India in West Indies 2011 July 1, 2011

Harper defends performance, concedes two errors

ESPNcricinfo staff

Umpire Daryl Harper has responded to India's criticism of his umpiring in the first Test of the ongoing Test series in the West Indies, saying he got 94% of his decisions in the match right. He did, however, concede he made two errors in the game.

Harper's comments came in a feisty written statement to Indian television channel Headlines Today, his first public statement since withdrawing from the third India-West Indies Test "in the wake of some unfair criticism".

"I didn't have my best game of the year but [match] referee Jeff Crowe, who observed every ball, calculated that I had managed to get 94% of all my decisions correct," Harper said. "That analysis was confirmed from [ICC] headquarters in Dubai."

He conceded two errors on his part. "There was one lbw against Harbhajan [Singh, in the second innings of the first Test] that would have been reversed had the Decision Review System been available. I also failed to detect a no-ball when [Devendra] Bishoo's back foot touched the side or return crease [a delivery off which MS Dhoni was dismissed in the same innings]." Harper defended that error, saying instances of bowlers cutting the side crease were rare. "It's about as common as Indians eating beef burgers."

Harper also said while he was certain Virat Kohli gloved the ball to the wicketkeeper in that innings, video footage of the ball was inconclusive. "He flashed wide of his body at a short ball that passed well away from him down the leg side. He clearly gloved the ball and was given out. Replays could not confirm that my decision was right and they could not confirm my decision was wrong."

The Indians' on-field actions, Harper said, were not always in the spirit of the game. "West Indies expressed concern over Indian players' habit of charging at umpires when appealing, which is against the spirit of the game." His rapport with Dhoni during the debated Test, he admitted, was not the best: "We did not share many pleasantries in the match."

Harper has officiated in 95 Tests, 174 ODIs and 10 Twenty20 internationals, making his international ODI debut in 1994 at Perth and his Test debut in November 1998. He was dropped in May from the Elite Panel of ICC Umpires, along with Asoka de Silva, after criticism of his performances.

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  • mathew on July 3, 2011, 12:02 GMT

    @smithie, Australia and England used to treat every other country should have raised your voice that time took 20 years for Australia to play a series with India.oh they play only with England and west indies more often.they don't call srilanka now also as they generate less revenue.what do you think CA often keep arranging series with India? For the interest of cricket? NO its for the Money.why do they kept changing the rules to support England and Australia in the early days? Every cricket board is just arranging series with India for the sake of money not for the interest of game.and that'd how Bcci showling its money can't say anything to them as they generate 75% off ICC revenue.when some other cricket board brings up that same % be it CAor ECB ,then they will overtake BCCI..simple as that..

  • Moha on July 2, 2011, 17:22 GMT

    Hi Guys: There no way straight the tail of the dog. The whole point of UDRS is to overturn the obvious mistakes. If there was UDRS in that match the wrong decisions simply overturned. To make this you don't need 100% foolproof system.

    Can you please Indians Fans who are against UDRS and all the umpires tell me: Do you have any perfect umpire?. First produce the best umpire from India then criticize the umpire. We all, non-indian fans, have simple solution to this is to use UDRS. We will not criticize umpires since we have a system to overturn the wrong decision.

  • mathew on July 2, 2011, 16:17 GMT

    @smithie, why you need to see everything what indian cricket does in wrong perception..There is no good indian umpires in the standard of elite panel umpires after vengatraghavan ..simple as that..where bookies come in the pictures? U can't say when daryl harper makes many mistakes again one team then there some bookies involved..India being no.1 team and no indian umpires in elite panel ,there is no link between the two..atleast Indians don't get umpire support like how Australia used to get in their playing times..ofcourse you are from down under,will support your country umpires no matter what..oh By the way I am srilankan mate..

  • kumar on July 2, 2011, 14:17 GMT

    @RohCricket, if u are confused then u don't understand the players' struggle. At some point of time every player will have bad form but just one game is enough to prove he is good and so he will will always try to improve his form given a chance. If that chance is ruined by these kind of poor umpiring decisions from good umpires then what is his fate?

  • Hanumantharao on July 2, 2011, 13:29 GMT

    Here are a few cases where harper had goofed up in the last four tests. 1.BB McCullum lbw b Umar Gul replays show that the ball was missing the stumps and going over the top. 2. Tanvir Ahmed to McCullum, no run, short on leg and he misses the flick, thuds into the thigh pad. Replays show a large front-foot no-ball which is missed by Harper 3. Tanvir Ahmed to Guptill, this was full on off and drives down the pitch, Tanvir maybe got a finger on it and it hit the stumps at the other end, Harper goes upstairs to check but McCullum was comfortably in anyway 4. Mails pouring in on Messrs Harper and Tucker, not exactly complimentary 5. Southee to Taufeeq Umar, out! No! Taufeeq tried to drive away from his body and got a thick inside edge through to the keeper, they all went up but Harper declined their appeal, Taufeeq survives. 6. Pakistan v South Africa Test Series Umar Gul to Petersen, appeal for caught-behind, there was certainly a deviation. harper should read them.

  • John on July 2, 2011, 12:23 GMT

    mathewjohn2176 you miss the point totally - with all its number 1 dominance of world cricket why does India not produce Elite standard umpires? Is the ICC concerned about Indian bookie influences? Harper has made mistakes but has never been on the take! He and Daryl Hair at least made calls according to the rules without fear or favour and could not be bullied!

  • ali on July 2, 2011, 11:49 GMT

    every umpire wants to protect his reputation no matter what. harper's incompetence in the first test is his fault...not the Indians!!!

  • mahendra on July 2, 2011, 11:36 GMT

    @RohCricket . You obviously dont know much about cricket , mate.If an established or an upcoming player are going through a bad patch and are given out ' incorrectly ', they may not be given another chance . 'end of story '.Every one expects even the best umpires to make mistakes from time to time, That i accept . Its the incompetant & blatantly biased umpires & match referees that MUST BE REGULATED for the good of the game.

  • am on July 2, 2011, 11:19 GMT

    No matter how much DRS we can use or not use it is still the job of Umpires at the end of the day officiating a test match , or ODI or T20. Most of the times it is umpire who has to take the responsibility of the decisions. Unfortunately Daryl Harper's decisions are there for everyone to see and they are absolutely poor decisions. What is more disgusting is the way he is trying to defend himself. Does he think public is blind ? or does he think we are fools? who is he trying to convince? Evidence is there available for everyone on this planet. And what 94% decisions? There are total of 40 wickets maximum to fall in a test match and out of that he gave 6 decisions went against India. And out of the rest of the 34 wickets did he give all of them right? did he make the decisions of all of those 34 wickets? I think Daryl harper should just go into retirement quietly bcoz he will be make a fool of himself infront of whole world if not already did. And we don't need another steve bucknor

  • niaz on July 2, 2011, 11:12 GMT

    1 billion people. 1 billion.. 1 billion... the sheer talent..the batting the mix of bowling thats just one side of india. Thank you God

    Then there are blames. Umpires making mistakes. UDRS not perfect. Other people are jealous. I have never seen any fans of a champion team making up so much fuss. Lets talk about improvements. Not complaints.

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