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I am fit for selection - Manoj Tiwary


India batsman Manoj Tiwary has said he has made a full recovery from the side strain that ruled him out of action for a month. The India selectors are expected to meet later this week to pick the squad for the final two ODIs against England and Tiwary is hopeful of making the cut. His fitness report is expected to reach the selectors before the meeting.

Tiwary had been sidelined for at least six weeks after suffering the injury while batting during a Ranji Trophy game for Bengal against Saurashtra in Rajkot in December. His rehabilitation took place at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore, in two phases.

"I am feeling fit for selection and have successfully completed my rehabilitation," Tiwary told ESPNcricinfo. "The physio and the trainer were very satisfied with my recovery and I was progressing better than expected in fact. I was able to train with very little pain. They should have sent the fitness report to the selectors yesterday. I am now back home in Kolkata, looking to play a few club games (for match practice)."

Tiwary was injured just five games into the Ranji season. He began the season with 93 against the touring England side in the warm-up game in Mumbai - the highest by an Indian batsman in the game - but it wasn't good enough for him to make the Test line-up. He was among at least three contenders for the No. 6 spot, which eventually went to Yuvraj Singh. Tiwary also hit 191 in his third Ranji match this season, against Gujarat.

He had been initially named in the Twenty20 squad for the two matches against England before Christmas, but the injury meant that he had to miss that series and the limited-overs series against Pakistan as well. Tiwary had also suffered a wrist injury early in the tournament, but it wasn't as serious as his side strain.

Tiwary had once narrowly missed out on a Test debut, when he injured his shoulder during fielding practice on the eve of the Mirpur Test in 2007. Opportunities were also few: he has played just eight ODIs and three T20s since his international debut in 2008. Tiwary scored his maiden ODI century in December 2011, but was benched through the CB Series in Australia. He finally got his chance in the tour of Sri Lanka, scoring a fifty in the fifth ODI. Tiwary said he is used to handling such setbacks.

"The mental strength I have derived comes from my tough upbringing, from my background," Tiwary said. "We never had much money. I believe in hard work and leave the rest to destiny. My struggles are nothing compared to some other people. I motivate myself by watching motivational speeches and inspirational videos."

Kanishkaa Balachandran is a senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Ashok on January 18, 2013, 22:30 GMT

    @itsthewayuplay:Are you kidding about the 11-1 Test record? If Dhoni was under instruction to win, how come India got whitewashed both in England & Australia & nearly got whitewashed in India- Solo win due to Pujara's double Century. Look what Young Pujara did in 4 Tests vs. England - 387 total at an average of 87! The main reasons for Indian defeats is not encouraging young talent. Young opening batsmen like Dhawan & Mukund are in great form & there are good bowlers like Nadeem, Agarkar & Sreesanth, all available but rejected. Please don't tell me India has no good players available. India is losing because they are not picking talented guys who are in good form & performing superbly currently. Kohli scored plenty of runs in the past but during past 8 short format games he has totalled just 140. When people ask who to replace to get Pujara IN XI, the answer is staring at them but they don't want to see - justify their present failures by showing past records.

  • Cricket on January 18, 2013, 20:25 GMT

    @Nahush Modi nothing against Tiwary except he's from Bengal and Pujara's from Gujrat.

  • Ashok on January 18, 2013, 20:13 GMT

    @penagamuri: The real issue was about Tiwary. I had mentioned that when a star batsman like Pujara is benched, what chance does Tiwary have even if he is 100% Fit. You stated it is difficult to pick Pujara in XI since there is no one to replace. Thats why I gave an obvious example of Ishant who is not performing. You can always go back to a stage when Ishant performed better. But my main point here is to pick guys on their "Current" Form, Fitness & Performance. If Raina or Yuvraj play as a specialist batsman - not as an all rounders - then Pujara is far superior to either in his current form. The same goes for Kohli, whose form is poor right now. By selecting guys when they are in great form, there is more chance of Team India succeeding. Pujara could have been easily accomodated in XI by a more flexible & visionary Captain than Dhoni. The only Indian Test win in last 12 Tests was mace possible by Pujara's double century!

