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System didn't back me in the past - Samuels

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Marlon Samuels has said he didn't get the selectors' backing in the first decade of his career even though he had some good runs with the bat. Samuels has experienced a revival in his career after being reinstated in the team in 2011, culminating in the Man-of-the-Match winning performance in the World Twenty20 final earlier this month.

"I will insist that I wasn't allowed to [live up to my potential]," Samuels told the Indian Express. "I have had some good runs with the bat in the past too. But the system back home didn't let me build on them. I wasn't selected consistently enough."

"They're trying to back me again since my return. That's what they should have done back in 2002. Nevertheless, it's never too late. I am a survivor. A fighter. And once the sun rises from the darkness, the rainbow I see is red, green and gold."

Samuels was banned for two years in 2008 for "receiving money, or benefit or other reward that could bring him or the game of cricket into disrepute". Before the suspension, his average crossed the 30-mark only in ODIs. In the thirteen Tests since his return, he has averaged 50.25 and has also improved his ODI and Twenty20 averages. He has struck three centuries in all formats since his return.

His stony-faced appearance too has been one of the constant features, and he admitted that he still carries the "a lot of anger" for the two-year ban. "I carry it with me. It helps to motivate me. It stems from the two years I was away. I've had a wonderful run across all three formats since my return," he said.

"When you see my face on the field, and I look angry, that means I am really focused. I am in my zone then. Once the match is over, I love to have a drink or two and laugh a lot. Chris [Gayle] and I sit around and talk a lot of rubbish. All day long, and all night long. But once I cross the ropes, and get onto the field it's war," he said, adding that the bigger change has been of his mindset rather than his game.

"There's not much I have changed about my cricket. It's the mindset that has changed. I have had many ups and downs, and I have fought through.

"If I wasn't strong enough, I would have given up the game a long time back. And now the time is here to express myself in the best way possible. I am playing free cricket and that's what is helping me now."

He said that he is aware of his responsibilities in the team and that is to contruct a base for the middle-order.

"It's all about picturising every situation possible on the eve of the match. Good and bad. So that when you face them during the match, you are ready to overcome them. I call it playing the game before it starts."

"Having a daughter was one of the best things that could have happened to me. That's taught me how precious this life is. But being a senior member of the team has helped immensely.

West Indies tour Bangladesh next month where they play two Tests, five ODIs and a Twenty20.

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  • Dummy4 on October 19, 2012, 23:02 GMT

    now we get new CEO Sarwan and Taylor should be back in west indies team

  • Derek on October 19, 2012, 10:25 GMT

    @Metman try not to used 'statistics' to make quantitative analyses only. I named three players who played in the same era. They are from INDA, SL and WI. So omitting these three countries take the remainding test playing nations or just AUS, PAK, ENG, SA. Then take a sample of 5 tests matches for each of the named players against the same teams if possible or apply some ranking for 'similarity' then perform a QUALITATIVE analyses of the three players. Statistics is one of my majors and for someone who always quote figures you must be aware of the phrase LIES, DAMN LIES and STATISTICS. Samuel would not bat against an average WI attack over the period concerned, Dilshan would not play against a Murili in his prime..This is my case for comparing apples with pears. I hope you understand how STATISTICS and various techniques can help you make decisions.

  • JJ on October 19, 2012, 3:51 GMT

    With the ICC T20 tittle, WI team will be thoughtfully viewed as a serious contender especially in shorter format of the game in future. We have had a glimpse of Viv-Lloyd era's WI as we witnessed their individual skills consolidated into a winning unit of the WI team. On the lighter side, Gayle has popularized the 'Gangnam Style' I think the singer should thank him by voluntarily visit the Caribbean for a free championship celebration concert. Have you seen before any sports-music combination made so viral and popular on the field? I can imagine now, the Gayle-Style celebration will be copied on cricket fields around the world, if they have not already happening! Why not espncricinfo run 'Your G-style celebration' video where cricket lovers submit videos in celebration of cricket can do the game a whole lot of good. Remember 'Mexican-wave', let's do something for cricket, people!

  • Zeus on October 19, 2012, 2:46 GMT

    How comes Cricinfo.com has no postings of the matches of this tour?....Does that mean that they are not official matches, or that they have no importance?...I'm confused here...

  • Michael on October 18, 2012, 19:13 GMT

    @delboy...yes indeed ! Nurse and Samuels comparison ,is like apples and pears when one compares two or more persons,one usually looks for close to or similar characteristics.Samuels 42 tests..av.34.97 4 centuries...Clyde Walcott 44 tests av.56.58,15 centuries.You seem to think that Samuels is all that great that you you want to compare him with Laxman...134 tests..av..45.97,.17 centuries...Dilshan 81 tests,av.41.21 and Sachin 190 tests,av 55.08,..51 centuries...yet you don't find that is like chalk and cheese.Furthermore Nurse av. 47.1 in 29 tests and Rowe 43.55 in 30 tests,were by far also better batsmen than Samuels. I don't know how you could read what Samuels said and interpret that way.Samuels played for the WI EVERY year from 2000 to 2003,yet he is saying that the selectors didn't back him in 2002,the only year that he didn't play for them was in 2004,and was playing AGAIN from 2004 to the time he was banned..yet he blames the selectors.. he was also a very indisciplined player

  • gerard on October 18, 2012, 16:47 GMT

    @delboy-I do endorse that but until test cricket fades out it will have to be played and played by those who are available at the time.

  • Derek on October 18, 2012, 15:04 GMT

    @thesolidrock Market forces will decide. The US generates more cricket revenue than the Caribbean for the game although it is not that regions main sport. The T20 format is more attractive sponsors and the paying public and as less people are able to afford to attend matches in the Caribbean or just cannot be bothered because their team does not ALWAYS win then the global game has to go with the market and players go where they can ply their trade (EARN A LIVING are VALUED or ARE WANTED).

  • gerard on October 18, 2012, 13:30 GMT

    @SirViv1973-I do understand. I believe though that just as the world had to make adjustments during the Kerry Packer days they are going to have to make adjustments now. They are going to have develop a greater pool of high quality international players. T20 leagues are popping up all over the world and if territorial boards can't play test cricket until there is a break in the t20 schedule I'm afraid that there will be little or no test cricket in the future.

  • Derek on October 18, 2012, 10:25 GMT

    @Metman do not compare apples with pears. The game has moved on from when Nurse played. You may want to compare Samuel with Laxman, Dilshan or even Tendulkar who like him started his career as a teenager. Samuel's statement is easily misinterpreted from a semantics perspective. I think he is saying when you spot a talent, you nurture it, so the times when he was out of the side the board should have sought opportunities to allow him to develop; rather than left feeling discarded.

    And even worst during his ban knowing that he came into the game a 17 and would have opted out of his formal education to play for the WI; did the board consider helping him to resume any form of study which prepares him for life after cricket??

  • Dummy4 on October 18, 2012, 5:11 GMT

    Samuels is the best batsman on WI team barnon,somewhere I read his desire to bat no 4 and should not be used as defensive assurance at no.6 in my opinion, as a testiment to this mans talents I thaught he was done when they banned him he has a mind of steel (he is also a fortis) KC old boy. underated bowler too ,I hate to say this but those in WI cricket who failed to give him benefit of doubt may have focused him much more it came too easy to and for him played for WI at 17 yr. old as school boy shades of genius.another player being wronged is Bharat too much talent not to nurture,right/left opening pair premium

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