Tikolo would welcome Waugh's support October 26, 2005

Kenya in talks with the Steve Waugh Foundation

Cricinfo staff

Tom Tikolo hopes Waugh's affinity with India can be extended to Kenyan cricket © Getty Images

Tom Tikolo, the chief executive of the Kenya Cricket Association, has said they would welcome the support of former Australian captain Steve Waugh in opening an academy for underprivileged children.

"We are already in discussion with a member of the Steve Waugh Foundation on the formalities of starting a pilot scheme for underprivileged children in the country," Tikolo said.

Earlier this week, Waugh insisted that more time and focus should be spent on developing cricket in countries such as Kenya and Bangladesh: "If you don't do that then the game is going to struggle, so I think we need the resources in that area."

Earlier this year he submitted plans to build a large "cricket city," or township, on the outskirts of Kolkata at Rajarhat New Town in India. Waugh has held a strong affinity with the country ever since touring there as a player. But even in retirement he has spent considerable time there, and is involved with plenty of charities and organisations to help children:

"Steve has been symbolic with his humanitarian work in India. He may be able to extend the same to Kenya," Tikola said, adding that the retired captain will likely travel to Kenya to launch the project.