Australia v England, 5th Test, Sydney, 1st day

Collingwood contemplates Test future

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January 3, 2011

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Paul Collingwood's miserable run with the bat continued when he was out hooking for 8, Australia v England, 4th Test, Melbourne, 2nd day, December 27, 2010
In the current Ashes campaign Paul Collingwood has made 70 runs at 14.00, with a top score of 42 at Adelaide © Getty Images
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Paul Collingwood has admitted that his Test future is on the line, and recognises the need to make a big contribution in the final Test of the Ashes series at Sydney, after a troubling run of form in which he has made 11 or less in eight of his last ten Test innings.

Collingwood's last Test innings of note was his 82 in the first innings against Pakistan at Trent Bridge in July, in which he formed a matchwinning partnership with the centurion, Eoin Morgan, who is now his chief rival for a permanent berth in the middle order. In the current Ashes campaign he has made 70 runs at 14.00, with a top score of 42 at Adelaide.

"My form during this series and most recently my latest failure in the fourth Test in Melbourne means the subject of my Test future was bound to be raised sooner or later,' Collingwood was quoted as saying by the Mail on Sunday.

"I am obviously disappointed with the series I have had with the bat so far. I can't get away from the fact that scoring runs is my job in the side, so I won't hide away. I have still got a lot of fight left in me. I honestly feel as fit as I have ever been. I am enjoying Test cricket and playing for England more than I ever have done and our success, and if you are enjoying it why would you give it up?

"But on a personal level, this is a big week for me in Sydney," he added. "I am at the crossroads and what happens in the final Test may well determine what direction I go in. I am sure by the end of this Test, I will know more myself and be better able to judge what the general feeling is in terms of where I am as a Test player and the contribution I can still make to the England team in future and what is the best way forward."

Collingwood has barely missed a Test in four years since he secured a permanent spot in the middle order on the tour of India in March 2006, and he is an integral member of the limited-overs squad as well, particularly the Twenty20 team which he captained to victory in the World Twenty20 in the Caribbean in May. However, at the age of 34, and with the World Cup in the subcontinent looming as his next big challenge, the time may be nigh to step down from the longest form of the game.

"The desire within me to go out and score a hundred against Australia in Sydney, help the team to a 3-1 win and crack on is still strong," he said. "Yet, at the same time, I understand the arguments 100 per cent and I understand there are other batsmen after my spot. And the bottom line is that, at my age, if you are not scoring runs yourself you do not deserve a place in the side."

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Posted by   on (January 4, 2011, 6:45 GMT)

There are few players out there that match the overall calibre of Paul Collingwood as a player and what he brings to this England side. For as long as i can remember he has played the role of FireFighter for England to perfection! The lone warrior, the rock, the toughie who never gifted his wicket to the opposition. Arguably the best fielder in the world today and guess what? he just got rid of Hussey with his useful medium pacers....yet its a tragedy that when English Cricket is at the brink of its golden era he is being looked upon as an unwanted passenger....atleast by the press! 34 is too old? C'mon people!! look at Steve Waugh's invincibles and you will find atleast half the side of this age! England should give youngsters a chance but surely it can be done without sacrificing somebody like PC!

In Indian team today no one can ask Sachin to retire because we value him. I hope England show the same kind of respect to their underrated gem of a player.

Posted by CustomKid on (January 4, 2011, 5:58 GMT)

It's an intersting time for Colly. A supreme fielder and I'd say some of his catches this series have turned matches (to some extent) they've been so good.

I've never really rated him as a player who would win you a game (ie Adelaide 2006-7) with the bat, but I think as someone who can save one he's hard to go past. Cardiff, and again in South Africa last year he was great.

It's always good to have a fighter in the side and he's exactly that. God knows the aussies need one right about now.

Posted by Nadeem1976 on (January 4, 2011, 4:22 GMT)

Thanks collingwood for understanding. You are a gem of a player. You are not playing good and i dont think you should be part of this young team any more. Give chance to Eion Morgan and other young players and let Eng move forward into a better future. You can play ODI and T2020 but test cricket is making you less important player.

You are good in ODI so stick with limted over cricket and you will be fine. Have fun.

Posted by   on (January 4, 2011, 0:25 GMT)

I'm an Aussie fan and I think Collingwood should be retained as long as he wants to play. He is a former captain, their best fielder and a useful bowler. He also has a test 200 to his name against one of the best bowling attacks in the history of the game. Batting confidence is down and he should be pushed down the order but not out of the team. Great cricketer, really is the embodiment of the modern English player. Not the best record in the world but is tenacious and gets the most out of their ability.

Posted by sharidas on (January 3, 2011, 22:33 GMT)

Most often when one is not scoring runs the tendency is to make changes to the way one would normally play. Its best for Paul to go back to how it was 10 or 12 tests back and enjoy himself. The runs will follow ! Don't think of retirement !

