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Hung websites, and a ten-hour journey

Three fans share their stories about being at Tendulkar's final Test
November 16, 2013

The final walk back? © BCCI

My friend and I decided to toss a coin
Ramnik B, 30, Kolkata

I came from Kolkata to watch this match after I got lucky on for the tickets. As soon as the dates for this match were announced, I told my boss that no matter what happens, I am going to Mumbai for this. She agreed and since I was supposed to meet a client in Mumbai, I thought I would finish that too.

On the day the tickets were going on sale online for the second Test, I tried to buy them from 10.30am onwards, and kept trying for hours and hours but the website was too slow. Finally, around midnight I gave up, even though I had reached the payment page a couple of times and was a step away from getting the confirmation.

When I woke up at 7am, I saw a mobile message from kyazoonga that I actually got a ticket. I had not even woken up properly and that message got me wide awake. But instead of the two tickets that I wanted, they gave me one. Since two of us were planning to go, my friend and I decided to toss a coin to decide who would go. And I won.

Luckily I didn't have to spend on the air tickets from Kolkata to Mumbai and back since this was termed an official trip, but I have still spent close to Rs 40,000 to 50,000 for hotel, match tickets, travel and other expenses. After watching him play today in his final match, I can say it was worth it.

I won't get to go at all
Dr Vivek Korde, founder-president, Forum Against Commercialisation of Education, Mumbai

I have two tickets but I can't go for the match. I'm going to hand them over to my nephew and my friend's wife, who I had promised two days ago. It won't be fair to not let her go.

I was planning to go for the match with my friend's wife today but my nephew called me last night after he saw Sachin was not out. My nephew is in class 12, and he said he would "adjust" his classes somehow. He really wanted to go, so I said, "You are young, you should go". So now I'm going to go outside the North Stand, give them the tickets, and then go back.

Yesterday [November 14] I couldn't go because I had work the whole day, and tomorrow and day after my son and daughter-in-law will go with the same tickets. So I won't get to go at all.

A career that ran from pre-school to business school
Sachin Madan, Business School student, Singapore

I had my final exams and my [business school] placements in Singapore till November 12. One of my friends in Delhi got hold of two tickets for seats in the Sunil Gavaskar stand and told me about that on the 12th evening.

I follow every sport - American football, baseball, everything - because of Sachin Tendulkar. He made me understand the importance of sports in a person's life. Plus, as an added incentive, I am also a Sachin.

It took me ten hours to get here. I stopped at Delhi, and then I flew to Mumbai via Bhopal. I landed at 5.30pm here on the 13th evening and came directly to the Wankhede Stadium (to pick up tickets for a friend). But the kyazoonga counter was closed. So I came on the 14th around 9am and got the tickets.

I had never seen a cricket match outside Delhi and I had heard that the North Stand and the Sachin Tendulkar Stand are probably the most vocal when it comes to cricket supporters in India. Seeing the atmosphere here, the way they were supporting Sachin, it was totally worth it. I can't even begin to explain my feelings.

I'll remember this particular Test for the rest of my life. Apart from my family, he has been the constant in my life for the last 24 years. He started playing when I was in pre-school and he is playing his last Test the week I graduate from business school. So my schooling life has been his playing career.

Half my family (who live in Andheri) don't even know I'm in India, because I couldn't find the time to actually tell them I'm in Mumbai. This trip was only for him.

As told to Vishal Dikshit

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Posted by Dummy4 on (November 20, 2013, 5:43 GMT)

As a Sachin's fan, I did the right thing to be there anyhow and it paid off, but second innings would have been done the magic, but still I am happy to watch 74 and playing him football, striking a goal when Ishaant was goalkeeper even I have video of that and when the final moment came I realized oh shit man he is never going to come again to bat that's when I felt water in my eyes and when he touched the pitch he was just in front me that was the time those tears rolled over for next 10 minutes and then I again I was lifted by the roar of SACHIN SACHIN!!!!!! and it is going to be ringing in my ears for the long time.

I am glad I was luckiest one in 125 crore people and I was cheering for every ball that fielded by Sachin and hit by Sachin.

Thanks Sachin for these great memories and to make us watching cricket. Now we will be ready to tear again when two wickets will fall and you are not going to be there. Wish you to have good life and return to cricket in anyway possible KING

Posted by Dummy4 on (November 20, 2013, 5:40 GMT)

I hit the gold and a person with extra tickets arrived from the window and I asked and he said yes I have and that's where 2 more fans came to take those tickets and they offered him together around 4 thousand rupees for splitting the tickets and I was with only 5000 rs at that time, I said I will pay 5000 if you give all five tickets to me and he asked me why are you are wasting so much money just share it with others, I said I cannot do that, I don't wanna miss a single glimpse of Sachin and he again asked me if I want to change my decision I said no I want the tickets anyway and then he asked me how are you going to go back home I said I will manage just give me the ticket and he returned me 100 rs to get back to my place and I was so happy at that time that I would have hugged the whole people in my local train to Jogeshari, but you cannot as they would not understand and I was afraid too if someone steals it from me so I traveled quietly. It was over the sky moment.

