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Another final, another heartbreak for Sri Lanka

It's tough to make sense of a loss so bizarre for Sri Lanka. Their journey so far might have provided a positive launching pad for the future, but for the moment the team must introspect

Andrew Fernando in Colombo

October 8, 2012

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A dejected Mahela Jayawardene with Kumar Sangakkara, Sri Lanka v West Indies, final, World Twenty20, Colombo, October 7, 2012
Mahela Jayawardene: "As a cricketer, it hurts a lot. We need to move on and try and see how well we can get over this" © Getty Images

Walking through the Khettarama neighbourhood into the R Premadasa stadium on Sunday afternoon, it was impossible to contain a smile. Police had cordoned off the streets leading into the grounds to ease congestion, but the locals had taken that as a signal to begin the street party early. Stereos were set up on the roadside, pumping everything from baila to Western pop, grown men were dancing with children, Sri Lankan flags were draped across every balcony and awning, and the face painting stands and popcorn stalls were bedecked in blue and yellow. It was supposed to be the warm-up event, the precursor to the night's long celebrations.

Eight hours later, those same streets were deserted. No anger, no riots, just the profound disappointment only silence can convey. Signs in Sinhala reading "Victory to Sri Lanka" still flapped in between the lamp posts they had been anchored on. No one had had the will to remove them. Sri Lanka had hurtled to a cricket frenzy over the last few days, but their expectations have crashed and burned even more quickly. The country now awakes to gloom, and its team to questions that do not have easy answers.

How to make sense of a loss so bizarre? Of a team who gave it away so freely, having fashioned their campaign of newfound fortitude? They had trussed up Chris Gayle, and gagged the West Indies top order for more than half their innings. So dominant were the hosts at one stage that their fans might have been glad for Malinga's expensive 13th over. It is more satisfying to win against a worthy opponent after all. How to make peace with the thought of a captain so renowned for his acumen, sending forth his poorest bowler of the evening to be slaughtered across his full quota of overs? How, given West Indies had managed only to take the wicket of Tillakaratne Dilshan in both the Super Eights match and the pre-tournament practice game, did Sri Lanka's batsmen succumb so comprehensively that only three men among them breached double figures?

Even more disturbingly, what is behind Sri Lanka's inability to take that final leap to a secure a title? After the match, Mahela Jayawardene said there was no theme tying the four finals losses together, and given the quality of the champions on each previous occasion, he might have a point. But in front of a desperate home crowd, and having progressed so ominously throughout the tournament, perhaps this loss will sting the most. Sri Lanka will not have the chance to host a major tournament again until the next decade at least.

"It hurts a lot," Jayawardene said. "It hurts because you want to do something special. Not just personally as individuals but for the public as well. We've been playing some good cricket but we haven't been able to cross that hurdle. As a cricketer, it hurts a lot. We need to move on and try and see how well we can get over this and get back on and keep fighting again."

The pluck that had defined Sri Lanka's campaign suddenly deserted them in the biggest game. It was as if they had used up all their mettle on the semi-final dogfight with Pakistan. The bowlers cowered when Marlon Samuels and Darren Sammy swung hard and the batsmen shrunk away when faced with persistent bowling of good quality. It is clear Sri Lanka responded poorly to pressure against West Indies, but it is also too simplistic to label them chokers. The ease with which they've cleared the penultimate hurdle en route to each final proves they have the capacity to handle big matches. Still, at some point, the aggregation of so many finals losses will put some serious dents in the team's confidence. It is a strange record, but it is one that will now hang heavy above them in any crunch encounter.

In the short term, Sri Lanka now face the prospect of having to pick themselves up after another heartbreak - something they failed to do after the 2011 final loss. Jayawardene's resignation from the Twenty20 captaincy, though well intentioned, has thrown up yet more questions. Angelo Mathews' short dalliances with leadership may have been encouraging so far, but will his own development suffer if he is burdened too early (as he might be if Jayawardene steps down from all formats in January)? He is too important a player for Sri Lanka's future for the selectors to make that mistake. Is the young middle order around Mathews growing as it should? Twice in this tournament they have underwhelmed against high quality bowling, and they are yet to add dependability to their flair.

