Australia v England, 7th ODI, Perth

Collingwood ruled out of final ODI

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February 3, 2011

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Paul Collingwood studies plans during nets, Brisbane, January 29, 2010
Paul Collingwood is the fifth England player to fly back to the UK © Getty Images
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England's injury crisis deepened as the team arrived in Perth ahead of the seventh and final ODI against Australia, as Paul Collingwood was officially ruled out of the match following the back spasm that prevented him from bowling during Wednesday's two-wicket defeat at the SCG. He will return to the UK immediately, but is expected to be fit for the start of the World Cup, with the team setting off for Bangladesh on February 12.

"He had a back spasm so he couldn't walk very well and he certainly couldn't bowl," Strauss said in the aftermath of the Sydney defeat. "At the moment we are a bit short on bowlers full stop."

Collingwood is the fifth member of England's one-day squad to finish the series back in England, with Tim Bresnan (calf) and Graeme Swann (back) already in the country, and Ajmal Shahzad (hamstring) and Chris Tremlett (side) currently flying back from Sydney.

Stuart Broad, who tore his abdominal muscle during the second Ashes Test in December, is back with the squad but is unlikely to be passed fit for the Perth ODI, which means Durham's Liam Plunkett, a recent arrival from the Lions tour in the Caribbean, is a near-certain starter for a match in which Australia already hold a 5-1 series lead.

Plunkett, who was a part of the England team that unexpectedly won the CB Series on their last tour of Australia in 2006-07, arrived in Perth on Tuesday following a 40-hour journey, but believed he would be fresh and ready for action if called upon for the match.

"I went from St Kitts to Miami and then Miami to Heathrow. I was there for 10 hours so I had a sleep there and then went to Singapore and here," Plunkett said. "But I've been here two nights now. I've had plenty of time to rest and slept on the plane thanks to some sleeping tablets."

With 28 ODIs to his name already, Plunkett offers greater experience than either of England's recent debutants Steven Finn and Chris Woakes, who along with Jimmy Anderson are the only three fit seamers still remaining with the squad. However, his most recent outing was a one-off fixture against Bangladesh in Chittagong back in March, having not been selected since the visit of West Indies in 2007.

"I was [surprised to get selected]." he admitted. "But I've got the call-up, I'm here and hopefully I will play. I've got fresh legs. I feel strong and confident in my bowling so hopefully it goes well and we'll see what happens from there."

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Posted by Biggus on (February 5, 2011, 6:37 GMT)

@Meety-Sure mate, I like a little fun too, I just thought it was getting a little intense there for a while. As for bloodlines I can't go for Scots or Irish but my surname is Welsh (Powell) and in pure horse breeding terms I'm 3/4 British Isles and 1/4 German, which should give me the edge in manuever warfare!

Posted by Meety on (February 5, 2011, 6:20 GMT)

@ Biggus - I agree, although I don't mind sledging the Poms over their "League of Nations", helps eases the pain of defeat. Re: "excuses" It is also my point re: the injuries (considerable in number), & scheduling debate - these things will undermine the Pommie campaign if continually harped upon & should be seen as challenges not obstacles. @johnthepom re: Colly & catches, he is a great fielder, the standard used to measure against other players is dividing the catches taken by the innings fielded. Colly is about is .77 catches per innings in the field. This compares to M Waugh .74, M Taylor .8, T Greig .81 & B Simpson .94! These stats favour players who firld in the slip cordon so Punter isn't anywhere near Colly @.6. What these figures don't say is how good the catches were or how many were dropped! @ phoenixsteve - not quite right Dizzy Gillespie VERY Ozzy & so too Christian! Also most of us would rather say we are sons of Irishmen & Scotsmen! LOL!

Posted by Biggus on (February 5, 2011, 3:26 GMT)

Come on guys, lets settle this conversation down a little. This sniping demeans the wonderful game that we follow. @phoenixsteve- I've already expressed my displeasure at the 'foreign legion' talk so I have no qualms taking issue with your "dregs of the past" comment. Mate, you know that's way out of line and does you no credit. Whether it was made in jest or not, we already see too much nationalism dressed up as sport in these blogs. You guys have won the Ashes fair and square and it would be fitting were you to be a little bit gracious about it. @Something_Witty-Please give the foreign legion stuff a miss matey. It's been done to death. If it ever was funny that moment is long gone. I really don't understand this Aus/Eng antagonism. I'm really quite fond of the Poms, as I am of the Kiwis.We may give each other hell on the sporting field but what happens on the field should stay there. After all, historically speaking, we are brothers.