Posted by Dummy4 on (November 20, 2013, 5:39 GMT)

and the news came of and I was devastated because I had no real arrangements to be online but I sat throughout the day in cyber café for site to be started, but it never, then I told a friend to try online at home and he tried but he sat through the night for it but he failed as it was a bit impossible for him to be that fast to collect those tickets. So I have got no online tickets and just prepared to come back but I thought to give it a try till match starts and I have gone there on 12th and seen people collecting through Hockey stadium it was a bad feeling, but still I spent my day there in hopes of something more board opens up but nope then on 13th morning I left the place at 6 AM and reached the stadium and my plan was to beg to people if someone has extra tickets and I begged almost 50 to 60 people for a single day ticket, but they were all Sachin's fan and dont wanna miss the day of him and then

Posted by Dummy4 on (November 20, 2013, 5:38 GMT)

I am Vivek Kanwasia from Indore and i can proudly say i belong to Tendulkar generation because I am 32 years old and I have grown up seeing him so for me cricket means Sachin. I traveled 800 km. I am in the few fortunate ones to attend this farewell. I have never watched him playing live because i was always afraid that i wont see him or his shots properly or i will miss the inning in the crowd ((but i was totally wrong about that after watching him playing his 74 runs, i can see him from the sky playing his square drive and straight drives and all the dancing on the pitch)). Since he declared his retirement, i was determined to watch his last test and i took 8 days off from work (that was not easy) and i came Mumbai in general bogie on 10th as i have no arrangements for the tickets. I was hearing in news that they are not going to sell the tickets on the window for which i came so early even i spent 10th and 11th in front of Wankhede just in case something opens up Continued

Posted by Dummy4 on (November 18, 2013, 20:55 GMT)

Though I missed Sachin's innings, I saw the last days play and Sachin's speech on Friday night (Chicago time). It will remain a very fond memory not only because of the enormity of the situation, but also because I saw this with my dad - with whom I hadn't watched a match together in 18 years. It was special!

Posted by Dummy4 on (November 18, 2013, 4:48 GMT)

We were in a team building event, insulated from the outside world. The activity consisted of playing djembes and such instruments together, as the instructor took us through various tricks, trying to stimulate our minds to think musically. Then, he asked us to sing anything while we were playing the instruments. 300 instruments in unison, & then 300 voices went up in various directions, but in a few moments, united into the universal chant of Sachiiiin.... Sachiiiin.... That's where I was, chanting his name sitting in a closed room with 300 people, as he played his last stroke of International Cricket...

Posted by Arjun on (November 17, 2013, 4:13 GMT)

My favorite Sachin moment or time if you would like -

Definitely the golden year of 1998 it was the year of my high school board exams and the tests against Aus started right before the exams so it was perfectly bad timing :) , nevertheless I managed to squeeze in the epic 155 in Chennai, and the imperious 177 in Bangalore and then after the exams the ultimate "Desert Storm" in Sharjah. I remember I was alone at home as my dad was touring for work and my sister and mom were ironically in Australia for my sisters karate tournament. I fell sick on the day of the first century and remained sick for the next couple days so I watched both games alone at home but with each and every boundary and six I felt better to jump out of the couch and shout for joy.

Until now each time Sachin started to have a go I would turn into that teenager 15 years ago and the fist pumps come out. Alas i will be a teenager no more - Thank you Sachin for extending my teenage years ….

Posted by Dummy4 on (November 16, 2013, 17:47 GMT)

I am from (Lahore) Pakistan, its a great time for the retirement of great player I remember that, After the one day of my Date of Birth (17-12-1987) Sachin start over ODI inning, But i never forget sachin inning tell the end of my life inning, Sachin was best in all three format of Cricket, Sachin played 24 years inning in 22 yard only our fans and sacrifice our life routine, here we need to play sweet inning for Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, Sachin is Sachin no sachin after Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar,Well Done! Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, A great Chapter of Cricket end with Happy ending for Cricket lover

Posted by Daniel Sundar on (November 16, 2013, 15:40 GMT)

I am in chennai, Sachin was already a star when i wasnt even born. Like any other kid in India, i grew up idolising the great Sachin. So the day of his farewell i was supposed to meet a friend on his departure from chennai for his business venture and he is relocating. It was important that i met him, so i decided to leave to his home which is about ten minutes drive from my place. Within ten minutes Indian team was so hasty to finish off the game and so they did finish the game and the Guard of Honor for the Great man. i was cursing my friend for i missed such a crucial moment of the game and ever since i am conscious i never missed his Live appearances or any knocks. Thankfully my friend has seized the moment recording the most precious moments on his HD Recorder and we relived those moments for about two times. we had shed tears, seen each other with wet eyes and sentimental. We made all our friends wait to start the discussions and even the delicious food. Everything has to wait...

Posted by Dummy4 on (November 16, 2013, 13:10 GMT)

No. 1 in India I will be leaving in India in 10 days and what better way than to witness Tendulkar's last test in my hometown, Mumbai. I decided not to go to kyazoonga when the tickets were on sale and expectedly, the site crashed. the same night at 2 am , I decided to try my luck and after attempting to try endlessly, got lucky at 3:30 am! Had told my dad not to expect any tickets since I wasnt sure so he had scheduled interviews. Next day, when I told him he cancelled all of them !! I also made my way to the box office counter and was pleasantly surprised to be first in line. Yes, I was the first guy to be issued the actual ticket from the paying public and was covered by many news channels waiting beside me for this!! Was also fortunate to see myself on national TV for the same reason in the evening. :) The entire match after that was a dream and specially enjoyed Sachin and Pujara's knocks with a brilliant view from the Sunil Gavaskar stand. Lovely way to end things. Thank you.


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