Sarah Taylor December 7, 2013

'Sandra Bullock would play me in a film'

England's batsman-keeper on the highlight of her career, wearing hockey shin pads, and buying a house with a pool and a cinema

It's been a great time for England women. What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Winning the Ashes this year, with the new format as well. There were six points for each of the three formats and it proved to be a brilliant innovation.

Talk us through that incredible catch in the third ODI against Australia. Premeditating to catch a reverse sweep - is that something you had practised?
No, I'd never practised it. It was just one of those instinctive moments. I only remember the celebrations!

Do you ever have to pinch yourself to take in just how well your career has been going?
I do sometimes, yes. Some people even say I'll be playing for another ten years. I have played with some phenomenal cricketers and I am just so grateful for that.

You wear hockey shin pads instead of conventional pads to keep wicket. It clearly works wonders for you. How long will it be until men follow suit?
It was an idea I had a few years back with a couple of the England coaches. I felt the top of the wicketkeeping pads got in the way, so I went to a local sports store and bought some hockey ones - and never looked back. I'm unsure if the men will follow suit, but I have heard of an Aussie keeper who plays with nothing. He's a brave man!

Can you see there being a time when a woman plays a first-class game for a county?
I don't think the possibility should be ruled out. I'd like to think in the future there will be a woman cricketer good enough and willing to put in the time to at least try.

Who is the most naturally talented player you have ever played with?
A few spring to mind when I have played overseas, but in the England squad at the minute, Nat Sciver stands out for me. She's a brilliant cricketer all-round. I think she has the ability to show what women's cricket is all about.

Who would be the first name on a women's World T20 XI team sheet?
Deandra Dottin.

If you could be a professional in another sport, what would you choose?

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would buy?
A house with a swimming pool, a cinema, a tennis court - the works.

Which country is the best to play cricket in?
New Zealand. The views are incredible.

What is the most frustrating law in cricket that should be changed?
Wicketkeepers taking the ball in front of the stumps. It's just annoying.

There is a skier to take to win the World Cup final. Who would you want under it?
Lydia Greenway.

Who is your sporting idol?
Graham Thorpe. I loved watching him bat.

Who is the greatest sportswoman that ever lived?
Steffi Graf.

Which actress would play you in a film?
Sandra Bullock.

Which of your team-mates would you want most in a pub quiz team?
Anya Shrubsole, aka Statto!

Who is the last player to buy a round of drinks?
Dani Wyatt, forever and always.

So you're a big Arsenal fan. When are they next going to win a trophy?
At the end of this season!