Posted by 5wombats on (January 3, 2011, 21:25 GMT)

@Biggus - as ever, a Peach Melba of a comment. WOULDN'T IT be great if Collingwood went out with a century at Sydney a la Steve Waugh ! Having said this - I do not want to see him go. I desperately hope he scores runs for England in 2011 and beyond. Few England cricketers are afforded the luxury of picking when they retire (even Vaughan) - but those that do, like Hussain, usually do it in style. Collingwood is that rarest of players; a double ton v Australia! - works so so hard at his game - plays totally for the team and is big enough to know when enough is enough. There has to be a role for him in coaching. Paul Collingwood - Hero of Cardiff 2009 - I salute you!

Posted by warnerbasher on (January 3, 2011, 20:39 GMT)

Love these types of cricketers. No flash just hard, determined and invariably the saviour when things are tough. Good on you Colly as a Aussie fan I hope to see you round for a while longer. In the tougher contests that lie ahead(namely India and South Africa) England will need you to pull them out of a hole and when that happens I'll be cheering. The game needs more cricketers like Colly instead of hair tinting, earring wearing metrosexuals.

Posted by landl47 on (January 3, 2011, 19:28 GMT)

I think Collingwood has had an amazing career, given that he's not as naturally talented as some of the other players in Test cricket. Over 4000 runs and ten centuries, with an average over 40; occasional useful medium p[ace bowling and fielding which has raised the standard of everyone else, as Jonty Rhodes did for South Africa. I'd be surprised if there is a cricketer more admired and respected in the England dressing room. Unfortunately, as a #5, it's necessary to make a contribution with the bat and he hasn't had the series he wanted in that regard. England might consider moving him to #7, to prop up the tail. @PaulR-C: England does have good young players coming along, like Lyth, Taylor and Stokes. There are also a couple of all-rounders in Rashid and Woakes. However, they are all a year or two away from test cricket. Playing Bresnan as an all-rounder with Swann, Broad, Anderson and Tremlett (giving Finn a chance to mature some more) wouldn't be a bad option.

Posted by FreddyForPrimeMinister on (January 3, 2011, 17:19 GMT)

Why on earth does anybody question Collingwood's place in the side on account of his age?? He is still the best fielder in the side by a margin, taking catches that no-one else is capable of. If he were being hidden down at fine leg as happens to most older club cricketers then you'd have a point but Colly is as fit as anyone in the side so age is TOTALLY irrelevant. By all means question his place in the team because of his batting failures but the fact is that so long as we have a 4 man bowling attack we need Colly to give the 3 quicks a break. I like Morgan but if Colly is to go then I think the way forward is to bring back Broad in his place so we'd have Prior, Bresnan, Broad and Swann at 6, 7, 8 and 9. No-one outstanding there but a good solid lower order to compensate for the loss of a number 6 batsman whilst giving extra bowling options. Meantime, I hope Colly gets a ton tomorrow and carries on...

Posted by   on (January 3, 2011, 16:10 GMT)

Please Colly, hold on for some more years...You are not over yet. Still a best fielder in England side. We all know you are a fantastic cricketer and you will definitely bounce back with your batting form.

Posted by The_Lethal_1 on (January 3, 2011, 16:08 GMT)

We all know Collingwood is a batsman that bowls a bit but his contributions with the ball since Flintoff retired have really helped rest the other four bowlers. He is still the best fielder in the England team and can take a blinder on any given day. When he took that screamer to dismiss Ponting in Perth I thought the Ashes were done and dusted right there. If Collingwood chooses to retire and, let's be honest, players would much prefer to choose than be told; I think another option other than Morgan is Luke Wright. He is a genuine all rounder who can bat and bowl both equally well, could bat 6-7 and be the fourth seamer. If Collingwood chooses to play on, he should definitely move down to 6 and let the more fluent stroke maker in Bell bat at 5. Your 3-5 are your stroke makers and Bell is definitely one of England's best.

Posted by   on (January 3, 2011, 16:03 GMT)

Lot of cricketers would not have the balls to be that honest....IT is time Dravid did that too....

Posted by Biggus on (January 3, 2011, 15:54 GMT)

Guys like Collingwood are always under appreciated by the fans but greatly respected by team mates. Ask their peers what they think/thought of guys like Colly, Ian Redpath, Rick McCosker or Larry Gomes and they'll set you straight. He'll know when it's time, but it he feels it's after this series it would be auspicious timing. You could hardly script better end than the first Ashes win down under in 24 years, unless it also included one last ton in Sydney for him. If he's interested I think the MCC would be wise to keep him involved in some sort of mentoring/coaching role, as his attitude is terrific. This Aussie here can recognise a guy with real guts when he sees it, and we like blokes like that, our virtual canonisation of Allan Border being a prime example.