Sri Lanka have three weeks to perform the post-mortem before New Zealand arrive. In December, they embark on their biggest tour in years when they travel to Australia for a three-Test series. They cannot afford to let another defeat faze them for long. The World Twenty20 title might have provided a positive launching pad for the future, but for the moment Sri Lanka must introspect. The way ahead is unclear.

Andrew Fernando is ESPNcricinfo's correspondent in Sri Lanka

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Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 10:01 GMT)

Well done team Sri Lanka. Some reasons why we lost.... 1) Malinga was continued after such a bashinh. 2) Sri Lanka's best ODI bowler for the last 18 months was not used even when Malinga got hit. 3) The big three ocupying the the first three batters. The others did not get a chance to get used to wickets. They should have let Angelo, Thisara and Tirimanne bat alternatively at the top three positions. Thisara or Angelo could be used for opening. Angelo used to open for his school and for Sri Lanka Under 19. The big three nearing 36 now are greedy for runs ? I wonder as they could be pushed off by the youngsters soon... Angelo, Chandimal, Tirimanne should be the new top 3 to be groomed. and Chandimal and Angelo should bat at nos 3 and 4 in all forms and let Sanga and Mahela occupy 5 and 6. Or else these guys will not get the experience against the new ball.

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 9:53 GMT)

There are quite a few SL fans disappointed in this forum and calling them chokers.But I have a different view.Once their batting gets past 1,2 and 3 it hardly exudes any confidenc.Angelo Mathews touted as future captain is a big disgrace to the team.SL immediately need couple of match winning batsemen once biggies move on.They are are loosing finals becoz of lack of punch/hard hitting batsmen.Got nothing to do with choking.SA inspite of all the available ingredients they loose which is called choking.

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 8:31 GMT)

I think The Sri Lankan Team need to Practice more at Premadasa Stadium since the renovations of the pitch would have given them the edge. Playing at pallekelle and hambantota didnt' do the team justice they faltered at the final .hope the planning for future matches would be sensible using stats on win ratios .But I must say the Sri Lankan team are no pushovers they are a team with quality players and a force to reckon with.

Posted by hystericalnaive on (October 9, 2012, 6:32 GMT)

I don't why SA is compared to SL. SA is the number one test playng country the highest in any form. There is no comparison od SA and SL here. Coming back to ODI or T20 , those are still child wrt Test matches. India became number one, England and Australia became number one. And now SA. Can SL or Pak become number one in Test. I don't think so.

Posted by hasitha81 on (October 9, 2012, 6:30 GMT)

It's heatbreaking for fans to see their team missing out on four occasions. However, as many agree reachnig finals on four occasions in itself is and acheivement.

We are proud of what you acheived. Good luck team SL.....

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 6:10 GMT)

I don't know why these articles sound like SL got eliminated in round 1 of all World Cups. "but for the moment Sri Lanka must introspect. The way ahead is unclear."- it makes it sound like that. Reaching 4 Finals in 5 years is a tremendous achievement which most teams would be proud of. They just need that something extra from 1 player- a special knock like Samuels played or MS Dhoni played- to win them the tournaments. It's not such a catastrophe as some people are making it sound!

Posted by   on (October 8, 2012, 23:53 GMT)

If the World Cup is a wedding, then the Trophy is the groom and the Sri Lankan cricket team are the Bridesmaids.

Posted by mark2011 on (October 8, 2012, 21:02 GMT)

I think even though we played through out the tournament pretty well, we didn't have a big cause to win..I mean like 1992 WC, pak won bcos Imran Khan had reason to back for his career and country for build a cancer hospital, 96 We won bcos Arjuna had strong cause to back Murali and all players were pumped up against Aus.& 2012, WI. it has been long time their criket gone down and really whole world needed them to come up and they have enough strength to come to that level.. so finally it happend.. the way SL played the first half of the game and how it ended is totally contrasting.other hand having been in 4 world final matches give confidence even in future it wont be a big issue to reach another final given the situaton before 16 yrs bfor it was a dream even to go to is realy sad that Sang/Mahela is unable to lift a world trophy for the country, but stil they hav one more then it wil be the climax of their career and that would b a good cause to win it cherrish

Posted by PakCricSpin on (October 8, 2012, 20:36 GMT)

I don't know why people keep saying "They reached four finals..." . Reaching the Final of any such tournament in itself is no small task. And that to Four times!? Thats nothing to be ashamed about. Its an achievement in itself.

