Pakistan v England 2011-12 February 22, 2012

Former Pakistan players blame selection for loss in ODIs


Mudassar Nazar, the former Pakistan batsman, has said Pakistan should not overreact to their 0-4 loss to England in the one-day series in the UAE as they have good enough players in the squad but just did not find the right team combination in the series. Apart from the selection of the XI, Nazar pointed to a lack of fitness as among the chief reasons for Pakistan's dismal series.

"The slump was the result of bad team selection," Nazar told ESPNcricinfo. "Pakistan never played with the right combination. Fitness is definitely a problem, especially with the fast bowlers, and the failure of the openers to put up substantial partnerships also has to be addressed. Overall the performance was a complete flop.

"These players are good enough to win matches but need to be played in the right combination. Though we lost this series, we have been winning ever since the tour to New Zealand [at the beginning of 2011]. Yes, there are problems but they need to be fixed rather than overreacting to the loss. We need to sit and analyse what the problem was; there is no need to press the panic button."

Abdul Qadir, the former Pakistan legspinner, said it was time Pakistan had separate squads for different formats. The squad for the ODI series against England was similar to the Test one, with Hammad Azam, Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Malik added, and Taufeeq Umar and Mohammad Talha making way. The uncapped Awais Zia is in the Twenty20 squad.

"I think the time has come to form specialised teams for each format of the game; we have enough players to carry out that plan," Qadir said. "We need to get the right man for the right format."

Rather than criticise Pakistan for their loss, Qadir chose to praise England for bouncing back after being whitewashed in the Test series. "England's bowlers were outstanding and consistent," he said. "They turned the tables on Pakistan after the Test series.

"I have always been impressed by the English players' mental toughness. Despite their worst ever showing in the Test series, they bounced back hard and I am afraid they could further dent Pakistan in the upcoming Twenty20 series. The onus is now on the Pakistan team management to motivate the team to bounce back, and they too have the ability to do so."

Qadir also criticised the team selection, saying Pakistan played too many spinners, expecting them to repeat the success of the Test series, despite the pitches being livelier for the ODIs. "I think Pakistan failed to take full advantage of the pitches for the one-dayers; we never changed our focus from the Tests to the ODIs as we kept on expecting spinners to play a key role."

Iqbal Qasim, the former Pakistan spinner, echoed Qadir's thoughts on picking a separate team for ODIs and also disagreed with the team selections during the ODI series, pointing to the fact that Pakistan played just one fast bowler in the fourth match.

"Like other teams we should also designate some players for Tests, some for one-dayers and some for Twenty20 because this has proved beneficial for other teams," Qasim said.

Qasim and Imran Khan, the former Pakistan captain, backed Misbah-ul-Haq to continue leading the side in all formats despite the drubbing. "Misbah needs to show more aggression but it's too early to write him off," Imran said. "Misbah must bat up the order to get good totals. If one captain is doing well in all three forms of the game then there is no use having separate captains."

Edited by Dustin Silgardo

Umar Farooq is ESPNcricinfo's Pakistan correspondent

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  • Dummy4 on February 24, 2012, 6:30 GMT

    afridi use to say tym n tym again that "he dont know wat happens to him when he enters in to bat" ..................:D a man who can not take responsbility himself cannot b a gud captain and we want him as captain again its rediculas

  • Dummy4 on February 24, 2012, 6:19 GMT

    abdul qadir wants umar akmal as captain in t2o,s thats why he supports different teams for different formats..........its all about family relations

  • KH. RAFIQUE on February 23, 2012, 15:40 GMT

    I think MR.QADIR is absolutely right to ask for different players for different formats of the game........Its really a necessary of current time....

