Deccan v Rajasthan, IPL 2010, Nagpur April 5, 2010

Run, Harmeet, run

Cricinfo staff

Yusuf deserts training
Not entirely. But when Rajasthan Royals started doing their warm-ups, Yusuf Pathan decided to skirt into the VIP stands to embrace the owner couple of Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra and exchange pleasantries. He spent a good few minutes. Not sure if Shane Warne was impressed.

Never take a man's word
Ryan Harris should've finished it neatly instead of fumbling, juggling and then going on to claim the return catch from Michael Lumb. The batsman asked Harris if it was a clean catch before walking towards the dugout and the Australian replied with a nod. To support his claims, he even raised both hands in the hand-cuffed fashion with the ball lodged in between. But an alert Simon Taufel meanwhile requested the third umpire Sanjay Hazare to verify. Instantly, one of the cameras found that Harris had actually grounded the ball. Harris apologised to Lumb but the Englishman may never again accept a gentleman's word.

Best ground of the IPL
With its long boundaries on all sides of the wicket, the VCA Stadium in Jamtha has offered the bowlers' lot the much-needed succour. The figures support that idea: Rajasthan collected 66 of the 159 in boundaries and sixes while the corresponding figure for Hyderabad was 90.

To hell with common sense
Four were needed off three balls, and Harmeet Singh was caught in a moment of panic. Rohit Sharma couldn't time a full-toss from Siddarth Trivedi cleanly, but the square-leg fielder's throw was wide at the bowler's end, offering Rohit a chance to get back to strike. But even as Rohit rushed back for the second run, Harmeet remained rooted to his spot only to move a few steps at the very last second and cross Rohit just as Trivedi brushed off the bails. Clearly, Harmeet had forgotten to use his common sense.