Don't worry about such statistics SL fans. Your time will definitely come. :) You just have to keep at it like your team's have been doing. Great cricketers who command great respect.

Posted by Mel-waas on (October 8, 2012, 19:15 GMT)

Srilanka are the new Chokers. South Africa welcomes Srilanka to the club

Posted by crickeyt on (October 8, 2012, 19:12 GMT)

Boy, it must suck to be a Sri Lanka fan when their team reaches the final and chokes. South Africa at least choke early enough, so their fans do not reach the same level of anticipation before the heartbreak :)

Posted by salmanSL on (October 8, 2012, 19:01 GMT)

Mahela showed very poor captaincy for such an experienced player. He shouldn't have give malinga his full quota. He had enough choice of bowlers from Dilshan, Kulasekara, Dananjaya and Perera. Everyone and their granddads know that WIs cannot play spin well but love to hit fast bowlers I think Mahela and Malinga should be a man and come on public tv and appologise to the SL supporters for their pathetic performance and stop making excuses. If we want to be champions we have to play and beat the best in the world. Being finalists even in 10 world cups will never make us champions. Shame we don't have great captains like Arjuna any more who give us world cups not excuses.

Posted by stormy16 on (October 8, 2012, 18:57 GMT)

Yes the loss was a major dissapointment and but can we look at the big picture please. I see the word choking being thrown around - if a team's problem is losing in finals its a great problem to have - after all making the finals is 90% of the challenge. Also if a team makes 4 WC finals in 5 years that is a great team. If they won all 4 it would be the greatest team ever, the fact they lost doesnt suddenly make them bad team that deserved to be kicked around!

Posted by DibblyDobbler2 on (October 8, 2012, 17:32 GMT)

Looks like SL got caught in their own trap ....preparing wickets for mystery spinners and count on Malinga ... try to score some runs first .. all the batsmen batted like schoolboys ....and if it had not been for the bowler at the end it would have been an even more comprehensive victory for WI.

Posted by PPD123 on (October 8, 2012, 15:54 GMT)

I think we tend to analyze T20 cricket a lot more than it actually should be. The shortest format of cricket is always about performance on the day and the past performance will hold no relevance to the result on that day. Just because Sl beat WI by 9 wkts in the previous 2 encounters, does not mean it was supposed to be a cakewalk. T20 by nature is designed that 1 special innings or a special spell will be good enough to win.I thought WI were good on the day. They rode on Samuels's innings and the bowling and fielding was disciplined and did not give SL many freebies. Add the pressure of a final, a veciforous home crowd and a slow pitch and u got too many things to overcome. SL are a consistent team, but they will need to start learning to live without Mahela, Sanga & Malinga in the very near future. From what we saw, they will struggle so I feel Jeevan Mendis, Chandimal and Thirimanne have a long way to go to even come close to these greats.Lots of thinking to do for SL starting now.

Posted by Ragav999 on (October 8, 2012, 15:43 GMT)

Let us remind ourselves that SL lost by 35 odd runs in 7 over game and barely got over the line against NZ. This format throws up interesting results and trying to find a correlation between the results and calibre of the side is a pointless exercise.

Posted by   on (October 8, 2012, 15:16 GMT)

pointless might as well start over with a fresh new team,even though sri lanka may lose eventually sri lanka team will be better,after all it is much better than this,getting to finals and always losing.while losing is acceptable since it is part of sports 04 out of 04 is just unacceptable and it is time to admit the incapability of the sri lankan team to win.sri lankan players may get awards,they may rank well but in the end nothing is achieved. many countries when they make it to a final make it count and sri lanka got 04 opportunities. maybe that is the difference between india and sri lanka,our people forget,while Indians are persistent,hence result in joy if they make to a final.we are so comfortable with moving forward it just doesn't matter win or lose.POOR SHOW.

