must not approach or be involved in discussions with any cricketer registered by another county or any agent or other person on his behalf with a view to offering him a trial or registering him or employing him in any capacity".

Exceptions to this rule can occur when a player has been informed that his contract will not be renewed at the end of the season.