The future of West Indies cricket October 6, 2003

Griffith outlines new way forward for Windies

Wisden Cricinfo staff

Teddy Griffith, the new president of the West Indies Cricket Board, outlined four objectives by which his tenure should be measured in his first public address since taking over from Wes Hall last week.

He said that by June 2005, West Indies should have consolidated their position among the three top-ranked countries in both Tests and one-day internationals; that the WICB should be on a path of sustainable profitability from traditional activities; that the WICB should have identified and introduced new sources of non-traditional revenue; and a minimum 60 per cent state of readiness for the hosting of the Caribbean World Cup 2007 at all selected venues should have been reached.

"It is clear to us that despite signs of emergence over the past few years as a competitive force in world cricket, the performance of the West Indies senior team has been inconsistent and spotty," Griffith said "During the next 12 months the senior team needs to use the opportunity of a very challenging schedule of international tours to cement and procure consistent winning habits and performances."

Turning to the financial situation, Griffith warned that the figures he had seen led him to believe that "a further unacceptable deterioration in the company's financial profile is anticipated in the two following years [2005 and 2006] unless immediate firm, corrective action is taken." He explained that the traditional revenue streams - sponsorship, television rights and gate receipts - were no longer adequate. "We have to find creative and new ways," he said. "I believe there is a lot of support out there if we can find the creative methodologies for it."

Griifth, who is also the CEO of the Barbados Tourism Investment Corporation, was elected as WICB president last Tuesday, succeeding Hall who stepped down for health reasons.