Posted by Something_Witty on (February 4, 2011, 22:24 GMT)

Oh dear, I forgot just how touchy a subject the Foreign Legion of England was with their cricket fans. Don't worry though, I don't really blame the poms for using all the resources at their disposal. - Their system simply seems to have a problem producing good batsmen. The poms have always produced decent swing/seam bowlers, that's why their bowling attack is usually all English. But batsmen and keepers... they're a different story. Oh and @phoenixsteve, what our ancestors were has no bearing on what we are. - Otherwise you poms are technically French, with a bit of Viking and Saxon thrown in. And finally, for those who did not pick it up, my comment was very tongue in cheek. England can pick players from Mars for all I care.

Posted by phoenixsteve on (February 4, 2011, 16:56 GMT)

@Paul Rone-Clarke.... getting a player to fly 2/3rds way round the world isn't for a "meaningless" game! It's England v Australia and although we're on the wrong end of this series England will always show respect to Austrralia. As for all this non-English players stuff.... Australia have yet to play a real Austarlian! Basically the whole current side are sons of POMS, Greeks, Turks, and the other dregs of the past! I guess that one or two of them might by descendants of upright Englishmen? We don't hold it against you though... after all it's not your fault! It would be nice to see some real Aussies in the side though....

Posted by voma on (February 4, 2011, 15:36 GMT)

Trott has a British passport , thankyou cricinfo stats . So Please Australia fans just stop the whinging , i allways thought it was us poms that did that .Your place at the top of world cricket is well and truly over

Posted by voma on (February 4, 2011, 15:02 GMT)

Why do Aussie fans keep going on about England players being born in different countrys ( something-witty ) . Strauss and Prior are English , just because they wasnt born in England doesnt make them foriegn imports . For gods sake they have English passports !. As for morgan why cant he play for a team where his excellent skills can be used and seen to a wider audience . He has waited to meet the requirements to play for us and has it not crossed your mind why trott and pieterson want to play for England . Oh yeah 3 Ashes winning series ~!

Posted by Biggus on (February 4, 2011, 11:31 GMT)

@johnthepom-Once they get to a certain level I'm disinclined to make direct comparisons as there are so many other variables to consider. Suffice to say that even amongst international players he belongs to an 'elite' fielding club. Your lot are one of the best fielding English sides I've seen, and that's a pretty sound barometer of overall team spirit and quality. Whilst the Poms have often had good slips fielders, really fine ground fielders have been a little rarer, but one that springs to mind is Derek Randall. He was a real live wire in the covers but most of all I remember him for his by-play with Dennis Lillee in the '77 Centenary Test:-Randall, "Oh, well bowled Mr Lillee", after being clocked by a quick one, Lillee, "Give me the ball. I'll bl**dy well hit him again". Absolutely priceless.

Posted by johnthepom on (February 4, 2011, 10:16 GMT)

Thanks a lot, biggus. As expected his test stats are great. Still wonder how his catches would compare with others? Must agree - certainly one of the best I've seen for England although Beefy wasn't too shabby.

Posted by Biggus on (February 4, 2011, 8:38 GMT)

@johnthepom-Just click on his name above in the related links box and it will take you to his stats page where you will find most of what you seek. On a purely subjective note Colly's as good and all round fielder as I've seen in an England team.

Posted by johnthepom on (February 4, 2011, 7:24 GMT)

As another Colly admirer does anyone have a clue as to how many catches he has taken in Tests and ODI and how does he compare with other great fielders?

Posted by Biggus on (February 4, 2011, 6:59 GMT)

Bummer for Colly! It never rains but it sure pours. Out of form. Now injured. @Meety-I'll have to second you there. I've had enough of this England import talk. Old school Aussies like myself don't like those excuses. The way we see it we should be good enough to win no matter who we play. If we fail, then no whining, just lift the standard and go harder. That's why we're the most sucessful country to play the game. Excuses breed losers.

Posted by Meety on (February 4, 2011, 6:18 GMT)

@Something_Witty - can't be bothered checking, but weren't those "Windies" players born & bred poms?

Posted by Meety on (February 4, 2011, 2:23 GMT)

@ landl47 - agreed re: Colly. I think his unavailability on the night cost England, where I differ from you is that the other bowlers are not 2nd or 3rd string. He will be crucial in the W/Cup (I did say ages ago - he must in the WC squad), with Colly in the side & batting @ 7, the bowlers can be more bowling orientated i.e Tredwell or Shahzad instead of Wright or Yardy. @RAVI_BOPARA - 9 of the starting side in Game 6 will in all probability be the side picked for the big games at the W/Cup. Only 2 bowling spaces were below "par" & those players used were deemed better than 2 W/C squad members!!!

Posted by Something_Witty on (February 4, 2011, 0:51 GMT)

Surely Andy Flower can't be called upon to play for the poms. He's not even from England! ................. Oh.. wait. *remembers KP, Trott, Strauss, Prior, Morgan, Kieswetter,*. Hey at least these days aren't as bad as the late 80s/early 90s! Back then, if the poms selected a 15 man squad, Graham Gooch was just about the only pom in it. How's this for a foreign legion: Caddick (NZ), Hussain (Ind), Smith, Lamb (SA), Edmonds, Hick, Parker, Radford (Zim), Pringle (Ken), Cowans, DeFreitas, Lewis, Malcom, Small, Williams (WI). "England" indeed.