Posted by ashes61 on (January 3, 2011, 15:27 GMT)

Despite the two 90s he scored in the 1st class warm-up games last month, Colly is suffering from his lack of 1st class cricket last summer. If any decision has to be made at the end of this series, or in May, it would have to be completely dispassionate. Which current player (or rather batsman) provides the least OVERALL value to the team? And the same questions re potential over the forthcoming summer. My considered view (& I admit it would be close) would see KP dropped before Colly - with the near certainty that KP would be back fairly soon. The other bats are safe at present - but even in his better form, KP still gives the impression of vulnerability & brittleness. Of course, it won't happen, as it would cause more problems with KP, the media etc. But even allowing for KP's tremendous potential for attacking potency in Tests, I still think Colly brings more value to the Test squad, team & overall performance. Do you really drop the world's best fielder?

Posted by terlalu on (January 3, 2011, 15:26 GMT)

Ponting should take a lesson from Collingwood. Retire with humility now, rather than be sacked and disgraced.

Posted by Chapelau on (January 3, 2011, 14:59 GMT)

@honeymonster - spot on.... Hildreth gets my vote way ahead of Morgan and Bopara. As to a bare cupboard, (@PRC) - dont totally agree since with Stokes and Taylor coming through, only 19 and 20 respectively, there is optimism.

Posted by Guernica on (January 3, 2011, 14:04 GMT)

This is a Collingwood type of wicket. If he can't get back in the groove on a slow pitch like this then it's not looking good for him.

Posted by ManjuEleven on (January 3, 2011, 14:01 GMT)

Collingwood is a good cricketer. But he and we need to understand, test level fitness is different. And he is aged and the team has a excellent prospectus in Eoin Morgan. Let us say good bye to Colly after this test. ODI's and T20's does not require that kind of skill set and Fitness level. And Colly is still a very good fielder and that is what matters in ODIs and T20s. But I think it is time to move on. I think if England wins the seris 3-1, Colly will goahead and call it a day on high note.

Posted by SDHM on (January 3, 2011, 13:56 GMT)

I had an inkling he might retire from test cricket at the start of the series, especially if England retained the Ashes. I don't think it would be a bad move to be honest, but if he does I'd like him to stick around the limited overs sides for a while yet. I'd bring someone with a proven first class record in instead of Morgan though - I'd like to see Hildreth get a run at 6 and give Bell the chance to move up to 5. All hypothetical though obviously, he might whack a hundred and stay on for a while yet. I get the feeling he'd prefer to retire at the end of the English summer on home turf.

Posted by stormy16 on (January 3, 2011, 13:26 GMT)

Being brutally honest is Colly and one wants to almost agree with him! The irony being as Eng have become a top performing team Colly has struggled while till then the guy was the rock who Eng relied on - when Eng were not this good. Yes age is of concern at 34 and to be honest I think this summer will decide his fate as I cant see anyone axe him but this Eng summer he must deliver - I really dont think the Sydney test is the be all and end of Colly.

Posted by Piyush_Advani on (January 3, 2011, 12:57 GMT)

I Am a big fan of Collingwood and would respect his decision to retire after this series.He has been a very underrated player which disheartens me.Good luck to him in the final match.

Posted by   on (January 3, 2011, 12:55 GMT)

Colly is a great performer. And other than Morgan - Englands batting cupboard is no-where near as full as the bowling dept. The fat that fair weather run getter and glamour boy Bopara is still mentioned as the next after Morgan is very worrying. He simply does not have the technique or the bottle to do it. If Colly stepped down and England had one injury to one of the other guys..we would soon see how bare the cupboard is.

Posted by   on (January 3, 2011, 12:50 GMT)

How many matches has he won with his fantastic catching and nurdling bowling? Although I agree he could do with a big score I think the UK press (not really cricinfo) have come down really hard on the guy that captained us to win the world T20. However Morgan could do with a good go at test cricket so hats off to Colly for doing (maybe) whats best for England....I hope Morgan works on his fielding, and I suppose it means we will see KP get thrown the ball more often.

Posted by   on (January 3, 2011, 12:35 GMT)

Mixed feelings. Colly on his day is a class batsman, he has a simple technique and is uncomplicated. He can change from being a blocker, of which I've no doubt when seeing the ball he ranks in the top 5 batsman for his defensive play, to a stroke maker. Let's hope he makes a century in this match, I've little doubt he has another year or two to offer at Test level and at least another 4 at ODI level.

Posted by danmcb on (January 3, 2011, 12:28 GMT)

Typically honest and to the point. He could still turn around and start making runs any day, but if it doesn't work out this test he should probably move aside and give Morgan a shot.

Posted by   on (January 3, 2011, 11:54 GMT)

I respect Paul for his comments especially his closing arguments "Step up or Step Aside"

Posted by   on (January 3, 2011, 11:22 GMT)

Very sensible Colly !!!!! You're a far better batsman than what the records suggest !!!!

Posted by samcricket96 on (January 3, 2011, 11:17 GMT)

no he still has a lot to offer to England

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