Pakistan news July 13, 2011

Sarfraz impressed by fast bowling talent

ESPNcricinfo staff

The ongoing two-week emerging players camp at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore has helped iron out flaws in promising quick bowlers, former Pakistan fast bowler Sarfraz Nawaz said. He was impressed with five of the bowlers during the camp, featuring current Test players and youngsters with the potential to represent Pakistan.

"There is a lot of competition at the camp, and friendly rivalry. Mohammad Talha has impressed me, as have Sohail Khan, Tanvir Ahmed and Sohail Tanvir, who is an improving bowler. Aizaz Cheema, who is deceptively quick, has also impressed me," he told "All of these boys have a lot of potential."

Talha - who has played one Test match in early 2009 - had an issue with his follow-through, said Sarfraz, which he worked on at the camp. "There is a lack of coordination with his [Talha's] body in the follow through. He was stopping abruptly. I've told him to put all his weight down on his front foot, release the ball when his front leg straight, rather than bent as he is doing now. He has not been getting the impetus upon delivery, as his front knee was bent when he released the ball. Since we've spoken to him, he is hitting the deck a lot harder."

He has also worked on issues that Sohail Khan, who has played one Test and four ODI's, had with his grip. "When he was releasing the ball, the way he was holding the ball was not ideal. [But] Already we can see improvements.

The camp had the bowlers working with the red ball through week one. This week the focus is on the white ball with an eye on the rule change in one-day cricket that comes into effect in October. The bowlers will be coached in dealing with the "reduced chance of reverse swing in the 50-over format" that the new rule entails, Sarfraz said. "[We will] ensure that the bowlers are getting advice to better prepare them for all formats of the game."