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Ashes Witty Banter

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Keep abreast of all the latest Ashes news, players' photos and hidden gems of Twitter. Start your own conversation and appear at the top of the page by Tweeting @espncricinfo and include #ashesbanter in your tweet. Brought to you in association with Dave, the home of Witty Banter.

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The Best Sledges

Who should be England's Test captain?

Ashes moments

Keep the banter coming with our pick of some of the best Ashes moments. This Test let's take another look at The Ball of the Century. Shane Warne burst into Ashes folklore with a magic ball, ripping past Mike Gatting's edge to knock the top of off stump. Can you think of a better (or worse) moment? Tweet us #ashesbanter to join in, and come back for the next Test when we'll turn our gaze on another bit of cricket history.

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