  • Cricket on January 18, 2013, 20:09 GMT

    @ Nampally you're mistaken if you think selecting new players like Pujara would have changed the 11-1 defeats in tests. New players should have been given the chance so that the rebuilding can taken place. Dhoni is in a difficult position - if he's appointed captain to win matches then his priority is pick a team that gives the best chance to do this. If the BCCI gives Dhoni the responsibility of rebuilding team then it has to identify a group of players they want to invest in and continually scout the domestic scene for new players. I'm in favour of the latter approach - forget about winning and losing and let bowlers learn to bowl at international level and batters to bat so that in a few years we have a team that can compete. But clear direction has to come from the BCCI. What they can't say to Dhoni is that his job is to win and also to develop the team. Indian cricket is at a crossroads and must decide which route it's going to take.

  • Sai on January 18, 2013, 7:45 GMT

    @nampally - well the same ishant has performed very well against pakistan ... took 7 wickets in 3 matches ... i think the only way pujara could find a spot is in the opening ... as he is a one down batsmen facing new ball should not an issue ... i would replace gambhir with pujara ... and in future jadeja should be replaced by irfan which would give us place for extra batsmen like rohit ... my ideal odi team would be pujara,rahane,kohli,yuvi,rohit,raina, dhoni,irfan, ashwin,bkumar, shami/ishant...

    I hope irfan recovers from his injury for the rest of the odis..... my test team would be - rahane, chand/sehwag, pujara,srt,kohli,rohit,msd,ashwin,ohja,yadav/ishant,bkumar/irfan.

    what do you think ?

  • Ashok on January 17, 2013, 21:37 GMT

    @penagamuri: How do you justify dropping a player who averaged an awesome 87 vs. England in 4 Test matches, in a side which crashed to 29 for 5 VS. pakistan? The same batting was out for <175 in last 2 ODI's too vs. Pakistan. When a High scoring talent like Pujara, presents itself you calmly bench him & justify it? This type of approach has catapulted India into 11-1 thrashing in Tests!. As per your question where do you place him- The answer is simple. Replace Ishant with Pujara @#3. Ishant bowled just 4 overs for 28 runs in ODI #2 & 10 overs for 88 runs in ODI #1.How do you justify his selection? It does not need a Rocket scientist to make such a simple decision. When I push for a talented player,you call it an "obsession"! Imagine how heart breaking it is for these young guys to be benched repeatedly!. Dhoni is like a "Banyan Tree under which nothing grows". He has destroyed development of any new talent in Indian team with his irrational XI selection - consistently.

  • Sai on January 17, 2013, 18:44 GMT

    @ every one who is bashing rohit sharma - - - Rohit deserves a place in the test team. He is simply not in the team because he hails from mumbai. He is in the team because people who knows how cricket is played could see the starking talent he posses. He is allways playing at no 7 so he hardly gets chances to play with time and overs under his belt ... comparing rohit to manoj is utter nonsense ... what did tiwari do in ipl ... nothing !!! Where as rohit is a star ... the only reason he was able to play successfully in t20 is because he played upfront in the order and wasnot under pressure ... what ever people say rohit is an undeniable talent which will keep in the fringes till he turned 30

  • Sai on January 17, 2013, 18:21 GMT

    @nampally, Your obsession about pujara and dravid is ridiculous... I think being a captain of team india dhoni is more aquiipped to make the decision he thinks is the best.. aggreed pujara is a good player but wait till there is place in the team.. you dont want pujara to open the innings ... raina and yuvi are doing a great job .. who could you accomodate pujara in this team ...

  • $$ milind on January 17, 2013, 10:27 GMT

    with d Champions Trophy coming near that too in England and the depleted form of our batsmen, we need players who can provide solidity 2 our line up . we need players who can play till 50 overs and not just bashers like yuvraj or sehwag , we have good finishers in Dhoni and Raina so - Rahane/Gautam, pujara, virat, tiwary, dhoni, raina, jadeja, ashwin, b k, shami and ishant/umesh make a sensible side atleast for that champions trophy