Posted by meastrostroke on (October 8, 2012, 14:31 GMT)

I am really happy that west indies won the cup. Srilanka is no match to any asian countries. They dont have any youngster to follow the legacy. We have some bright players like nasir jamshed, azhar ali, asad shafiq, junaid, raza hazzan, hammad azam, india to some extent found Virat kohli ,suresh raina, pujara,ashwin. Believe it or not, anyday even bangladesh can beat srilanka. Even our bangladeshi brother has shakib, mushfiq, nazir hossain, Mahmudullah. Creating the legacy is more important that winning matches. Giving captaincy to Mathews is a joke. He hardly plays good cricket. he is rohit sharma in batting and yasir arafat in bowling. He cant even be the first choice players in any of the asian countries. Maybe he can try afghanistan country. Thissara is wayward in bowling and hit or miss in batting. Basically all the srilankan people need to attend training and coaching classes. Batting in india, bowling in pakistan, allrounding skills in bangladesh. then they can winn matches

Posted by Legaleagle on (October 8, 2012, 14:22 GMT)

Welcome to the NEW CHOKERS of World Cricket!!

Posted by CricketChat on (October 8, 2012, 13:13 GMT)

SL were undone by initial complacency when WI were in doldrums at their halfway stage and getting rattled when Samuels went on the rampage against Malinga. They never recovered their poise while batting. Full credit to WI for the way they turned around their bleak fortunes. High marks to SL for conducting a big tournament like this without too many glitches.

Posted by Fauzer on (October 8, 2012, 13:09 GMT)

To Mahela, Sanga and the rest of the team: Thank you so much for the pleasure and pride you guys bring us, competing at the very top level and giving any fanciful team a run for their money, year in year out. We are with you, as sad and heart breaking as it is to lose the final, you guys should all walk with your heads high. Weldone boys, God willing, we will have many more glory days to come. God bless.

Posted by AncientAstronaut on (October 8, 2012, 12:53 GMT)

History is cruel; it only remembers tournament winners. But in the case of Sri Lanka, we should try and remember them as a champion team of the one day formats in this era, because making it to four - four! - world cup finals is a big deal (five if you include their world cup win in '96). They deserve recognition for that achievement alone.

Posted by   on (October 8, 2012, 11:58 GMT)

Well, no one talks about the Pitch which was pretty slow - the main reason behind the loss. Sri Lanka needs to learn to prepare wickets that are a bit faster. They were on paper a better team and could have beaten Windies 9 out of 10 times. However, it was not to be, and yes, they were under pressure too. But, nothing takes away the brilliant performance of the Windies - congrds and hats off from a Sri Lankan. You were outstanding on the day and thoroughly deserves the Win.

Posted by ham1990 on (October 8, 2012, 11:20 GMT)

A very good article that has pinpointed the problems Sri Lanka has had. Another key trend I'm finding is where is the impact/x factor performance in these finals? Greatness is a word thrown around, particularly in regards to two current 'legends' of the game in Mahela and Sangakarra, but are they? Guys like Dilshan, Malinga and Mathews faltered as well when it counted.

2007 WC there was Gilchrist, 2009WT20 there was Afridi, 2011WC there was Dhoni and this time there was Samuels. If I single out Dhoni's 'Ranatunga-esque' self promotion and killer punch in that final, that is a sign of a great captain and player (I still have my doubts if he really is the best consistency-wise).

If we rewind to the 1996WC, one man named Arjuna Ranatunga backed up his words and made sure that run chase was under control. Since then, no SL player has taken a WC by the 'scruff of the neck' and contributed that match-changing performance to put the opposition under real pressure. Coincedence? I think not.

Posted by getsetgopk on (October 8, 2012, 11:06 GMT)

Thats a tough pill to swallow but never mind SL fans, your time will come. I must say the SL curators did a terrible job with the sort of pitches they provided for the knock out stages, The teams batting second had absolutely no chance what so ever. The first semifinal against Pak, SL did well to win the toss and put up 140 odd. The most terrible aspect of that game was not that SL didn't had any six in their entire innings but most astonishing was the fact that they never even tried to hit one. Look at a player like Dilshan and he just played a great test innings didn't he. But all is fair as long as you win but what if you loose the toss? If something can possible go wrong and you think that it wont happen to me is actually digging your own grave which actually happened, loose the toss and loose the match along with the cup. The curators should have given SL a cricketing chance rather the flip of a coin. SL had two umpiring decisions went their way in both games but guess better won.

