The editor again rued the problem of the rising costs of the Almanack, up a shilling that year, but insisted that it was still good value compared to other sports books. The 1966 edition had a strong West Indian theme, with a 28-page section in which Learie Constantine charted the team's history and future. Walter Hammond's death at the early age of 62 was addressed by Neville Cardus, who observed: "For once in a while, youth of the present was not sceptical of the doings of a past master." In the regular feature "Dates in cricket history", there was a brief account of how cricket's dress styles had changed through the decades - from silver jockey hats to white shirts with pink spots on.
Editor Norman Preston
Pages 1043
Price 23 shillings and sixpence

Almanack essays

Notes by the Editor

Positive cricket pays, 1966

Series included

Australia in the West Indies, 1964-65

Report | Matches

M.C.C. team in South Africa, 1964-65

Report | Matches

New Zealand in India and Pakistan, 1964-65

Report | Matches

New Zealanders in England, 1965

Report | Matches

Pakistan in Australia and New Zealand, 1964-65

Report | Matches

South Africans in England, 1965

Report | Matches

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