Australia v England 2010-11 January 25, 2011

Selectors back Michael Clarke to rediscover form

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Michael Clarke, the out-of-form one-day captain, will continue to receive the support of Australia's selectors at least until the end of the World Cup. While Clarke has been struggling for runs throughout the summer, Greg Chappell said the panel has been impressed with his leadership against England, who the hosts lead 3-0 in the seven-match series.

"We have a lot of reasons to support him at this time," Chappell said in the Sydney Morning Herald. ''We've been delighted with his leadership. His captaincy in the first three games has been excellent. His strategies, bowling changes, everything that he's done - not least winning matches - has been good, and I'm sure that will only be good for him.''

However, Clarke's batting is more of a problem, with him unable to exit the slump which worsened during the Ashes. He scored 193 runs in that campaign and has posted 36, 10 and 9 in the first three ODIs.

"Many wanted Mike Hussey out of the team, we decided to back his ability to perform at the top level and we were repaid in spades by his performances in the Ashes series," Chappell said in the Courier-Mail. "We are pretty confident that given the same opportunities Michael Clarke will repay us the same way. I believe he has got through to the end of the World Cup to sort it out and we are confident he well and truly will have it sorted before then."

Clarke, who is preparing for Wednesday's fourth ODI, said it was "nice" to hear Chappell's positive comments. "I've had a lot of support from a lot of people over the last couple of months and that helps," Clarke said. "A lot of people who support me don't have a story written about them. I know I've got a lot of supporters and fans out there who continue to get behind me. I'm confident that if I keep doing the hard work things will change."

Chappell told Clarke to believe in himself to correct the "state-of-mind" problem. "You can turn it around very quickly and for that reason I'm confident Michael only needs to get a few runs at some stage in the next few games and he'll go to India [for the World Cup] in a very different space than he's in now," he said. ''When you're not playing well you start to think about anything and everything and stop watching the ball. It's nearly as simple as that."

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  • Amul on January 28, 2011, 6:27 GMT

    It is better to drop Clarke with the Australian Standards. Clarke should opt out of the world cup and allow the form player to participate in world cup. sMain reason for ashes Failure is due to Clarke and Ponting Batting, So ponting is backing him. I think brad Hodge who has done so well in domestic and 20-20 in IPL deserves the place instead of clarke in World cup. White should be the vice captain

  • Andrew on January 28, 2011, 6:09 GMT

    @VivGilchrist - about as much as your support for your country is all Yellow.

  • Dummy4 on January 28, 2011, 5:42 GMT

    Clarke coice is goin to hanut ACB selectors soon in WC, during to tour to India didnt they realised he was scared to play spin, moving out of pitch on every ball to avoid the ball to spin........what can you imagine from the same player when all spinners play on subcontinent spin oriented pitches

  • Dummy4 on January 28, 2011, 3:56 GMT

    @ Meety that man crush you have on Clarke can be seen from the moon

  • The on January 28, 2011, 3:11 GMT

    Not so long ago when Greg Chapell was at helms of Indian cricket, he advised Saurav Ganguly to relinquish captaincy to concentrate more on batting. Greg Chappell left no stones unturned to destroy Ganguly's career. I wonder why doesn't he apply the same benchmarks to judge Clark? Why doesn't he drop Clark to sort out his technique? Greg Chappell might be a great batsman but he is a useless administrator. I have no doubt the day Australia get rid of Greg Chapell, Australia win start winning matches.

  • Craig on January 28, 2011, 1:30 GMT

    I'll be 50 years old by the time Michael Clarke scores runs.... which will be in his backyard.

  • Andrew on January 28, 2011, 0:29 GMT

    @boris6491 - I just want to see Oz fans get behind the boys rather then pizz & moan about this & that, vent @ the selectors & Cricket Oz for being asleep at the wheel, but we wre talking about our captain. He desrves alot more respect in my opinion. I think it's good to express an opinion, I just get a bit frustrated when some peoples comments don't add up. Alot of people are putting WHite & Hussey D forward yet they are not doing that good. I put fwd Haddin but his keeping was appalling early in the series. The search for a new captain I think is a bit off considering we are 3-1 up in the series. I beleive we really should wait until after the WC is over to re-invent the ODI side & the SL Test series (August I think), to re-adjust the Test team.

  • Andrew on January 28, 2011, 0:20 GMT

    @Dismayed,boris6491 re: Clarke, I know he is out of form anyone can see that, (he did get a good ball from Colly of all people @ Adelaide). As far as captaincy, the only real option is Haddin because I don't beleive White's form is any better & D Hussey (SCG innings aside). I think that the time for Sackings is after the W/Cup. Fact is the squad has been selected & there is only T20s being played at the moment domestically. My biggest gripe is that some of the arguements against Clarke is plain wrong. The "impactful" side of things is hard to answer as Clarke is more about the 60 of 80balls whilst Punter,Hayden,Watto, Gilly or White even would flay the bowling. Without that type of contribution the Man of the Match innings from a Watto or White would not happen. So I think it's a stacked arguement re: Impact, but I can say he has gotten 10 awards in his career which stacks up well. In theory he is our best player of spin - so you would assume on that alone he has to go to the WC??

  • clyde on January 27, 2011, 23:19 GMT

    i can't understand what good favour Clarke has down for CA and the selectors and what bad, did Brad Hodge do to CA and selectors. Clarke, if he is a good person, he should step down from captainship and find his form first BUT he is too greedy for the job when he is not doing anything good for the team and the country. I remember Sachin tendulkar gave up captainship to concentrate on his batting and for the better of his team and country, dont think so, these guys have such morals. Clarke is been struggling since AUSTRALIA tour of England when they played against pakistan in England, how many more matches, they are going to give him? Where is Callum ferguson, andrew symonds & brad hodge? These selectors have lost their minds and don't know what they were doing. I had good respect for Greg chapell, looks like he has joined a team of jokers as well

  • jeetu on January 27, 2011, 17:00 GMT

    what a sorry for this australian team..the player who doesnt deserve a place in the team is captaining the team..on the current form n future in mind shane watson should be their over cricket is not the clarks cup of tea at all. even a club cricketer can tell u that his betting techniche doesnt allow him to play shorts needed for shorter version..he is a "play as per bowl" batsman. why dont these australian selectors understand just a silly thing?? he has become a walking wicket for opposition n teams r deleberetely not getting him out coz he is so slow.he should realize himself n take retirments from odis n t20.he is a class test player n should concentrete on dat only...

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