West Indies news October 21, 2008

Stanford endorses Walsh's bid for Jamaica presidency

Cricinfo staff

As if proof of that the influence of Allen Stanford in West Indies cricket was increasing in direct proportion to the growing anonymity of the board was needed, Stanford has publicly endorsed Courtney Walsh in his bid to become the new chairman of the Jamaica Cricket Association.

Walsh, the legendary former West Indies fast bowler and captain, is closely linked to Stanford and is one of his so-called ambassadors, a Stanford 20/20 director and a Stanford selector, so the endorsement is not exactly without a tad of self interest.

"I believe that it would be of tremendous benefit to Jamaican and West Indian cricket for a man of Courtney's indisputable character and calibre to be at the helm of an important regional cricket body at this time when regional cricket is in desperate need of strong and able leadership," Stanford said. "We have benefited from his immense knowledge and leadership capacity and I hope that the cricketing fraternity in Jamaican embraces a man who possesses the rare combination of cricketing accomplishment and proven leadership."

Walsh, who is on the JCA board, is standing against Paul Campbell, a current vice-president in a poll to be held this Thursday (October 23).

Asked about his candidacy, Walsh said: "I'm all about cricket ... about making sure the game survives. It's been very kind to me; it's been my life and it has done everything for me and I think it's time that I give something back to the sport for the country and for some youngsters as well. I want to unite cricket in a way it's never been done before and get everybody involved."