South Africa in India 2015-16 October 13, 2015

India to lodge official complaint against umpire Kulkarni


Bhuvneshwar Kumar struck JP Duminy pretty plumb in front but the umpire gave it not out © Getty Images

The India team is not happy with Vineet Kulkarni's umpiring, and the captain's post-match report has remarks critical of the official, ESPNcricinfo has learnt. Vinod Phadke, the team manager, said the umpiring was not good, and that he was going to complain about Kulkarni in his report at the end of the series in addition to the captain's remarks, which he said he has not seen.

"I have not seen the captain's report, but I am going to mention him in my report," Phadke told ESPNcricinfo. "It is obvious to everybody that the umpiring has not been good."

Phadke's remarks led to the ICC charging him* with making "inappropriate comments."

At the end of the first Twenty20 international against South Africa, in Dharmasala, captain MS Dhoni had brought up the umpiring issue unprovoked at the post-match presentation. "We did not have quite a few decisions going our way and sometimes these can change the match," Dhoni said. "It could have been different if we could have got Duminy out early."

Dhoni was referring to the lbw appeal against JP Duminy in South Africa's successful chase of 200. Duminy looked pretty plumb to a Bhuvneshwar Kumar yorker, but survived. Had Duminy been given out then, it would have reduced South Africa to 157 for 4 in the 17th over. Eventually South Africa won with two balls to spare. In the Kanpur ODI Shikhar Dhawan was given out lbw to Morne Morkel when it seemed the ball was headed down the leg side from round the wicket. India eventually lost that match by five runs.

The 36-year-old Kulkarni has stood in 18 ODIs and seven T20Is. The convention in bilateral ODIs is for a local umpire to team up with a neutral umpire. Aleem Dar is the ICC's neutral official for the ODI series, and it is the home board's prerogative to provide a local umpire provided he is part of their international panel of umpires. Kulkarni is scheduled to stand in the second ODI, which will be played in Indore on Wednesday. This will be his last match as on-field umpire in the series before he returns as third umpire for the last ODI. This, though, was decided in advance, and has nothing to do with the captain's report.

*October 14, 2015 0950 GMT: This article has been updated with the ICC's tweet

Sidharth Monga is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo and Arun Venugopal is a senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • John on October 16, 2015, 14:47 GMT

    I read somewhere recently Dhoni always has excuses and rarely praises his opponents , and here he goes again. Cricket in India is becoming ugly and boorish , i fear things won't improve under Kohli , but it would be nice.

  • Taz on October 16, 2015, 6:36 GMT

    India won't allow drs and them cry about umpiring in every series to cover up their utter humiliation by the opponents. their umpire won them the last odi

  •   Cricinfouser on October 16, 2015, 4:59 GMT

    Seriously... the home team should determine if DRS and other technology are used, NOT the visiting team. If India does not like this, then let them play with themselves. They seem to do a lot of that anyway.

  •   Kamran Zafar on October 16, 2015, 3:59 GMT

    In the 2nd Odi he gave Farhaan Behardien, Caught behind and that might have helped India wining that one.

  •   Cricinfouser on October 16, 2015, 1:29 GMT

    As a cricketer during my early days-though not at Test level,- it was quite usual for the losing team to moan about umpiring decisions.At test level, umpires are appointed based on their usually faultless record. With the present opportunity to refer decisions to third umpire, if it had not been done,one cannot and should not blame the umpire.If there had been no third umpire, one must graciously accept the officiating umpire's decision as final.The fast bowler will in way be in a position to judge which way the ball was moving.The ball might have been moving away from the leg stump or might have hit the leg as it was going up and in the umpire's opinion, would have gone above the stumps and hence the claim for lbw was not legitimate. It is sad that test players of high caliber should choose to tarnish the name of an umpire instead of accepting the result with the grace of a gentleman.I appeal to the cricketers concerned to give up the idea and show true sportsmanship character.

  •   Cricinfouser on October 15, 2015, 23:33 GMT

    there us no drs in t20 format... and anyone can see that it was a perfect lbw.. how can anyone miss something like that?? that should have been given out.. we would have won the match

  • NIgel on October 15, 2015, 20:46 GMT

    India is becoming a problem.... A very Big problem and i blame all the other superpowers of Cricket for allowing such Great Game to be dictated by One Nation.....The Technology is there but they say it is not good enough like REALLY...?? yesterday Farhaan Berhadien was given out on a mistake...does it mean the Proteas need to lodge a complaint......naaaah

  • khalid on October 15, 2015, 19:04 GMT

    Umpiring has always been a controversial issue in the world of Cricket. Even, neutral umpire introduction didn't solve the problem. Now, besides Kulkarni being a host side umpire, he is also a human and to err is human. In my opinion, he didn't go wrong on purpose, bad judgments just happened. The best course is, he should be given a second chance and if at all his judgment still remains doubtful then he should be removed from the panel. Said this, where does third umpire review stand in ODIs? If it is not in ODIs, introduce it, if it is there, increase the number of reviews for each team per ODI.

  • TN on October 15, 2015, 18:00 GMT

    Big joke! It is precisely to reduce such umpiring errors that there is something called the DRS of which Dhoni is a big critic. So, just shut up and bear with the umpiring errors.

  • Jeff on October 15, 2015, 16:44 GMT

    If I was the ICC or the umpire I would simply write a 2 word, 6 letter reply to Dhoni and the BCCI. DRS QED. The rest of the cricketing world, and in fact most of the sporting world, have moved on from the era of human error in officiating. India are stuck in the Stone Age, and the rest of the world just laughs at them every time their stubbornness and lack of common sense comes back to bite them. Charge and ban both Dhoni and the team manager for bringing the game into disrepute just to rub salt into the wounds.

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