February 17, 2001

It's hard work bowling on Indian pitches: Kasprowicz

Staff Reporter

Michael Kasprowicz has been in and out of the Australia team in the last three seasons. He was here in India on the last tour in 1998 as the spearhead of the Australian attack. On Saturday he shone in a new role as a batsman while making a career highest score of 92 to rescue the visitors from a ticklish situation. CricInfo caught up with him in Nagpur to get his views on his innings and various aspects of the tour.

Q: How do you feel about your innings today?

A: Well, it was a long day. Actually you know I am coming back from injury and I was not sure whether I was going to get to play here. I got my chance and I made the best of it. Me and Jason, we thought we'll build the innings. Get 10 and 20 first and then we would go for the big runs later. I found that was working well so I carried on with it.

Q: How different are you from the last tour?

A: I think I am doing well now, I got back eight kilos from the last time (laughs). I have been in and out of the Australia side for some time. I have got experience, that's the key, that the main way I have changed most, I think I have developed better as a cricketer.

Q: Is this Australian attack better than the last time?

A: Yeah, there are a lot of bowlers this time and I think it's a good sign, because we like to hunt in pairs and compliment each other well. If one guy bowls a maiden or blocks one batsman, we do well to back that up with a good line and apply pressure from the other end as well.

Q: Are you under pressure of performing on this tour?

A: I guess there is always pressure when we are playing and we got to keep performing. It's a great thing for me that I am playing for Australia and I enjoy it. I have fun when I am playing. I work hard and more often than not I get results.

Q: This tour could well be history in the making, if Australia wins the series. What is your reaction to this?

A: I think I am extremely fortunate just to be on the tour and having the opportunity of being part of the team. I would do the best I can.

Q: How well did Balaji Rao bowl at you?

A: Oh, the legspinner. He bowled a few full tosses but I don't know if he was good or not. I am not a batsman so I wouldn't know. I just saw a few balls pitched up and hit them.

Q: How do you prepare yourself mentally to bowl on the flat pitches in India?

A: Well, I don't see it that way. It's fine for me anywhere as far as I am playing for Australia. You can ask me to bowl on an airport runway, it's fine with me. I know the Indian wickets are different from what we have in Australia but I just have to go in there and bowl and keep on working. It's hard work bowling here, that's how I see it.