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October 21, 2013

Should Ishant Sharma figure in India's plans for World Cup 2015?


He is experienced, and well-suited to click in Australian conditions. India don't have too many alternatives in the seam-bowling department.


He has played over 60 ODIs, but keeps repeating mistakes in line and length. It's time for India to groom one of the younger fast bowlers coming through the ranks.


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October 28, 2013, 19:33 GMT


Lets look at his test stats: 144 wickets at an average of 38 in 51 tests. That means that if he is to play another 50 tests, he needs to take 256 wickets at an average of 25 to end up with 400 wickets at an average of 30 (a barely respectable performance). I do not see him doing that. 51 tests with an average of nearly 40 per wicket with half or more of his tests in decent bowling pitches abroad is too pathetic a performance for him to continue on. Age and height alone can't be justification for him to continue forever. Otherwise he will end up as the first bowler with 100 tests at an average of 40.

October 22, 2013, 21:24 GMT


Mr. Ishant Sharma, the formerly spearhead of India, who on his debut tour of Australia didn't hesitate before rattling the stumps of The Great Ricky Ponting and sending a sense of fear in the Australian camp, has now become a mere tame bowler against whom all the Australian batsmen fancy.

The 3 major differences which I could make between the then Ishant and now are:

1. Speed- the bowling speed of Ishant has fallen drastically which makes batsman's life easier.

2. Swing- the great in-swing that he produced in Australia is long lost. Now he focuses on saving runs and gets belted in reply

3. Confidence of bowling length: he was confident of the areas he was bowling earlier but now even Dhoni doesn't hesitate in telling that misses his length by yards in death overs.

So overall, I don't see his graph going up in any manner unless he like Brett lee gets his speed back and bowls few batsmen over in quick spells.

Hope this reaches you Ishant :) Good luck..

October 21, 2013, 12:11 GMT


Ishant has been given more chances than any other cricketer - and in all 3 formats of the game. With over 50 tests and over 60 ODIs he should be well experienced and more reliable. He has not been able to contribute meaningfully with ball, fielding or batting (granted batting is not expected of a bowler). He does not have speed, swing or canniness to attack batsman's weaknesses. Most of all he does not seem to understand the match situations. He has consistently given opposing teams 20-30 run gifts in ODI/T20s that the batting line up has to overcome. He may be practicing hard but that only goes to show that clearly he has lack of skills, abilities or confidence that no amount of experience will overcome. Is all this not obvious? Time to develop new bowlers ahead of WC. Drop Ishant and if he really improves then give him another chance AFTER GIVING OTHER BOWLERS OR ALL ROUNDERS CHANCE. He has cost India matches and in opportunity cost of not being able to develop other bowlers.

October 21, 2013, 9:19 GMT


Its not that throw him out of cricket team, he needs more practice on his own.. He still need to learn many more things. Indian Team selector can keep him in squad but not in final 11 for now. For better bowling side Indian Team selector and captain must look and think again for Irfan Pathan, Zaheer Khan and bring them back in Indian Team for good bowling attack. As Irfan Pathan is a good All rounder so that's also a plus point. Then India can play with 3 good pace bowlers (Bhuveneswar Kumar, Irfan Pathan and Zaheer Khan) Why don't Indian Team try Sami and Rishi Dhawan.

October 21, 2013, 9:15 GMT


Ishant ! Ishant ! Ishant ! The problem is not with you but with the system as a whole. India as a country loves batting ! Idolise Batsmen ! Batsmen are groomed and well looked after ! Bowlers are not treated on par with batsmen , atleast in India. Its the mindset thats imbibed in all of us , including me. when we go to play a match , more often than not we will run towards the bat rather than pick the ball up. We need to change that mindset where youngsters will natural bowling talent are spotted early and groomed and guarded against injury , and taught about the nuances of the game. How is it that Pakistan produces a Umar Gul, Mohd Asif , Mohammad Aamir and then a Wahab Riaz , Junaid Khan or even that 7 footer Irfan. These guys produce yorkers at wil at PACEl. They dont even have the facilities like the we have. Indian Bowlers start as Fast and end up becoming right / left arm medium. We need a team or a department within BCCI which spots , nurtures and grooms bowling talent.

November 17, 2013, 10:23 GMT


NO, India is a very large country and cricket is believed as a religion here, Ishant sharma should surely be now put aside in order to focus on emerging talent, comparing with other countries, India always lack behind in pace attack after prasad & srinath retired, India have many options left for 2015 WC - Shami Ahmed, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, Srinath Aravind, Praveen Kumar, Vikramjit Malik, Abhimayu Mithun, Ashok Dinda, Irfan Pathan, Umesh Yadav, Varun Aaron & RP Singh.

November 15, 2013, 10:44 GMT


Firstly Ishant should have a hair cut, so he can see where he pitches the ball. Ishant initally had shown his stint of being a spearhead attach with his bowling but in last few year he gone from blunt to kaput. I think its time for him to vacate as new generation of bowlers like BKumar Shami Yadav really putting their sweat and blood

October 30, 2013, 18:57 GMT


I think Ishant no longer deserves his place in the team, and his bowling has lost its teeth. I'd rather have Umesh Yadav and Mohammad Shami in the squad.

October 28, 2013, 9:46 GMT


There is talent in India all we have to do is find it and give them a chance!

October 28, 2013, 4:46 GMT


I refuse to believe that there aren't any better bowlers in India. Munaf Patel and RP Singh had more potential and if they were given as many chances as Ishant, they would've improved their abilities. Ishant Sharma simply refuses to learn and keeps bowling short just because somebody told him that this is what is expected of tall bowlers. He doesn't have the pace to threaten even the most mediocre of opponents and he can't swing the cricket ball an inch. To think that an international bowler doesn't know that he is supposed to bowl yorkers and low full tosses with occasional bouncers!

PS: As a Pakistani fan, I was tempted to pick "Yes" as the answer.