December 13, 2001

International Match venue allocation 2003-2010

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), recognising the need for international venues to be able to make long-term plans with regard to ground developments and maintenance, has provisionally allocated international matches from 2003-2010.

The allocations remain 'provisional' because grounds are required to meet rigorous facility and commercial criteria on an on-going basis; also the international programme is subject to fine-tuning and itineraries are subject to the approval of the visiting Boards.

The draft allocations envisage international cricket being played at 11 venues during the period with the six established Test Match Grounds continuing to stage regular international cricket. It is also envisaged that the Riverside at Chester-le-Street will stage Test Matches in alternate years from 2003 and One-Day Internationals in alternate years from 2004, while the Hampshire Rose Bowl, Canterbury, Cardiff and Bristol will stage One-Day International cricket every other year.

The allocations for 2007-2010 are to be reviewed at the end of the 2005 season to ensure that the provisional venues can produce the best financial return for the game. Allocations may be adjusted if it is clear that other venues can outperform those provisionally allocated matches.

Tim Lamb, ECB Chief Executive, said, "The ECB is working to achieve the right balance between enabling our international venues to plan for the long-term and ensuring that there is a competitive environment in which to stage international matches. This will ensure that there are healthy returns from the staging of international cricket to help finance the game at all levels. Using 11 venues across England and Wales will give more people access to international cricket and will help broaden the appeal of the game."