Stanford 20/20 2008 December 19, 2007

Cuba denied participation in Stanford 20/20

Cricinfo staff

Cuba will not be playing in the 2008 Stanford 20/20 because of a political embargo, the competition's board of directors has announced.

The United States embargo against Cuba means that organisations and American citizens such as Allen Stanford have to make application to, and receive special permission from the US Government to conduct any type of activity with Cuba. Stanford's application was denied but now he plans to ask the US government to reconsider for future tournaments.

"We have been anxious to include the entire Caribbean in the Stanford 20/20 Cricket Tournament and I am extremely disappointed that Cuba will not be able to play," said Stanford. "Stanford 20/20 is requesting that the denial from the United States Government be reconsidered and we are exploring every option to secure their future participation."

The news disappointed Cuba, who have been training intensely for what was to be their first official tournament outside their country. Cuba was scheduled to play in the first match against St. Maarten on Friday, January 25 but their opposition will now get a bye.