Trevor Penney July 11, 2010

Catching Beefy

Getting Mike Procter's autograph, partying like it's 1989, and an experience better than any in cricket

First good catch
I always enjoyed fielding. As a youngster I took some good catches in the Zimbabwe League. My first really memorable catch and my favourite was catching my hero, Ian Botham, at Edgbaston in a four-day game in 1993. He had hit it unbelievably hard, and I dived full length to take it.

First time in a pub with a team
When Warwickshire won the 1989 Natwest Trophy. It was a great night and a memorable celebration.

First autograph Mike Procter's. He played for what was Rhodesia then. I was a schoolboy. I met him near the boundary.

First selection for a big team
As an 18-year-old, for Zimbabwe hockey and cricket. I was so pleased. I was very young, and to be selected for both was great.

First child
It's the most wonderful feeling. It's better than any cricket selection and anything else you have done.

As told to Sriram Veera