India news August 16, 2010

BCCI denies receiving complaints from players

Cricinfo staff

The BCCI has denied reports it has been sent a letter by members of the Indian team complaining about fatigue caused by their hectic international schedule. Rajiv Shukla, the board's media and finance committee chairman, said the BCCI was not forcing cricketers to play and that if they wanted rest they should inform the selection panel.

"If any player is feeling tired or fatigued, or if he feels that he would not be able perform due to some illness, then he must inform the selector," Shukla said. "The BCCI's policy is very clear. We will give the player rest. We are not forcing any player to participate in the series."

Shukla was responding to media reports that the Indian players had sent a letter to the board expressing unhappiness about their schedule. "We have not received any letter from any player saying that players are unhappy. There is no truth in it," Shukla said. "The international calendar is like that. But still we are working it out."

Though reports of the letter were unsubstantiated, MS Dhoni had spoken on Sunday about the workload on the Indian bowlers. "The workload on the bowler can be too much if you see, specially those playing Test matches and ODIs. The workload on them is a bit too much because they are suppose to bowl close to 17 to 25 overs a day. And that really challenges the limit. For batsmen it is still [easier], you don't have to put in the same amount of effort compared to a bowler."