  • P on February 23, 2012, 15:17 GMT

    First thing to say is that if PCB don't have any sensible vision about cricket then they should look all around the world, they will clearrly see that all cricket playing countries have 3 differnt teams for 3 formats of the game.Mostly 4 to 5 players are common in all 3 formats sides but remaining are changed according to the different format.This is a BIG JOKE that Misbah is the capatin of all 3 formats. Can any one give any example about any other team in the world has 38 years old captain of ODI/ T20 ? And Misbah's pathetic and low scoring rate and defensive capatincy make it even more unbelieveable that some one like Misbah who even don't deserve to be in the limited over team as a player and he is the capatian !!!! In ODI and T20, team needs positive minded captain like Shahid Afridi who have already proven in last world cup and even before that he is the best choice for captaincy of Pakistan's team. Misbah, Malik, Farhat, Adnan, Azhar should be out of ODI and T2

  • Dummy4 on February 23, 2012, 15:11 GMT

    1-Hafeez 2- Azhar 3-Younis 4-Misbah 5- Asad ShafiQ 6- Akmal 7-afridi 8-Adnan 9-RAZAq 10-Ajmal 11-Gul perfect team with two SEamers anD 3 spiners and if u Wants A more bowler drop asad and adnan brought a real wkb and a fast bowler Simple Iz That !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dummy4 on February 23, 2012, 13:42 GMT

    Its about time Pakistan thought about separate Test and ODI squads. Would have to criticize Misbah on negative and over-defensive captaincy.

  • Shameem on February 23, 2012, 13:34 GMT

    I find it fascinating how quickly the critics roll out: the ex-cricketers with their take on what Pakistan should do now with it's team, others expressing their expertise or claims thereof. I have been listening to Geoff Boycott and how he believes that one of the reasons of the Pakistani team's recent success is how the ex-cricketers have been ignored....well Boycs, spoke too soon, dindcha? Other than Imran Khan who was positive and Mudassar...the rest...well....GO AWAY. PLEASE leave this team alone they did very very well in one format -give them some time to sort out the ODI and let us get on with the T20. Bismillah....go get'em

  • Dummy4 on February 23, 2012, 12:15 GMT

    Pls Dnt ask Kamran akmal to come back,Ppl normally have short memories(HE IS NOT COUNTRY LOVER)..Pls bring back Razzaque,Fawad,Shehzad,Nasir,Nazeer and introduce Sadaf Hussain...replace Imran Farrat,Shoeb malik,Misbah,Gul,cheema, and wahab....HOW mMuch we Suffer from favouritism,MERIT is the best solution.

  • Dummy4 on February 23, 2012, 11:45 GMT

    As a cricket Lover I suggest Managment to show that you are from talent rich country,this is the the matter of smart selection.Before Butt influenced the selection,now what?Why this Nation tolerate Imran farhat(His Father in law is selector).Shoeib malik influence politicaly& Misbah says you said me Haji so I will say you Haji(friendship),Afridi is entertainer we cant expact big innings from him.Mohsin is selfish and he is eating the waqar's friuts. All seniors done excellent job for pakistan,Now for the sake of Future please retire yourself as yousuf done.Simple solution is.... "MERIT" and honesty .I think Nazir, Razzaque,Jamshed,Shehzad,serfraz,Fawad alam,Sadaf Hussain,Yasir Arfat,Azhar Mehmood are talented and seems to be honest one's

  • Sharique on February 23, 2012, 10:49 GMT

    I am flabergasted by the lack of common sense. We need to play just about the same bunch of players that reached the last worldcup semi finals with only a few changes. Pakistan needs a better wicker keeper. Pakistan needs some agression up the order. Some new talent like hammad azam should be played at 5 or 6. Does anybody remeber the promising leftarm under19 spinner Raza Hasan? He and Hammad Azam were instrumental in the u19 Worldcup campaign that reached the finals. He should be played in one dayers and Abdur Rehman should be played in test matches.

    Aizaz chemma is not getting any younger and he keeps bowling wide of the crease so no chance of LBW unless the batsman comitts suicide and I think England has had the measure of him so why play him despite his obvoius lack of improvement? Pakistan Desperately need a Professional Coach and not somebody who tells enthusiastic players to relax and take a break for a few days instead of team practice after their 3-0 test white wash.

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