Pakistan news December 30, 2010

Malik, Kamran and Kaneria to appear before PCB committee

ESPNcricinfo staff

Shoaib Malik, Kamran Akmal and Danish Kaneria will appear before the PCB's integrity committee in Lahore on Thursday as the board considers their future involvement with the Pakistan side.

The three have not played for Pakistan in any format since the summer tour to England, having not been cleared for selection by the integrity committee. Though the board has made no official comment and not charged the players, it is understood it has concerns about the trio.

Accordingly, none have been picked for various squads; Kaneria was in the Test squad for the South Africa series but was prevented from travelling by the board to the UAE at the very last minute. Akmal even wrote to the ICC to ask whether he was the subject of any corruption inquiry or case and was subsequently told there was nothing on him.

The integrity committee asked the players to submit details of their bank accounts, assets and property holdings from the last three years. Kaneria has done so while Malik and Akmal are understood to have submitted their details in the last week.

The ongoing inquiry has led to Pakistan delaying the naming of their 30 probables for the 2011 World Cup. Ordinarily, Akmal and Malik would be automatic selections in the 30 and more than likely in the final 15 as well, but the ICC has granted Pakistan an extension until January 5 to decide.

After the meeting, chaired by board chairman Ijaz Butt and attended by senior board officials, the selection committee will sit down, likely on Friday, to give shape to the ODI squad for the New Zealand series as well as the World Cup probables.

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  • Cool on January 1, 2011, 3:32 GMT

    Wow. So you want to win World Cup at all costs? By having cheats in your side? By having people who sell their country for a few dollars? I can't believe the amount of support Pakistanis are giving to these thugs. I am not at all surprised that your country is in a mess.

  • Dummy4 on December 31, 2010, 21:04 GMT

    Match fixing is not new to cricket. In the past some of the biggest names have been part of it. I.e. Cronje, Azruhddin, even a number of Pakistani big names but this type of a reaction from ICC only surfaced now where they have suspended the trio without Scotland yard's investigation being completed and without a court verdict. ICC is just telling PCB do as we tell you to do or else. And sadly PCB management and leadership is not strong enough to challenge the ICC. These players have the right to work and make a living from their professional trade of playing cricket. International law protects there right to earn a living by a legal method and an accusation can not stop them from doing so. Unless there is a guilty verdict from the Courts or the International Court their basic God given right under the UDHR is being violated openly by the ICC.

  • Azilur on December 31, 2010, 19:50 GMT

    One point to be noted for sure - Without Aamer, Asif, Butt, Kamran Akmal on the playing 11 list in the WC.....PAKISTAN cricket CANNOT even progress to the second round..!! If PAK intends to win the WC or have a good overall performance during thw WC...these players have to be on playing 11. Do agree there are some issues going on, but PCB could well resolve this with the players after the WC rather than now, as these is going to affect the players and the team needs to gel quickly NOW itself....PCB have to realise the importance of these key players....!

  • fahad.from on December 31, 2010, 17:26 GMT

    ICC is doing all this because they are afraid of India ICC is a slave of india and thats why pakistan is going down folk HINT HINT HINT

  • Ahsan on December 31, 2010, 16:21 GMT

    First of all, ICC has created drama as they know that Pakistani Team is over the moon, so they some how make a match fixing drama and trap M Asif, M Amir and Salman Butt,. And now they are not letting S Malik and Akmal to join their team... Afridi is great player but he doesnt have the leadership qualities.... He is not good enough to Captain Pakistan Team... Now he says i dont have good players in my team... Wen Malik was captain, he doesnt have M amir, M Asif, A Razzaq, Shoaib akhtar and Mohammad Yousuf etc..... But still he made us win win matches,,, Our senior players let Malik down because they didnt like a player junior than them giving directions.. So people corrrect yourself... malik and Yousuf had a fight, because he didnt want M Yousuf for T20 Worldcup 2007. Whats wrong with that... Malik your are the best captain after Inzamam,, U will make a come back soon Inshallah....

  • Ahsan on December 31, 2010, 16:10 GMT

    Afridi is not good enough to captain the side... Shoaib Malik should be made Captain..... He was the best Captain for odi and t20s after Inzmam... ANd people who says Afridi doesnt have good players I just wana correct thm by saying that When Malik was captain, he didnt had Umar Akmal, S Akhtar, M Asif ( was Banned ), Mohammad Amir and even M Yousuf abdul razzaq etc, But still he made us win,, Check Malik's Captainship Record and his Performance when he was captain... Our senior Players let him downn and look at our senior players where is M Yousuf does any one know. And also Afridi when he was made captain i was shoked to hear when he said they should have made me captain straight after Inzmam Retirement....MaliK is a Great Player. Malik InshAllah U will make a Comeback...Chk his record while as a Captain, as a Player also as a Domestic Player..... And for this last t20 today they should pick Abdul Rehman instead of Younis Khan... He can Bat and Bowllll. And where is Imran Nazir

  • Azilur on December 31, 2010, 16:09 GMT

    PCB needs to act fast and announce the squad ASAP.... Malik, Kamran , i believe should be in the final 15 list....along with Aamer, Asif & Butt. Without these key players PAK cricket team , CANNOT progress in the WC for sure....! No doubts on that...!

  • awais on December 31, 2010, 13:23 GMT

    and 1 more point for ppl who blindly believe pcb is creating fiasco n pakistani players r guilty.random players r selected for dope tests during any series or tournament, just few days before that video 3 pakistani players were randomly selected for dope test, names, amir, salman n asif..... just a co-incidence or u smell something? was it rly random or there were few ppl who wanted the 3 players to b out of team so first a routine method used n it didnt work so the video made?may b i m wrong, but shouldnt we wait for the court decision atleast? and please somebody tell me y icc suspended those players when even that court hasnt decided whether its worth a case or not?so the fiasco is from icc not pcb, pcb is only trying to save their they have another option here?

  • awais on December 31, 2010, 13:17 GMT

    @stormy16 how about icc shows some grown up attitude n stop pestering pcb?can anyone bother to question icc on wat grounds they suspended players n y create all this fiasco for pcb at first place?i mean uk police and court have full investigation and evidence file or watever but still they havent put up a case against 3 players then on wat ground did icc suspend these players?if those were so authentic evidences dont u think those guys would b in court about 2 months ago when investigation finished?just in case 3 guys r innocent, how will icc ever make up for all the series n matches those guys missed, or pakistan lost coz the team was understrength,mentally disturbed n insecure.can icc ever make up for these things? no they cant then how come without even giving it a 2nd thought they suspended players n even in last hearing they didnt listen to players n sent them back,wat was the purpose of hearing if guys werent allowed to speak?

  • rao on December 31, 2010, 13:03 GMT

    @zahirsaltin. dont speak for everybody we pakistani fans dont want our players to b thrown out without justice n valid proof.if u throw them out wat kinda message r u sending out? that u r so weak and easy to b fooled that a foreign media makes a video and u fall for it? u want the whole world to think that our players r not trust worthy and they r corrupt becoz 'u just feel it?' that doesnt make any efficient police force like scotland yard investigated the case,ur players r being judged by a foreign court n still u want to punish them before everything is proved bcoz u just know it? u dont have to trust ur players if its so hard for u but atleast wait for the justice to b done n lets hope the justice is really done.we dont want corrupt players in our team bt ur feelings r not enough to punish anybody.and most important thing, if all those evidences n videos were so authentic, why that court hasnt pressed charges against any of them yet?

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