MCC and Lord's June 30, 2008

Lord's redevelopment costs near £250 million

Cricinfo staff

British sports fans are used to stadium developments running way over budget - the virtual farces surrounding Wembley and the Olympic venues are the worst examples - but the MCC has readjusted the cost of its planned rebuild at Lord's from £200 million to more than £250 million ... within months of the original announcement.

A report in The Times says that a rejig of the requirements of stands at the Nursery End will mean an increase in the eventual capacity to 40,000 but that will come at a cost.

Plans include new stands opposite the pavilion the same height as the Grandstand and six retractable floodlights. The Times also speculated that the new media centre, which attracts mixed views from both public and the press, may be replaced, although the MCC are believed to be opposed to such a move.