England in Sri Lanka 2007-08 June 25, 2007

Galle to stage third Test against England

The Galle Stadium after the tsunami in December 2004 © Getty Images

The Galle Stadium will host the third Test between Sri Lanka and England in December 2007. The stadium, which was destroyed by the tsunami in 2004, was scheduled to stage the first Test but delays in construction work forced a change in the itinerary.

K Mathivanan, the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) secretary, said that a change was made because SLC did not want to take any chances. "Construction work is going on to bring the stadium back to its former status after the tsunami ravaged it almost two years ago," he said. "There was some delay due to the piling but that has been sorted out and we are confident that it will be ready in time for the third Test." The change had been approved by the English board.

He also said that instead of the planned five floors, a decision was taken a week ago to construct only three. "The ground floor and first floor will house spectators and officials. The third floor will be for the print and electronic media," said Mathivanan.

England are scheduled to play three ODIs at Dambulla and two in Colombo between October 1 and 13 before returning for the three-Test series in November and December.