Posted by brisCricFan on (February 3, 2011, 23:29 GMT)

As an AUS fan, I can still appreciate how ENG will miss the services of Collingwood. He is the type of bowler that ties down an end against all reason. I have a bowler in my side at the moment that I always say I would like to face up against ... ... he bowls simple lines stump to stump and not express pace... ... seems easy ... but when you need to pick up the run rate and he is giving you nothing to work with, he regular picks up 3 or 4 wickets and doesn't go for that many runs... ... bowlers like Collingwood are worth their weight; AUS need to find one - Symonds could do it with his gentle mediums then a spin variation if required but there is no-one in the line up now that I would rate as highly as Collingwood. Wonder what Haddin bowls like? hahaha

Posted by   on (February 3, 2011, 20:06 GMT)

Lol...I think Andy Flower should make his debut in the World cup warmups....

Posted by   on (February 3, 2011, 17:28 GMT)

England must know something we don't. Either they consider match practice in Australia a complete waste of time when preparing for subcontinent pitches (which may well be the case - you can actually play yourself into the wrong sort of form) Or more likely - they already know they have 2 or 3 injuries that will not make the WC and already know Plunkett will be called up as a replacement. If neither of these is the case, then getting people from the other side of the world for a meaningless game while making those players you have selected for the WC sit on the sidelines (when they have next to no match practice since the English season ended) seems totally baffling. Yeah - England will miss Collys bowling. Not for the wickets, but in OD mode he's a really tight customer essp when the ball has gone soft. And in future a 3 match series is plenty. The old triangular was better, a chance to play against other teams and use some district grounds for the games where both visiting teams play.

Posted by gloves71 on (February 3, 2011, 16:56 GMT)

Whilst I agree that 7 ODIs after a 5-match Test series is too physically demanding for the players, I don't believe that the ECB & CA are solely to blame. I suspect there is a lot of pressure from the broadcasters - certainly if they insisted on a 7-match series or threatened to pull their funding the ECB & CA would have no choice but to go ahead. Of course, it is short-sighted but why should the broadcasters care? The game will be played however many injuries there are and they will be watched so they get a better return on their investment. Certainly if teams, such as England, are knocked out early of the WC due to poor performances from having to field lesser players because of injuries then the broadcasters will potentially lose revenue - but who knows who is putting pressure on whom. Don't forget: it's always about the money not the cricket...

Posted by RAVI_BOPARA on (February 3, 2011, 16:29 GMT)


Posted by landl47 on (February 3, 2011, 16:13 GMT)

This whole series has become a disaster and not just for England. Australia have lost Marsh, Doherty and Smith to injury in the last two games. I've nothing against Plunkett, but why on earth bring him here for one game? Isn't Luke Wright a seamer? Why was he picked for the World Cup squad- as a specialist batsman? Tigg has it exactly right- those are the bowlers who should be in the last ODI. As usual, jonesy2 demonstrates his complete lack of cricketing knowledge; Collingwood has the best economy rate of any bowler on either side by more than a run per over (Collingwood 3.32, Doherty- the best Australian- 4.48). He's also taken 4 wickets in 25 overs, not bad for a part-time medium pacer. Hopefully, he'll be right for the subcontinent, where his bowling will be needed.

Posted by Something_Witty on (February 3, 2011, 14:55 GMT)

@Neo Matriz, a few reasons. Firstly, that would be totally silly. - How about the 06/07 Ashes? They would've ended after 3 matches. (As would a lot of Ashes series between 1989 and 2005). Secondly, you can't just go cancelling matches, tickets have been sold, grounds have been hired out, etc. etc.

Posted by jonesy2 on (February 3, 2011, 13:52 GMT)

missed collingwoods bowling? really? i think australia might have missed him more

Posted by   on (February 3, 2011, 13:19 GMT)

Why not stop the series immediately after rubber is decided?

Posted by banter123 on (February 3, 2011, 12:46 GMT)

ECB and cricket australia certainly have lost thier minds five match odi series was acceptable .this meaningless match is not doing any good to the future of the odi

Posted by Tigg on (February 3, 2011, 12:45 GMT)

Anderson, Yardy, Woakes, Wright, Finn and Tredwell. These are the ones who need match practice as they are either in the world cup squad or likely replacements.

Why bring Plunkett over for nothing. The series is lost, this match is about world cup form.

Posted by JulianDawson on (February 3, 2011, 12:37 GMT)

Surely the folly of scheduling a seven match ODI series hard on the heels of the Ashes, and immediately followed by the World Cup is coming home to roost now. As with 2009, a fascinating test series has almost been devalued (from an England point of view) by an overkill of one day matches immediately after. The body count speaks volumes.

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