England v Australia, 3rd Investec Test, Old Trafford, 1st day August 1, 2013

I know who distracted me - Rogers

ESPNcricinfo staff

Daniel Salpietro can expect a phone-call from his Prahran club team-mate Chris Rogers. When Rogers was dismissed lbw for 84 on the first day at Old Trafford, it came the next ball after a prolonged battle to stop movement in the pavilion near the sightscreen.

Such distractions can affect the concentration of a batsman, and Rogers said after play he knew Salpietro was involved. "These things crop up every now and again," Rogers said. "I'll make a phone call because I know the guy who was up there. I'm not going to blame him. I think. Much."

Salpietro, who has played for Victoria and Adelaide Strikers, defended himself by saying he and Jon Wells, the Tasmania batsman - both are playing club cricket in Lancashire - were trying to help stop the movement in the pavilion.

"What actually happened was really down to the steward in the pavilion," Salpietro said. "The players wanted the door near me closing but he didn't seem to grasp what was going on. It had happened a few times over the previous overs and the steward was still not doing anything about it despite me and Jon Wells telling him that the door needed closing and people had to be stopped from walking through.

"So I decided to take it into my own hands to stand up and close the door and that's when the camera caught me - and I guess it makes it worse because it was Chris who was distracted and then he got out. We are team-mates in club cricket back home and I will have to phone Chris tonight. I play club cricket with him back home and we are quite good mates.

"I'm sure he will see the funny side of the situation eventually. I've been copping a bundle of stick on Twitter with the lads at Rishton telling me I got Rogers out but honestly it wasn't my fault."

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  • Richard on August 2, 2013, 13:39 GMT

    @ Zenek Szulc - The Ashes will continue long after we are long gone, and that's all that matters. What we see here today, Australia vs England, is history in the making. Whatever other countries choose to do is up to them. IMHO, if they neglect Test Match skills it will be to their own self-inflicted detriment.

    On a completely different matter - I am tipping (while the odds are getting shorter as we speak) the DRS is itself soon to become history in its current form. It does not satisfy the task it was implemented to fulfil, and it must be said that the BCCI had it right all along. DRS Mk II must take it out of the players hands and expert video analysts will play a bigger part in the decision making, and look to umpires for adjudication on the rules only. I would like to add that Roger Federer believes Hawk-eye is a load of rubbish, and he has seen more line calls than any of us. Hawk-eye seems to show the ball travels straight after it bounces every time. That's impossible.

  • Dummy4 on August 2, 2013, 9:49 GMT

    Rohit, the only reason its not common elsewhere in the world is becasue most other countries can't find more than 10 people to watch a day's Test Cricket.

  • sandip on August 2, 2013, 9:46 GMT

    @whofriggincares @milepost Rank no. 7 Team & their players including 30+ average legends are exceptional & others are mediocre. He is famous for speculating such critics in sub-continent.

  • Ray on August 2, 2013, 9:22 GMT

    @milepost: "...when I watch cricket I do find it frustrating when the stewards cannot control the crowd - it should not be the players nor umpires responsibility to do so." Hit the nail right on the head. Lords are pretty good at making sure there is no movement behind the bowlers' arm during an over: Spectators also have to take some responsibility: I was at Surrey (in the pavillon) the other week and had words with someone for coming in during an over. Mind you, I'm a miserable old sod just looking for an excuse for a row!

  • Dummy4 on August 2, 2013, 9:12 GMT

    Well done to team Australia for having a go. Wasim Akram must feel foolish after saying James Anderson is the worlds best bowler. DRS seems to be England's top wicket taker and this is the 2nd howler against Kagawa in the series. With England's reviews all used up - I hope to see mr Blade runner crying when one goes against his beloved World Eleven.

    Well batted Chris, Well Batted PUP and well batted Smith.

  • Dummy4 on August 2, 2013, 9:06 GMT

    Rohit you make me laugh............ so you think that people moving behind the bowlers arm is an English tactic? I can see the frantic activity now..........

    'Ok ladies and gentlemaen, our boys have just been hit for 3 4's in the last two overs and the England team want us to all change seats so they can get a wicket......on the count of 3 we all change....................one, two, three, MOVE!'

  • Cameron on August 2, 2013, 8:12 GMT

    @blade runner lighten up buddy. It's light hearted this article and your assessment of his innings is poor - it was a great knock. Yeah he played around a straight one but they all do now and again. Cook has been doing it and he is an astounding player. Rogers isn't blaming anyone. In saying that when I watch cricket I do find it frustrating when the stewards cannot control the crowd - it should not be the players nor umpires responsibility to do so. The entire commentary panel praised Rogers' innings and it was great to watch.

  • luke on August 2, 2013, 7:46 GMT

    It's a SIGHTSCREEN to help batsmen see the ball, not a sidescreen. I guess that's why so many comments amuse :)

  • John on August 2, 2013, 7:45 GMT

    @whofriggincares ; If it was an average ball as you say, that showed how mediocre batsman he was who couldn't even play a bad ball. lol He failed miserably in previous 2 games n got lucky here on this flat track. But He stiil couldn't make something outta it. Even you admit here that "He played a poor shot simple as that". So all these talks about distractions n blah blah blah are absolutely rubbish, Aren't they ??? So That was my point n I think that I've proven my point here well. G'day !!!

  • damien on August 2, 2013, 7:14 GMT

    @blade-runner, what is actually hilarious is your comment showing you don't know what you are talking about. It was an average ball at best, too full and should have been punished. He played a poor shot simple as that. As for "making excuses to save his spot" mate did you see his innings? I think he might have held his spot on the strength of a fantastic knock where he actually dominated the English attack. This has happened far too seldom in this series so far apart from Agar at trent bridge. His knock set the tone and Clarke followed suit brilliantly. Pup's attack on Swann early on was exciting to watch and may have even changed the course of the series. England will still retain the Ashes but I think we will have a contest at least. The Australian leg of this 10 match showdown could be a completely different story. The curators in Oz won't doctor pitches like their English counterparts have that's for sure. Jimmy is less effective without reverse and it is harder to produce in oz.