Race continues for the top post in the Caribbean June 17, 2005

Nomination process delayed for WICB presidency

Cricinfo staff

The West Indies Cricket Board has been forced to extend the deadline for receiving nominations for the president's post after receiving no nominations by June 16, the original closing date.

Though many prominent figures, including Clive Lloyd, Deryck Murray ,Tony Marshall and Ken Gordon, are said to be interested in the position that fell vacant after Teddy Griffith decided to step down, none of them has yet been officially nominated by their countries.

"I have not been in contact with any of the other countries," Ellis Lewis, the WICB director and president of the Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Board, was quoted as saying in The Trinidad Express. "But I anticipate there would have been no nominations today and I expect that the WICB will have to postpone the nomination process to a later date."

However, it can be argued that Griffith's decision to withdraw has caught the members off guard. According to Lewis, the potential nominees had asked for more time. "Normally, territorial boards have a month ahead of time to decide who they want for nominees," he explained. "What happened this time is that Griffith only announced that he would not be returning a week ago and effectively left you one week to get a nominee. The people we were looking at, thus, have said they did not have sufficient time to think about it [becoming a nominee] and are asking for more time."