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John Traicos

The long arm

Spinner turned legal eagle

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John Traicos, the former Zimbabwe offspinner, now settled in Perth, January 17, 2008
"Playing cricket has taught me to be my own captain" © Siddhartha Vaidyanathan
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I originally qualified as a schoolteacher out of university, taught for four years, and then studied law part-time. I practised law in Zimbabwe for about 15 years. I moved into corporate law in 1990, acting as legal counsel with a number of companies - among them was a large tobacco marketing company that had interests in mining, tourism and agriculture.

I migrated to Australia in early 1998 and I've been working in a similar capacity for mining and resource companies in Western Australia since.

My cricket background has been a great advantage. It has opened doors for me and introduced me to people and opportunities - more so in Australia, where people follow cricket closely. Generally the more cricket-passionate clients or customers have been aware of my cricket background.

I don't know whether I was better on the cricket field than I'm at this job, but I'd like to think I display the same passion in my work now that I did on the cricket field. I certainly enjoy my work as much.

I believe cricketers who have been fortunate enough to play at a high level have several advantages acquired from their experiences. They have usually had to fight their way to achieve success, have had to be disciplined, train hard and learn how to deal responsibly with adversity. Playing cricket has taught me to be my own captain, and also how to be a student of the game - two principles that, when applied in "real-life" situations, have been very beneficial.

As told to Nagraj Gollapudi

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