Posted by Kulaputra on (October 8, 2012, 10:49 GMT)

I think blaming Mahela for giving an extra over to Malinga is stupid. If the ball was thrown to someone else, they might have gone for even more and then people would be saying why not give to Malinga instead? As a captain, I will throw ball to my best bowler any day of the week, any hour of the day.

A captain decides what he is comfortable with. A case in point was George Bailey gave the final over to Doherty. Whether Australia would have won if Windies had scored only 185, is mere speculation !!

In the final analysis, it was not the two overs that cost them the match but the pathetic batting display with the worst running between the wickets that one has ever seen in a tournament of this calibre. There seemed to be a schoolboy approach to this chase as though they believed what all they had to do was just turn up at the wicket and the runs will come !!!! If anything is to be blamed, it is the batting display, not Malinga's bowling.

Posted by lankavigi on (October 8, 2012, 10:39 GMT)

I agree. Every Sri Lankan fan will be dissapointed. Four finals in a span of four years. It's tough indeed!!! No other cricketing nation has ever been in this situation. Losing just one final is tough, but losing four. i don't know what to say???

Posted by Pathiyal on (October 8, 2012, 10:07 GMT)

whereas we have seen different teams reaching the finals of tournaments, this Sri lankan team has earned the reputation of remaining as a common factor (for finals). this time, i really thought they were lucky enuf to get windies as i thought Mahela's as the best team by far in this world t20. windies have won the finals but i still hold on to my earlier belief. Mahela's retirement from captaining t20 is not a solution (esp. as he was one of the most successful batsman and captain in this tournament). come back hard, Mahela. dont lose hope.

Posted by masoodali150 on (October 8, 2012, 9:33 GMT)

Make some choices to get them out from SL team. Time is over now and This is the time to take next young team. I will just indicate 2 names MJ and Dilshan.

Posted by crick_sucks on (October 8, 2012, 9:14 GMT)

As long as you keep relying on old guns in all formats you will continue to fail. Atleast in the T20 format just check all the prev winners. They have been full of young talent coming to the fore.

Posted by nalinrr on (October 8, 2012, 9:13 GMT)

whether u win by an inch or a mile winning is winning. the margin doesn't matter. just like that losing is losing. so it doesn't mean anything whether u come to final and lose or lose in the first round. so this sri lankan team is nothing until they win a major tournament. as a sr lankan fan im soo dissapointed to say this. but if sri lanka can't scor 139 against a west indies bowling line up and win, they can't win anything. its as simpe as that.

Posted by tanstell87 on (October 8, 2012, 8:58 GMT)

Indian fan here.....more than the losses Sri Lankan fans should thank that their team reaches finals the most.....its pure bad luck for Lanka that they have not gone over the line...i think time has come for Sri Lanka to blood in youngsters in ODIs & T20Is.....& Mahela,Sanga can play tests & guide youngsters..Mathews should be made captain straightaway with Thirimanne as his deputy...i have been watching cricket since 1996 & have been fan of this team & cant see them losing their way...some how i feel Lahiru Thirimanna has in it him to be next captain..his body language at his age is amazing....he should bat at 3 & Chandimal at 4...all the best Sri Lanka you made your fans around the world proud !

Posted by WideBat on (October 8, 2012, 8:57 GMT)

Sri Lanka had it coming. I have never seen pitch playing such an important role in semi-final and final stage. Even fast bowlers were spinning more than spinners. And the dust on the pitch? even Dubai in desert has better pitches. The planning went well against Pakistan but alas not against west indies. Samuels had them catch a bike to fetch the ball. Sri-lanka you had good plan with pitches, but who is laughing now?

