New Zealand v Pakistan, Group E, World Twenty20, Barbados May 8, 2010

Afridi chases selection changes

Cricinfo staff

Shahid Afridi has called for a more cohesive selection policy in future after Pakistan's World Twenty20 title defence moved closer to an early end. Pakistan lost their second Super Eight match on Saturday when New Zealand stole a one-run victory in Barbados, leaving them needing a miracle to qualify for the semi-finals out of Group E.

Afridi is leading a squad that is missing some senior players after a clear-out that followed their tumultuous tour of Australia. The former captains Younis Khan, who was in charge when Pakistan won this event last year, Mohammad Yousuf and Shoaib Malik were banned along with Rana Naved-ul-Hasan.

"We are coming out from a very difficult time after the New Zealand and Australia tours," Afridi said. "The selection committee picks the team for us and first they announce the team before naming the captain and coach. Maybe in the future we can all sit together and pick a good bunch of guys."

The missing strike-power has been a concern and Pakistan had scores of 157 and 147 in their losses to Australia and England. Batting was again a problem as they fell a run short of New Zealand's 133, despite Salman Butt's unbeaten 67 off 54 balls.

Afridi's lack of runs has added to the worries and his 11 against New Zealand took his series tally to 53 in four matches. "My performance is always very key as captain but this time I haven't performed so maybe that's why we haven't had a good result," Afridi said. Pakistan's final Super Eight game is against South Africa in St Lucia on Monday.

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  • Ahmed on May 10, 2010, 12:35 GMT

    I really dont know if afridi is a good captain, i mean beside being aggressive, you need to be smart too. You cannot let your personal emotions come into play when your representing a very diverse team. We need to send of our young players to play county cricket, We have lot of raw talent but we need to mold this talent towards the better....just like wasim akram, he played lot of english cricket in his yound age, now a days we dont have many young pakistani players doing that.....Second Why even have fawad alam in the team....why cant they have him 1 down, he cannot hit big shots but he is good between the wickets and can keep the score card ticking, and iam very disappointed with hafeez, he played good first-cricket in dubai and back home, but under the spot light he just cannot seem to handle the pressure.

  • Dummy4 on May 10, 2010, 5:57 GMT

    Afridi saab first of all we have been watching all of Pakistan macthes. We did not go to work, wake up early to watch you guys in New Zealand and Australia and now in T20. 90% of matches has been lost because of brain less cricket. No planing, wrong shoots from most of players at wrong time and what can we do with cricketers who are afaird of hear name as Australia , South Africa etc ?

    Selection is wrong, PCB is biggest joke i ever seen but Pak team could do alot better. We did not se Afridi we are use to active in feild. Similing etc but we hear som words in feilding as g**** to hafeez what was that ?

    No need to captain change and coach change after this T20. You should get long run since atleast 3+ years. Not only you most of players. Good luck today as Pakistan fan we know its very diificult to win today but plz give your 100% and play with brain. SOme one have to win and other loose.

  • Dummy4 on May 10, 2010, 5:41 GMT

    This is the weakest pakistani bowling attack i have ever seen....

  • Usman on May 9, 2010, 23:56 GMT

    afridi dear...we like u and love u but now its useless to cry over spilt milk....anyways i would definitly love to see him(afridi) as a captin for foreseeable future and really want some strong coach who can control afridi and teach him the art of flexibilty in switching plans during the game if ur initial plan doesnt work :) but afridi is rigid andd he wont listn :)

  • mohammad on May 9, 2010, 23:26 GMT

    i said every other team have 5 specialist batsman and they make runsand what have pakistan 1 salman butt-he playing last 7-8 year.he make some runs this tornament.his fileding is very bad. 2 misbah-he old gun the have aids.vs england how he out.13 ball play make 3 vs NZ he need bullet is head. 3 umar-last year when he start play some good inning but now he is out of we dont see he is good batsman. 4 hafeez-last 4 year no get place in team.domestic very good but international very bad. 5 fawad-hight 3 foot he play international cricket for pak.23 march when he bowl shahzab hassan he make 20 runs his 1 over.he is out the team and fawad is in. shaid afridi poor guy i dont no why he not bat number 3 when he bat number 3 he makes some runs and pak win the match last year but now he make in 4 match just 50 runs .razzak he is to old now bowling speed 100 km bat late 1 good inning play in 5 years .kamran drops catch miss run out bating also not good with good teams.this pak bat

  • rizwan on May 9, 2010, 21:03 GMT

    Sara my dear...making a few runs occasionally (many of them being mis hits, mis timed slogs) in a 20match over doesnt make u world class. And those blaming Afridi or the batting line up also need to realise that Afridi at 3 or akmal at 5 or Razzaq at...11..will not fix anything, these batting line-ups have been chopped and changed for years...the end result?..VERY few good innings, some okay innings and a lot of poor innings. Top 7 order players CAN make runs...but i never expect them to.

  • Cricinfouser on May 9, 2010, 21:01 GMT

    pak is loosing bec afiridi isnt performing he performed in the first t20 n we went to the final he performed the 2nd t20 n we won it n now he isnt performing n we r loosing badly kingofkashmir needs to learn sum cricket n then comment. Afridi cant make u win every cup there r other 14 players in the squad they need to stand up n play like afridi the way he played in pervious tounnament.

  • Asif on May 9, 2010, 18:14 GMT

    Typical Pakistani captain, blaming everything except himself. YO Mr boom bout you use a little bit of brains instead about demoralising the current selected team with daft comments. I mean why are you batting so high up the order when we all know you are crap? your batting line up should be Salman, Hafeez, Razzak, Misbah, Kamran, Umer, Afridi, Amer, Ajmal, Rehman, Asif. And as for your bowling, although dependant on what happens on the field, id always open with Amer and Razzak. my pre game plan would be: 1.Amer 2.Razzak 3.Amer 4.Razzak 5.Asif 6. Razzak 7.Asif 8.Afridi 9.Asif 10.Afridi 11.Rehman 12.Ajmal 13.Rehman 14.Ajmal 15.Rehman 16.Ajmal. 17.Amer 18. Ajmal 19. Amer 20. Razzak/Afridi/Rehman

  • usman on May 9, 2010, 18:04 GMT

    all the indians who made comments after pak defeat plxx do coment abt the over rated indian team :P plyrs like pathan jadeja vijay can only perform in ipl plx find a way to handle short balls bye bye india have a safe journey :P

  • vinay on May 9, 2010, 17:59 GMT

    India and Pakistan are definetely making a joke of their talent in this edition of World T20. Pakistan has still a chance to sneak in to the semis. But Afridi must get his act together. I thought he was very inspirational, but he is not as good as a captain Younis was. The main problem with Pakistan team is their fielding. Salman Butt bats really well and thanks to him, they came even close to NZ total. But he gives away so many runs while fielding. He need to make amends for that. Afridi or Razzaq, one of the big hitters should bat at the top. Umar should play a responsible innings. He is wasting his super talent. I wish Pak good luck. Being an India, I feel ashamed of the way Indians are playing. They need to go back to the blackboard and learn how to play the short ball. I really wish SL to win the world championship so that the T20 stays in the sub continent.

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