November 3, 2002

Teams for Super League one-day Ramadan Cup

The national selection committee has announced the four teams for the Super League one-day Ramadan Cup starting at the Gaddafi Stadium from November 11.

The selection committee headed by Wasim Bari first picked the top 60 performers (last season and from the just concluded tournaments) and then equally divided them in four teams.

"The teams are of equal strength and we expect the matches to be competitive besides producing some real good talent", Wasim Bari said.

The teams will be allocated names once the sponsorship deals are finalized. Moin Khan was named captain of Team A, Shoaib Malik of Team B, Azhar Mahmood of Team C and Wasim Akram of Team D.

The replacements for Wasim Akram, Azhar Mahmood and Misbah-ul-Haq will be announced later as the three players are to leave for Zimbabwe either on November 16 or 18 for the five-match one-day international series.


Team A: Shadab Kabir (Karachi), Naved Latif (Sargodha) (vice-captain), Shahid Qambrani (Hyderabad), Kamran Sajid (Lahore), Farhan Adil (Karachi), Rafatullah (Peshawar), Qaiser Abbas (Muridke), Tahir Mughal (Sialkot), Moin Khan (Karachi) (captain), Amin-ur-Rehman (Karachi), Fazl-e-Akbar (Peshawar), Zahid Saeed (Sialkot), Faisal Irfan (Quetta), Irfanuddin (Karachi), Danish Kaneria (Karachi)

Team B: Mohammad Ramzan (Faisalabad) (vice-captain), Zeeshan (Peshawar), Bazid Khan (Lahore), Asim Kamal (Karachi), Khaqan Arsal (Lahore), Azizullah (Quetta), Shoaib Malik (Sialkot) (captain), Zulqarnain (Lahore), Idrees Ahmed (Gujrat), Kamran Younis (Gujranwala), Azhar Ali (Lahore), Kashif Raza (Sheikhupura), Jaffar Nazir (Sheikhupura), Shabbir Ahmed (Khanewal), Najaf Shah (Rawalpindi)

Team C: Imran Farhat (Lahore), Salman Butt (Lahore), Ijaz Ahmed Jnr (Faisalabad), Usman Tariq (Bahawalpur), Asim Munir (Gujranwala), Babar Naeem (Rawalpindi), Bilal Asad (Islamabad), Salman Qadir (Lahore), Azhar Mahmood ) (Islamabad) (captain), Atiq-uz-Zaman (Karachi) (vice-captain), Adnan Akmal (Lahore), Naved-ul-Hasan (Sheikhupura), Umar Gul (Peshawar), Abdur Rauf (Okara), Abdul Rehman (Sialkot)

Team D: Imran Nazir (Sheikhupura), Saeed Anwar (Lahore) (vice-captain), Misbah-ul-Haq (Sargodha), Yasir Hameed (Peshawar), Naumanullah (Karachi), Sufyan Munir (Gujrat), Khalid Latif (Karachi), Afaq Raheem (Azad Kashmir), Wasim Akram (Lahore) (captain), Yasir Arafat (Rawalpindi), Humayun Farhat (Lahore), Junaid Zia (Rawalpindi), Faisal Afridi (Sargodha), Waqar Ahmed (Peshawar), Aqeel Ahmed (Faisalabad).

The following are the timings of the matches:

Day matches:
0830-1200 - play
1200-1220 - change of innings
1220-1330 - play
1330-1400 - break for Zuhr prayers
1400-1620 - play

Day/Night matches:
1200-1330 - play
1330-1400 - break for Zuhr prayers
1400-1600 - play
1600-2100 - break for Iftar, Maghrib prayers and Taraweeh
2100-0030 - play

Night match:
2100-0030 - play
0030-0050 - change of innings
0050-0420 - play

Schedule and Officials:

Dates Matches Venue Umpires Referee Scorer
11 Nov Match No. 1 Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Mian Aslam-Saleem Badar Khateeb Rizwan Masood Ahmed
12 Nov Match No. 2 Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Saleem Badar-Athar Zaidi Abdul Sami Mohammad Akbar
13 Nov Match No. 3 Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Saleem Badar-Asad Rauf Ehtishamuddin Azhar Hussain
14 Nov REST
15 Nov Match No. 4 Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Athar Zaidi-Nadeem Ghauri Khateeb Rizwan Riaz Ahmed
16 Nov Match No. 5 Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Aleem Dar-Asad Rauf Khateeb Rizwan Abdul Hameed
17 Nov Match No. 6 Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Mian Aslam-Nadeem Ghauri Sultan Rana Najamus Saeed
18 Nov REST
19 Nov Match No. 7 Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Athar Zaidi-Iqbal Butt Anwar Khan Abdul Hameed
20 Nov Match No. 8 Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Aleem Dar-Iqbal Butt Anwar Khan Riaz Ahmed
21 Nov Match No. 9 Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Mian Aslam-Iqbal Butt Abdul Sami Mohammad Akbar
22 Nov REST
23 Nov Match No. 10 Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Riazuddin-Nadeem Ghauri Sultan Rana Masood Ahmed
24 Nov Match No. 11 Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Riazuddin-Asad Rauf Ehteshamuddin Azhar Hussain
25 Nov Match No. 12 Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Riazuddin-Aleem Dar Abdul Sami Najamus Saeed
26 Nov REST
27 Nov FINAL Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Riazuddin-Aleem Dar Sultan Rana Najamus Saeed

  1. Matches on 16 and 23 Nov. are Night matches
  2. Matches on 17, 18 and 28 Nov. are Day & Night matches
  3. All the remaining matches are day matches

Samiul Hasan
GM Media
November 3, 2002