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Modi declared Rajasthan Cricket Association president

ESPNcricinfo staff

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Lalit Modi, the former IPL chairman, has been declared the winner of the Rajasthan Cricket Association election. The BCCI's interim president Shivlal Yadav responded immediately by suspending the RCA under Rule 32 (vii), board secretary Sanjay Patel said.

The election of Modi, who had been expelled by the BCCI in September last year for "acts of serious misconduct and indiscipline", as president of the state association was announced by a court-appointed observer in Jaipur on Tuesday. The polls were conducted in January under the observation of former Justice of the Supreme Court NM Kasliwal, but the results were sealed pending judicial proceedings.

On April 30, the Supreme Court had ordered that the results be announced on May 6. When they were released on Tuesday, Modi was declared the winner, having got 24 out of 33 votes - his opponent, Rampal Sharma, won five.

The court said the BCCI - which had earlier filed a petition against Modi having participated in the polls, as well as stated it would "withhold privileges" and financial aid to the RCA should he be named president - could take up the issue in an appropriate forum after the results were announced. The legal dispute around the issue are likely to continue. In its petition filed in January, the BCCI had said that allowing Modi, who was banned by the board's disciplinary committee for life, to return to the RCA would hurt the image of the board.

Modi had entered the RCA polls, despite being banned, through the loophole made available to him by the fact that the RCA is governed by the Rajasthan Sports Act.

Modi's allies won all the key posts in the RCA elections: Mehmood M Abdi, Modi's legal counsel, was declared elected as the deputy-president of the RCA, Somendra Tiwari as the new secretary, and Pawan Goyal its treasurer.

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  • Ramya on May 7, 2014, 5:01 GMT

    If RCA is governed by the Rajastan Sports Act then, how come it comes under the BCCI? If RCA falls under the BCCI, then how did they go about the elections knowing fully well that they will be facing such consequences?!!!

    This looks like a war of all soughts - If Modi was really interested in the upliftment of cricket in Rajastan, then he wudnt have contested and if bCCI was really intersted in the upliftment of cricket in the country, it wudnt have suspended RCA for the sake of one man!!!!

    All questions and no answers!!!!

  • TR on May 7, 2014, 3:55 GMT

    I dont understand this. Is RCA is part of BCCI or not? The answer can be one of two: either "yes, it is part of BCCI" OR "No, it is not part of BCCI". Right?

    If RCA is part of BCCI, all BCCI has to do is to declare the RCA election as 'null & void' and ask RCA to re-conduct the election. Thats what some one with interest in cricket in India would do.

    If RCA is not part of BCCI, then BCCI has no right to suspend RCA. Right? May some lawyer help people like me understand please.

  • Aashrith on May 6, 2014, 22:39 GMT

    First lalit what about narendra

  • Arunkumar on May 6, 2014, 8:20 GMT

    I think now its the time for all Modis to win. No stopping them.

  • Ramachandra on May 6, 2014, 7:54 GMT

    Not supporting Mr.Modi here, but the stance of BCCI is hypocritical. When Srinivasan is set-aside as the BCCI president by none other than the Supreme court of India, he is allowed to represent India in ICC - how does that amount to not damaging the reputation of the board? BCCI in its lowest in credibility terms, hopefully the mess would clear soon.

  • ESPN on May 6, 2014, 7:02 GMT

    such is indian cricket,viabrent but full of twists and turns

  • John on May 6, 2014, 5:50 GMT

    If " hurting the image " of the BCCI is worthy of exclusion and a ban then time they applied their own rule consistently. It is indisputable that the image of Indian cricket has been severely hurt by having the President of the BCCI stood down TWICE by the Supreme Court in one year. The BCCI image internationally and domestically is in tatters.

  • Shueb on May 6, 2014, 5:45 GMT

    Congrats Mr LM, someone to challenge the might of Srinivasan.

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