Pakistan cricket August 23, 2008

Ashraf given farewell by PCB

Cricinfo staff

Nasim Ashraf, the former chairman of the Pakistan board, was given a warm send-off by his colleagues after he visited the board headquarters in Lahore on Friday for a farewell meeting. Sohail Mansoor, the board's spokesman, said it was a "warm and sentimental affair".

Ashraf, who resigned from the PCB after 20 months in charge, spoke about his tenure. "I have a genuine love for cricket and tried my best to take Pakistan cricket where it truly belongs," he told the News. "I may have committed some mistakes during my tenure but my intentions were to promote Pakistan cricket.

"I'm leaving the PCB and Pakistan cricket in a good shape and I pray that things get even better in the future."

Ashraf had resigned on August 18, the day that Pervez Musharraf, one of his main beneficiaries and closest allies, stood down as the president of the country.