Ratification results for USACA constitution February 21, 2007

Members in favour of new constitution

Cricinfo staff

The results of the proposed USA Cricket Association constitution ratification vote has been announced today with 70.03% (201 votes) of the responding member clubs agreeing to the proposal.

However, in total, only 287 votes were registered which amounts to just 43% of the 667 registered clubs the USACA has on their books, some way short of the mandatory 50% under which the existing constitution was formed.

Furthermore, only 12 days' notice was given for the clubs to vote on the new constitution, partly explaining the low turnout. It seems likely that another issue affecting USA cricket will be settled in the courts, just 8 days from the ICC's deadline: by March 1 they must have held new elections under a fresh constitution if they are to maintain its status as an Associate member.

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