Posted by WishW on (October 8, 2012, 8:33 GMT)

@Cpt.Meanster..please don't compare Sri Lanka with the Indian cricket team...our seniors are far more consistent than teh Indian 'seniors'...and when they perform SL are most likely to win..unlike when Sachin performs and India always lose

Posted by Cricinfo-Editorial on (October 8, 2012, 8:09 GMT)

Thanks jaykdane81, for pointing out the typo. It has been fixed

Posted by dush_deshan on (October 8, 2012, 7:55 GMT)

Five finals one win four frequent lost. But still you are our champions. Also they are Just ordinary bunch of guys who fight for their country. They brought us this far so hats off Mahela, Sanga , Dilshan, jeewan, mendis, malinga, kule, metheus , thirimanna , thisara, herath and akila. You did it, whether you win it or lost it, we are with you guys. But you know we lost 4 finals, but we are the one and only consecutive Runners up for the last 5 year. Do you believe or not all the other team going up and down but we're not. We are there to give a fight to any team in any format of match. So well done guys you'll never lose anything just because we are with you as nation and we never let you down. Keep it up guys. Its just a one another final we ended as Runners up. No worries, we'll do same or beater in the next time also and that's for sure. We are Sri Lankans.

Posted by yohandf1984 on (October 8, 2012, 7:20 GMT)

After watching cricket for more than 2 decades as a die hard SL fan . i would like to make few suggestions . (1) Mahela s decision to quit from T20 captaincy is fine . Anyway sooner or later he has to handover to Angelo . (2) But he needs to stay in ODI captaincy till next years championship trophy ends so should be test captain until 2015 . so gradual transfer of responsibility wont dent SL . (3) Irrespective of how good Mahela is , he should bat down at 5 in ODI s allowing Munaweera / Thirimanne to open . Some youngster should play at 4 (4) Shaminda Eranga to be drafted to team in rotational basis resting kula & Mali as both are aging now @ 30 (5) Rangana Herath should be let to concentrate solely on Test as he is in his last 3 years . (6) Dinesh Chandimal should take gloves from Sanga in T20 from now and ODI after Champions trophy to groom as wicket keeper . (7) Sachitra senanayake & Akila to be tried in ODI s in future . Good Luck Sri Lanka Cricket

Posted by Zeshan547 on (October 8, 2012, 6:57 GMT)

nice article, but i think srilankans did not choke , but it's their bad luck which hurt them in big games, but it's not the end of world, so be optimistic and never lose hope.. ,

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (October 8, 2012, 6:26 GMT)

I honestly feel SL have given a good account of themselves in this competition. However, there is one serious issue with their cricket. They are simply over dependant on Mahela, Sanga and Dilshan. In other words, they are top heavy like Australia. Some may argue that in a T20 game that isn't of any essence, but it's actually a hindrance coming to think of it. Cause that's exactly what happened to SL yesterday. Once the top 3 went, the rest withered away. It's time for Sri Lankan cricket to move forward. As an Indian supporter, I can tell you how difficult it is for us to see lack of progress in Indian cricket. Too many cricketers with fat reputations still dominate the Indian game. Hopefully that won't be the case with SL. It's time for a new captain to begin with. It's good Mahela has stepped down. SL need to be focused on the 2015 WC. They have a nucleus of good young players to begin with. Now they need to find a young captain who reflects that flair as a leader.

Posted by   on (October 8, 2012, 6:00 GMT)

The Beauty of Srilankans Is They Never Let the Team Down!! Win or Loss We Always BACK Our Cricketers... We'll Have Good Times In Sha ALLAH In The Future!!

Posted by Alexk400 on (October 8, 2012, 5:06 GMT)

Srilankan young players choked under pressure. Not sure they can win anything.

Posted by Fast_Track_Bully on (October 8, 2012, 5:05 GMT)

For India, Seniors are not performing and juniors like Kohli and Rahane, Mukund etc are playing well. But for SL, still its depends on oldies like Sanga and Mahela!

Posted by guptahitesh4u on (October 8, 2012, 4:55 GMT)

It was poor captaincy from MJ, I don't understand why he gave another over to Malinga ?? Also, whatever yoou say about the middle order, but still SL's batting is completely dependent over Sangakkar and MJ..Dilshan never plays in a crucial match and other players just build their innings around Snagakaar and MJ..

Posted by jaykdane81 on (October 8, 2012, 4:50 GMT)

Hi Andrew, I guess you meant 'faze', instead of 'phase' in the second line from the end.. good article, tho'

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